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Heaven Official's Blessing Novel Pdf Free Download


Heaven Official's Blessing Novel Pdf Free Download

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Heaven Official's Blessing Novel Pdf Free Download

Details of Heaven Official's Blessing Novel by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu Book

  • Book Name: Heaven Official's Blessing Novel 
  • Authors: Mo Xiang Tong Xiu
  • Pages: 452
  • Genre: Romance novel, Fantasy Fiction, Historical Fiction
  • Publish Date: 15 February 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Heaven Official's Blessing Novel these books has given me and i just wanted to go through some of the features and some of the things that i think are super cool but before i do that i have to talk about today's sponsor 

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i would 1000 recommend bok su as a christmas gift or even just a nice gift to yourself so if you guys are interested be sure to check the link in my description now right off the bat the art is absolutely stunning i'm sorry this is the best picture out of all the three book releases in my opinion i love this and you know it's a good cover because when 

i was at chapters purchasing this the lady behind the counter was like oh wow this looks so good i might have to read it and i'm like hell yeah you should read it it's my freaking life just from this image alone it's so striking and there's intrigue and there's a handsome man and is that a woman 

a man we don't know also something else i saw some people had some thoughts about the font used here i don't think a lot of people realized the amount of thought that went into this font we've got a ming here which looks like the sword we've got the clouds for heaven the bee is 

one of hua chung's butterflies the g is for shilian's sword and the s is shaped like roy a this is actually full of special easter eggs and it's just the tip of the iceberg for the amount of thought that went into this right here we've got the number one because this is the first volume of many 

even though this is the north american english publication we do still have the chinese name below tinguan tsufu it just looks so good i love it i honestly love how this cover looks now along the side we do have it in a different font and we've got that tinguan sufu even bolder they even went through the trouble of putting a little butterfly there and 

at the very bottom you can see our incredible publisher seven seas on the back we have another beautiful design with this giant butterfly another little butterfly up here and we've got these really cool deep dark blood red flowers everything is so symbolic to the story and means 

so much about the characters i've honestly never seen a book cover that has so much thought put into the art and design of it all even just how this back is formatted i just love it i think it looks so good a god fallen a ghost risen born the crown prince of a prosperous kingdom shilian 

was renowned for his beauty strength and purity his years of dedicated study and noble deeds allowed him to ascend to godhood but those who rise may also fall and fall he does cast from the heavens and banished to the world below 800 years after his mortal life shilian has ascended

to godhood for the third time angering most of the gods in the process to repay his debts he is sent to the mortal realm to hunt down violent ghosts and troublemaking spirits who prey on the living along his travels he meets the fascinating and brilliant sun long 

a young man with whom he feels an instant connection yet samlong is clearly more than he appears what mysteries lie behind that carefree smile right like oh my gosh you get a little hint of the romance just from that and you like if if you went into this not knowing anything about 

heaven officials blessing you're like oh is is that song long is that the mysterious youth with the charming smile oh so look they're holding hands and on the back they've got this other little thing that says don may and seven sees entertainment and if you don't know what danme is 

it's pretty cool because in the back of the book there's a glossary but we'll get to that in a second there's still so much more to look at so if you just open the front page up look at this we've got this incredibly printed book with this amazing butterfly pattern and here we've got credits 

for our incredible translators we've got suica and pengy who is the editor cover and color illustration by tai3 the interior illustrations by zelda cw and it was presented by seven seas entertainment and again we got the chinese name tinguan tsufu this is just so cool and it's got this like galaxy watercolor spray it just looks so nice and inside oh that kind of looks like 

blood wouldn't you say and this here is mo shang tongshu's name written out in the characters and if you didn't already love the art enough here it is in a full like 16x9 size i actually have this art in a poster up here that crisp like cyan and red just looks so striking it looks so good when 

i was at chapters there were a couple girls helping me find the books and they were like oh wow i really like how the red one looks and i was like yeah read the red one read the real one first look at them

it's just romantic and they're underneath the moon we even got wolves howling this is you know the scene this is the scene where he meets hua chung and there's all the the zombie guys and the wolf

guys it's awesome and then you flip the page and we have another gorgeous piece of interior art this is later on in the story when son long is helping out with poochie shrine and jillian's there i wonder if they call it fuji shrine or chestnut shrine here we'll have to read to find out 

but this is just a little domestic look i love how this is like epic ghost adventure look and then this is like little domestic life look and then from here on out all the pictures inside are in black and white on the left here we've just got some more credits and stuff this was printed in canada interior 

layout and design done by clay gardner amazing job clay gardner and then we have our table of contents now this book has 11 chapters with also an appendix with a character and name guide and a glossary and something else really cool is that a lot of us did actually read this while 

