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The Return Of The Gods By Jonathan Cahn PDF Download


The Return Of The Gods By Jonathan Cahn

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The Return Of The Gods By Jonathan Cahn PDF Download 

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  • Book Name: The Return Of The Gods 
  • Authors: Jonathan Cahn
  • Pages: 230
  • Genre: Christian literature
  • Publish Date: 6 September 2022
  • Language: English


"In The Return of the Gods, author Jonathan Cahn reveals how God’s plan for humanity was derailed by the rise of paganism and the fall of Jerusalem. He explains how the return of Jesus Christ is the only way back to God’s original design for mankind."

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


I have been reading books about prophecy and end times since I was a teenager. I am not sure if I would say I am obsessed with these topics, but I do enjoy learning about them. I have read many different authors over the years, some who were great at what they did, others who were just okay. I have learned a lot from each of them. One of my favorite authors is Jonathan Cahn. His writing style is simple and straightforward. He does not try to make his points complicated or hard to understand. He writes in a way that anyone can easily follow along.

Jonathan Cahn is a pastor and he uses his ministry to spread the word of God. He believes that we live in the last days before the second coming of Jesus Christ. He says that the Bible predicts that the world will experience seven major events leading up to the final battle between good and evil. These events are the rise of Islam, the fall of Rome, the rise of Christianity, the fall of Constantinople, the rise of Islam again, the rise of the Antichrist, and finally the Battle of Armageddon.

He believes that the first four events have already happened, and the fifth event is currently happening right now. He says that the sixth event is going to happen soon, and the seventh event is going to take place sometime after the sixth event. He says that the seventh event will bring about the destruction of the earth and the beginning of the New Heaven and Earth.

His book “The Harbinger” was released in 2011. In this book, he talks about the rise of Islam and the fall of Jerusalem, which he says took place in 628 AD. He says that the Islamic caliphate rose to power in the Middle East, and then conquered Europe, North Africa, and parts of Asia. He says that the Muslim armies destroyed the Holy Land and killed millions of Jews. He says that the Muslims captured Jerusalem and renamed it Al Quds (which means “Jerusalem”). He says that the city became known as the third holiest site in Islam.

He says that the Roman Empire fell in 476 AD, and the Byzantine Empire replaced it. He says that the Byzantine Empire ruled until 1453 AD, when the Ottoman Turks conquered Constantinople. He says that the Ottomans ruled until 1917, when the British occupied Palestine. He says that the British controlled Palestine until 1948, when Israel declared its independence. He says that the United Nations voted to give Palestine to the Jewish people, but the Arabs refused to accept the decision. He says that the Arab nations launched a war against Israel, and Israel won the war. He says that the Israelis captured Jerusalem and renamed it Yerushalayim (which means “City of Peace”).

He says that the United States joined the war against Israel, and the U.S. military helped Israel win the war. He says the U.S. supported Israel until 1967, when Israel attacked Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq. He says that Israel captured the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Golan Heights, Sinai Peninsula, and the Old City of Jerusalem. He says that Israel annexed the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and the rest of the land was given to the Palestinians. He says that the Israeli government controls the Palestinian territories, and the Palestinian Authority governs the West Bank and Gaza.

He says that in 1967, the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, and the U.N. sent peacekeeping troops to help the Afghans fight off the Soviets. He says that the Soviets withdrew their forces in 1989, and the U. N. left Afghanistan in 1992. He says that the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, and the U N. returned to Afghanistan in 2001. He says that the U.N. started rebuilding Afghanistan, and the Taliban began attacking the U.N. troops. He says that the American military invaded Afghanistan in October 2001, and overthrew the Taliban regime. He says that the Americans fought the Taliban until late 2002, when the Taliban regrouped and began fighting the Americans once again.

