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The Return by Dick Morris pdf Download


The Return by Dick Morris pdf Download

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The Return by Dick Morris pdf Download 

Details of The Return by Dick Morris pdf 

  • Book Name: The Return 
  • Authors: Dick Morris 
  • Pages: 227
  • Genre: Politics 
  • Publish Date: July 12, 2022
  • Language: English

Book review:

The Return by Dick Morris he joins me from Stamford Connecticut to explain why his dick morris political commentator and a former top advisor to Bill Clinton and chief political columnist for The National Enquirer tech thanks for being here well it's good to be here Donald Trump rewrites 

the rule book and be happy to chat with you about it yeah I'm really looking forward to hearing your perspective so this week you tweeted that the ethics issues on Trump are not important you explain yourself well 

I think there are a couple of things first of all we're not talking here about a cabinet appointment we're talking about a president and during the election he was very thoroughly vetted by the American people by 1.2 billion dollars of negative advertising from the Democrats and and all of the ethics issues were raised and explored by Republicans and by 

Democrats and people voted for him as is it's like you buy an apartment as is and that's kind of what's going on here so let me the second wait a minute wait a minute let me let me understand what you're saying they're 

so one of the things that that Trump was famous for saying was that he could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue does that mean that as president of the united states since we elected him will expect that that's fine if he shoots people that he doesn't like on Fifth Avenue no but but if he did he would 

be prosecuted for it but but i am and i do think he'd lose support but i think the key element here is that we voted for him knowing what he was his business interests as range of stuff he never said he would divest 

he never said he'd have a blind trust and who EES we're getting what we paid for i think the second issue is that with most presidents you have the issue of a blind trust is very simple you turn it over some stocks and bonds to an administrator who invested where he sees fit but when you're running 

the most one of the largest chains of hotels and restaurants and casinos and God knows what else in the world those decisions can't be made by a blind trust they have to be made by someone who is trusted by the founder otherwise it can all be run into the ground wasn't there isn't nothing wait a minute isn't over it isn't the idea of the blind trust the blind trust manages the the liquefied assets 

I mean what would be standard would be to sell his businesses and then once he sells them then the the liquefied assets are the ones that are managed in a blind trust I mean isn't there an expectation of having the same standards that have applied to president after President the laws are still the laws 

it doesn't matter that we've elected a rich business feeling nothing that he's doing is violating any of the laws and the expectation should be in line with what he campaigned on he made clear that he was not going to sell his businesses not going to turn him over to a blind trust and shoot people 

in fact that annuity should people on Fifth Avenue and grab women's genitals stay right there we'll be right back with more politicking after this welcome back to politicking i'm matthew cook in for larry king and i'm talking to former bill clinton advisor and political commentator dick morris dick thanks for being here 

so let's go back to what we wear we just left off how what is your interpretation of the emoluments Chloe left off met with you taking the cheap shot as we're going off the air about grabbing people's general hi I'm what 

I'm trying to what I'm trying to use that as an example for isn't to be cheap it's to say Donald Trump said a lot of things part of what people elected him for is because he's a loudmouth and says whatever comes the first thing that comes into his head he still needs to be held by a standard of law and what 

you're suggesting is that because he says whatever comes out of his mouth we elected him so we should allow him to therefore do that that's the second time you've spoken of the law what statute is he violating 

the emoluments clause no that doesn't apply to the president how it has president the president is not subject to those two that legislation and or to any of that the president is removable only for high crimes and misdemeanors and it's up to the Senate and the house to define what those are the presidency is a total sewage general office in terms of ethics laws and disclosure laws

I think and was to trump saying anything that comes into his mouth or into his head he made a considered series of judgments and statements which are entirely consistent about what he would do it ethically as president and he's following right so many constitutional experts would disagree with you on that point what 

I remember at the press conference was a stack of manila envelopes in which Donald Trump referred to these documents as having all the information on how he would be divesting or removing these conflicts of interests and as it turns out all of these pieces of paper were blank so at some point 

I think we have to look at what these potential conflicts of interests are we have no information on it whatsoever we don't have his tax returns so we don't have know how how would all these things play into how could this not be a conflict of interest i mean 

i just find your mat your point of view fast i'm really trying to understand it can't no you're not yeah you honestly believe that a man who's worth by his own description ten billion dollars is going to be influenced or in a major decision by making 20 or 30 or a hundred thousand we're not absolutely

it's not solutely and i'll tell you why it's not tell you why finish let me finish it's not like with hillary clinton where she would be influenced and would see someone if they gave her foundation a hundred thousand this is a man who is worth a zillion times that and to believe that he would be influenced 

by that is ridiculous and the american people agree it's ridiculous and that's why they voted for him knowing all of that this is one of the most petty human beings that i've ever witnessed from a personality perspective he gets upset about saturday at live so i think that that the idea that he's 

not going to be influenced by small actions large actions medium actions would be denying the personality that we've come to know and in your case like your implication was financial actions of course i don't think that that would matter a lot to him well it's not only what would matter

a lot is what people say and how they comport themselves let me text what you're doing this is part of an organized effort by the left to D legitimate Donald Trump this is the only time that the election didn't end the election the opposition research the negative 

campaigning all superseded traditional notions of the honeymoon and frankly make one wonder if we're all in the same boat or if some people feel they're in a different boat when you look at the Intel community when you look at the American media when you look at the way he's been received 

I just learned today for example that cNN has made a decision not to refer to him as president Trump after he sworn in calling a mr. Trump that I wore just Trump well I hadra I had nothing to do with that

it's all part of an effort to delegitimize him and if possible reverse reverse the results of the election well I agree with that organization and if there is such an organization than they can count me a member Dick Morris.