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Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon PDF Download


Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon

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Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon PDF Download

Details of Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon Book

  • Book Name: Ice Planet Barbarians
  • Authors: Ruby Dixon
  • Pages: 188
  • Genre: Fiction, Suspense, Romance, Thrill, Drama, Horror
  • Publish Date: 24 April 2015
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon it took about an hour and a half to get through and despite all the criticisms i'm about to say i had a good time there's something genuinely enjoyable about kind of well-written trash 

now let me be extreme let me get let's you know what before we do anything let's go ahead and get into the premise this story follows our strong horny protagonist georgie as she is kidnapped by aliens 

she wakes up by aliens who are going to sell her off into a and if you are not already seeing this this is a highly uh problematic book for many many reasons including things along the lines of 

with a situation where they have been abducted and brought in to environment but what i it's it's kind of fun it's fun like watching a car crash but the car crash is a but she escapes and she gets found by

chosen ones and that is the situation she ends up in what then unfurls is one of the adventures i have ever seen from a female perspective largely from a female perspective this is multi-pov and again the cover perfectly this honestly to the cover artist kudos because we have like a realistic graphic 

scene followed up with a schlocky display of like a stock image ufo but it's kind of like a dark ufo and that gets into the darker themes here and i want to touch on one thing in particular that kind of like goes into the problematic area don't know if the author wanted us from a literary 

critical sense to understand that our protagonist is going through 
syndrome and therefore what they're saying and doing is wrong and i kind of want to give the author the benefit of the doubt because well this is not written you know in a way that holds up to the likes of 

i'm not even saying author's name you know what i mean it's still competently written and i think it's tongue-in-cheek so ruby dixon i think she knows exactly what she's done here and for those of you this book 

has blown up on book talk and things like that it's gained a cult following some genuine fans others memeing it but to get into the extremes this book goes to there's there's additional batches of human women brought in and our protagonist at a certain point is like mad at them

for being afraid and cold even though she acknowledges like we don't have enough furs for them but them for giving us problems jesus christ but getting back into the plot and story here i think that's going to be where the bulk of my actually trying to be critical of this book review comes in again a 

book where giant blue men who i just imagined illidan because they even have horns from world of warcraft so giant 

Let's let's get into the tonal thematic clashing because we have something that let's be honest on face value is wtf it's a very strange story you'd think the author would approach it with a very like lighthearted lens or something 

along those lines but there are some like really dark moments here we go from having someone being like all that dude for a fire to then the realization of scarcity of being on an ice planet and like starvation 

being a possibility and then a graphic and our protagonist talking a woman into being okay with boning one of the people who's currently like their only way of surviving and that's a power dynamic issue there's a lot there's a lot of issues with consent in this book major trigger warnings 

like if you're going to try and pick this up seriously like don't if that will bother you at all but that tonal clash is what largely kept me going because it's genuinely kind of engaging i wouldn't say it's interesting because 

you know exactly where it's going to go the second it starts but it's engaging to see what will happen next and how our protagonist who has a decent amount of character to him will continue on and focusing my highly fine-tuned critical lens onto one more element of this book i did not find the 

time scenes to actually be very erotic for myself i just that's not the kind of smut i enjoy so i actually was not very engaged by that element so i wow i just trapped myself into saying this i read ice planet barbarians not for the 

but for the plot so i need to reevaluate a lot about me i guess but at the end of the day it's very important to remember literature books especially within this genre one of their main purposes is to keep us entertained 

from my perspective and if you look at many of the thousands of reviews online because again this kind of blew up in the meme sense it seems to accomplish that goal and i commend the author for crafting something that well 

it may not have the best pacing it may be a bit narratively confusing and tonally all over the place and not that erotic in my opinion it is fascinating there is something here that is undeniably tantalizing to the reader seeing space 

illidans railing out a millennial chick for our amusement in some problematic settings who am i to say this is not art i have no right to sit on some pedestal and to cry ice planet barbarians so instead i'm saying this could be worth a read 

if you want something that you could get through in one sitting that will be interesting and possibly depending on your own desires quite uh erotic because i'm not gonna give a numbered rating to 

ice planet barbarians because of course i'm not uh but i'll say i think ruby accomplished exactly what she wanted to like this person knows exactly what they're 

writing and there's something commendable about that and because of that they are able to actually create something that for porn is kind of engaging so kudos and well done i found myself kinda caring about our main protagonist 

no one else whatsoever and while the story was insanely predictable it was a that i couldn't put it down for the hour and a half that it took me to read it that that is my 

thoughts on ice planet barbarians and because spoilers absolutely do not matter here the ending i found like i was actually shocked that the stockholm syndrome went this goddamn far the ending is um and then 

what comes next home arden together he touches my stomach or kit his fingers caress my flat stomach hopefully the first of many human and sakui matings that sounds pretty good to me i push him onto his back 

noticing that even my busted wrist doesn't hurt much more the kui at work maybe i smile down at my mate just as long as you don't go resonating for anyone else he shakes his head somberly one residence mate we mate her life i like the sound of that too and you know.