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Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke

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Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke Pdf 

Details of Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke by Eric LaRocca Pdf

  • Book name: Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke 
  • Author: Eric LaRocca
  • Genre: Horror fiction, literature
  • page: 120
  • Published date: 1 June 2021
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Things Have Gotten Worse Since We Last Spoke by Eric LaRocca at that cover don't you think it just grabs your attention really striking and probably 

The Reason That I Like Stopped Scrolling Through Instagram And Was Like Okay What Is This Book About First And I Think That If You Watch Any Kind Of Like Horror Booktube That You've Probably Seen This Cover Already Um

And Maybe You Already Know A Little Bit About What It's About But I've Already I Read It In One Sitting The The Day After It Arrived 

So I Wanted To Share Some Of My Thoughts About It So The Synopsis For This Novella Is A Whirlpool Of Darkness Churns At The Heart Of A Macabre Ballet Between Two Lonely Young Women In An Internet Chat Room In The Early 2000s 

A Darkness That Threatens To Forever Transform Them Once They Finally Succumb To Their Most Horrific Desires What Have You Done Today To Deserve Your Eyes Yeah Um I Do Think It Delivers On On That Kind Of Brief Synopsis 

What I Was Expecting Whenever I First Read This Though About An Internet Chat Room In The Early 2000s I Guess For Me That A Vote First Of All Let Me Go Ahead And Say This Is Not Going To Be A Spoiler Review Like I'm Going To Try To Be Spoiler Free But This Book Is Only 112 Pages 

So Anything You Say About It After Just Like The Little Synopsis Probably Gives Hints Of I Mean You Know Like Even Just Like Talking About The Tone Of It It's Going To Give Some Stuff Away 

So If If You Don't Want Any If You Want To Go In Blind Which I Would Recommend Honestly Um Then Maybe Wait To Watch This Until After You Read It If It Sounds Interesting To You 

But I Just Wanted To Go Ahead And Share My My Thoughts On It Um What I Thought Whenever I Heard Internet Chat Room Was Like An Internet Chat Room 

But The Way That This Book Is Actually Told Is Um In An Email Exchange Between Two Women And In An Instant Messaging Exchange Between Two Women 

So There's Never Like A Chat Room Where It's Like Multiple Parties Coming In It's Just These Two Women Those They're The Only People That You Hear From 

At Any Point In The Story Other Than Like The Author's Note At The Beginning So The The Story Opens Let Me See The Characters Are Agnes And Zoe 

So The The Story Opens With Agnes Trying To Sell An Antique Apple Peeler That Belonged To Her Grandmother On Um Some Sort Of Like Forum Marketplace And Then Zoe Emails Her To 

Because She's Interested In In Buying The Apple Peeler Because It Once Belonged To Um Gosh I Don't Even Remember I Think A Musician That Like Her Grandfather Likes And She Wanted To Get It For Him And The Tone The Tone From

The Very Beginning When They're Talking About Like Selling This Apple Peeler Is Just Like Already Beyond Bizarre Like It's So Stilted And Like A Very Um Not Like In A The Author Was Not Writing It The Author Was Writing It 

It Accidentally Still does Like It's It's Just Like A Bizarre Tone To It Where Like The The Two Women Are Like Repeating Some Of The Same Like Phrases To Each Other Like I'm Hesitant To Do 

This I'm Hesitant To Do This And Being Like Overly Polite In A Way That Comes Off Um Just Odd So They They Connect Further Whenever Agnes Is Telling Zoe About The The History Of This Apple Peeler And Like The Kind Of The History Of Her Family Revealing That She Is Gay And Then 

Zoe You Know Lets Her Know That She's Part Of The Queer Community As Well I Don't Think It Really Specifies Whether She's Gay Or Bi Or I Think She Just Like Says Like Whenever You're Gay 

You Can You Can Choose Your Own Family And Like That's Part Of Like The Beauty Of Being In The Queer Community And So They Get Onto A More Comfortable Basis From There Where They Switch From Like Emails From Like This Very Like Official Marketplace Thing To Be More 

Intimate With Each Other And So It's Like The Relationship Between These Two Women As They Become Closer And As The The Relationship Between Them Starts Warping Um And I Think I Think This Is Where 

I've Seen Some For Me This Was A Five Five-star Read That Was My Impression Whenever I Finished The Book Was Like Wow What Did I Read That Was Incredible That It A Vote 

For Me This This Like Very Familiar Feeling Of Like Not Being Catfished But It's Just The Mystery Of Being Online And Not Knowing Who You're Talking To And Like How Dark Those Relationships Can Become Because They Can Be 