It was still available online and they have what the online chapter would have been so the online chapter one they actually just turned into the prologue and as you go on you actually see they're quite different 

so chapter six contains the web serialization of chapters 13 to 16 and so on so it's quite offset but that's really cool and thoughtful that they put that in there so if you are reading from the online version this goes until web serialization chapter 31 and we'll just read through the chapter titles here 

so we've got the prologue heaven officials blessing and chapter one the scrap immortal third time entering the heavenly capital chapter two three clowns night discussion on the palace of tremendous masculinity chapter 3 the ghost takes a bride the crown prince mounts the bridal sedan that's going to 

be a good chapter chapter 4 mountain locked ancient temple forest of hanging corpses chapter 5 red clad ghost the burning of the marshall and civil temples chapter 6 clothes redder than maple skin white of snow chapter 

7 poochie shrine talks guiltful tales of banwe pass chapter 8 shortened distance adrift in sandstorms chapter 9 dalian hualien nightfall and sinner's pit hualien they've got hualien written in the chapter what what book do you know uses the ship name like that that's that's hilarious chapter 10 windmaster in white bellowing sandstorms from nowhere no i love windy 

chapter 11 poking the ghost king the crown prince seeks truth damn that is so awesome and then just like a little look inside the chapter kind of header thing it's i think it looks really nice too it just got this

nice little like triangle there it's just the little things that are really sticking out to me that they put a lot of effort into this i even think the page number little border thing looks cool it just makes it seem 

so like high class and right here this is incredible this would have been so helpful for me when i was reading this there are footnotes and they'll be like little numbers where you can look down at the bottom and it will explain something usually that's used in chinese that maybe 

a western audience wouldn't understand so for example here on yin yan there's a little one and it has the chinese character and it means one thought or fleeting thought this is also the first half of the idiom wrong decision made in a moment of weakness mxtx is a really really good author and puts a lot of like poetry and idioms and stuff like that that a lot of 

western people like myself don't understand and it wasn't until talking to other chinese fans that i was able to understand them and having these little footnotes so easy to reference here will only like enrich my experience so i'm i just think that's it's just so so awesome and something 

else that i actually wasn't expecting i didn't know they were gonna do this there are pictures inside the book of the scenes that the book is talking about there's not a lot but when they appear it's usually for a special moment like look at how cute this is thunlong and chilean on the 

cart are you kidding me that is so cute so when you get to the very end it says the story continues in heaven officials blessing volume 2. we got another butterfly pattern and then we come to our character and name guide so this is the coolest thing in the whole world this literally goes 

through the names in chinese and what they mean so for shil aen it says thank sympathy or love and then it shows his heavenly title because a lot of the characters actually have multiple names which 

was very confusing for a young character and then it kind of explains why the title came to be there's a lot of stuff in here that i actually didn't know about some of these are definitely spoilers or like little inside jokes that you wouldn't understand until you finish the full novel it even

goes to things like silent weapons and spiritual objects for example roy a is in here more than just names of people it also has the names of all the locations like the banuay place is half moon which makes sense which is why in the dub they're called crescentians like the crescent moon like 

a half moon you know and it goes even further to explain how chinese diminutives nicknames and name tags work so for example in this book sanlon calls shilian gaga and if you didn't know why you can find out why because gaga means older brother or an older male friend 

used by someone substantially younger or of lower status it also notes that it has a cutesier feel than just guh which is why it's so cute when sanlon calls him gaga and everyone kind of reacts like why are you calling him gaga you're the ghost king you're not cute there's also a cute

little pronunciation guide which for someone like me whose every second comment on youtube is making fun of my pronunciation i think this is useful i think this is incredible you know it's not teen 

guan sifu it's tienguan tsufu probably better than how i was saying it before the way they're written now it is a little bit funny though like for example jillian is she a lien she alien julian sheilian i don't know maybe my pronunciation will improve and then there's just a glossary in the back 

there's a whole terminology of things that when i was first reading danme i had no freaking clue like what is a talisman what is ascension what are cultivators like are they farming this goes into all these little words that are a part of like the wushia genre that you would not understand

if you have never read anything like this before which i had not and so this is so cool so even right here cultivators are practitioners of spirituality and martial arts like that's just so awesome it even has things like what different colors mean like white means death or mourning and it's used 

in funerals or red means happiness and good luck like these cultural differences that are so important and ingrained in the story and knowing about them makes it a richer experience even something like

this like coughing or spitting up blood a way to show a character is ill injured or upset despite the very physical nature of the response it does not necessarily mean that a character has been wounded their body could simply be reacting to a very strong emotion kind of like nosebleeds 

in anime and then at the very end we get the ads for scum villain and moda sushi which i also can do little cover reviews for if you'd like so let me know if that's something that you want to see and i didn't film a proper outro