So Intense Whenever You Have This Um This Relationship That's Like Behind A Screen Because You'll Tell People Things That You Wouldn't Tell People Face To Face And So These Online Relationships That You Form 

Can Just Become So Emotionally Charged And Whenever You Have That Much Emotion Behind It That Things Can Get Out Of Hand And Like Clearly This Is A Horror Book So They Get Very Out Of Hand 

I Don't Think A Spoiler But One Thing That Um I Think Concerned Some Reviewers But Did Not Concern Me And Like People Are Totally Free To Feel However They Want To Feel About A Book 

I Don't Think That You're Good For Reading A Good Person For Reading A Book I Don't Think You're A Bad Person For Reading A Book Um They Are Totally Free To Feel However They Want 

But One Of The The Blurbs For This Book Mentioned That Like That A Kink That's Explored In This Book Is Abusive And I Don't Think That The Actual Meat Of The What The Author Wrote Was Saying That 

The Blurb Took It That Way And Then The Blurb Was Published I Don't Agree With That Um I I Don't Agree With Portraying Any Kind Of Kink As As Abusive If It Is Between Two Um Consensual Parties And Then 

I Don't Believe That That's What The Author Was Trying To Say Uh I Did Not Get That Impression At All I Think It's I Think The Author Eric Is You Know A Part Of The Queer Community As Well Not A Not A Woman 

But I Think Some People Were Concerned About Having A Man Writing Um Like A Dark Story Between Two Queer Women And As A Queer Woman I I'm Not I Don't Speak For All Queer Women 

But Like I Feel Like I Am Extremely Sensitive To Whenever I Feel Like Things Are Being Done Not Respectfully And For Me At Least That I I Appreciated What The Author Was Doing Because What I Took It For Was More Just That 

We Can Tell A Variety Of Queer Stories That There's Not Like One One Type Of Queer Person And Like Not All Queer People Have To Be Represented As Like Role Models Or Whatever In Writing And Especially In Horror 

So I Think That Just Like Being Open To That All Kinds Of Queer Stories Can Be Written And That's What I Took Away From This And I Don't Think That He Was Intending For It To Be Um Kink Shaming I I Did Not Get That From 

It And I Was Kind Of Like Surprised That's What Other People Took From It Whenever I Was Reading Reviews The The Last Thing I Was Gonna Say Was I I Think That This Is Such A Um Perfect Frame In Time That Like 

I Think That People Who Are Even Like A Couple Of Years Younger Than Me That They're Not Going To Like Really Get This Exact Internet Time And Like Understand How How Bizarre It Already Felt Like In The Year 2000 To Like Be Online 

Connecting To People Online For The Very First Time And This To Me Was A Horror Story About Like That Ambiguity And Like Where That Can Go More Than Anything About Their Orientation Or Kink Preferences So You Can Read

It You Can Come Up With Your Own Conclusions That's What I Came To And Yet Um This Does Get Very Very Dark There Is The Tone In It Is Like Incredible That It Goes To Like These Really Dark Bizarre Places Um And A Little Bit Like Body Horror 

I Don't Know I Feel Like Sometimes Like The Term Body Horror Is A Little Bit Overused Whenever People Just Mean Something That's Happening To Your Body And Not Like The Body Itself Being The Horror 

But I Would Love To Know What Other People Think About This Because In A Hundred Pages It Had A Big Effect On On Me And I Just Want To Hear What Other People Have To Say I Thought It Was Really Good I Thought It Was Really Cool 

I Read It In One Sitting I Think That It's Very Easy To To Read In One Sitting Especially Because It's Like You Know A Lot Of It's Like Told In Chat Logs And And Emails It Just Reads Really Easily Um But I Would Say It Gets It Does Get Dark And Even Though 

I Think It's Really Cool I Think That If You're Not Already Because I Review Different Things On This Channel And You Know Me From Different Places If You Don't Already Like Horror This Wouldn't Be One That I Think Um You Know Is For For All Readers At All 

It's Not Something That I Would Like Blanket Recommend To Everyone Like You Know I Was Obviously Talking About Um That There's There's Definitely New I Thought I Found That There's A Lot Of Nuance To The Characterizations 

But There's Also Just Like A Lot Of Nuance And Like Discourse Around Some Of The Topics That Are Explored In Here So I Think That It's For A Certain Type Of Person And Like Looking Up Content Warnings Would Would Be Beneficial

If You're Someone Who Who Needs To Know Those Kinds Of Things Ahead Of Time Because Definitely A Lot Of A Lot Of Stuff Happens But I Thought It Was Really Good So Let Me Know What You Thought If You Read It.

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