The Return Of The Gods By Jonathan Cahn which some christian readers might misunderstand or even find objectionable we all know and believe that of course that there is only one true god in three persons known as the father son and holy spirit together they are the god of abraham isaac and jacob 

but the title of that book implies that there are other gods from long ago who have made appearances in our day explain where you're headed with that i know what you mean yes yeah well the bible 

speaks about the gods there's only one god there's only one true god elohim yahweh there's only our god the god of as you said abraham isaac and jacob and who is manifest in messiah uh so that that's the the foundation of our faith but the amazing thing is the bible does speak 

of the gods it says like who is like you o lord among the gods and the lord speaks about judging the gods so now of course these are false gods so they're you know the enemy is called the god of this world so there are certain definitions here um so i'm going to share in the whole opening 

this of what the bible actually says about the gods and and the answer is that there are false gods the bible speaks about false gods but what are the gods and that's the beginning of the mystery 

what what it's saying these are speaking of spirits or entities and the bible says these are real i'm not not that they come as gods but they're behind the gods and they come as that and what 

the return of the gods is saying is that you know there are evil forces there are forces that the bible speaks about that were very real in the days of the bible the they were behind the gods 

So these are satanic characters yes yeah you know what i'll go right into that because you know if you look in in every nation every culture they're all worshiping gods it's a it's a universal thing that that they're all over it doesn't matter where you were in the ancient world there were gods the only exception was israel which had god 

so the bible says something it's interesting because in in the torah in the in the book of deuteronomy uh moses when he speaks about the gods he says they sacrificed to the idols and the gods to and and the hebrew word is the shedding it says not to god but to gods they didn't know to new gods that had come the word shadeem speaks of spirits or entities and 

you'll find this again in the psalms when it says they served idols and it says they sacrificed their sons and daughters to the shedding so the shedding means the these are spirits or entities so it's kind of an amazing thing because it's saying behind the gods you know that you know the gods are fiction but behind them were entities were beings and when when 

paul the apostle he speaks about the same thing he says in corinthians he says that the what the gentiles sacrifice they sacrifice to the instead of saying shadeem he uses a greek word that is the da ammonia and we get the word demon or demonic spirit from that so the first thing is that the bible says that that behind the gods are actually spirits or evil or demonic 

beings so there's something going on now it doesn't mean that whatever people said about the gods were true but that the spirits will do anything to get the worship of god away from god and so that this was a common thing back then this was the world back then that's very clear you talk about three of them the dark trinity who are those three yeah 

well when israel turned away from god they turned to other gods and and as they turned to other gods there were three main or or kind of very iconic gods of all of them and the first one i call the possessor 

in the book and that is and we'll get into it you know and the second one is called the enchantress and the third is called the destroyer and each of these gods were real they were really the the center of israel's fall from god and the thing is that what what the return of the gods is saying is that america and the west is now dealing with those same spirits in fact 

if you want to understand what's been happening in the last really 50 years or 60 years as america has fallen away from god this is really behind everything is behind things that seem so irrational now because it's it's accelerating this is behind it and and i'll give you something to add to this and that is that that in ancient times you know if the spirits 

the gods were interchangeable and all these nations were giving themselves to the worship of gods then they were giving themselves to spirits and so what we see the phenomenon all across the world in the pagan world we see the phenomenon of possession they all record it if you were the high priest 

if you're in pagan worship you were even more likely to show the signs of possession back then they had these these women called the oracles you know and they were literally possessed women they spoke for the gods but they were speaking for the spirits and so the entire culture was possessed you know and so the only thing that that changed this the 

only thing that has changed our world is the gospel because when jesus came into the world he had the power to cast out the spirits power over evil and when he sent his disciples into the world they were going into a world of gods world of spirits and when they came in the world that's why there was such a big clash in the roman empire there was a war you know and it was over believers who were told you have to worship the gods and 

if you don't worship the gods then you are going to be killed or thrown to the lions so it was really a war of the gods that was happening and when you read the book of acts you see this again and again the the possessed woman following paul you know a city an uproar over the gods you know so the the thing is that finally it was the gospel that won and that 

that drove out the gods drove out the gods from the temple and this is unique this is why our culture is unique this western civilization because it's the only culture that was dispossessed that was exercised of the gods and that's really where we have been but now we're turning the other 

way of all the things that offended god the worship of those false gods was the most offensive yeah and yet they continually did it and then suffered consequences yeah dr johnson we have talked you know from the book when i wrote the harbinger and the others it's all showing that the templates in the bible are being replayed and america was really founded after the pattern of israel the you know the puritans said you 

know we are to be like israel was you know and so we've been blessed they said if you know john winthrop said if we follow god we're going to be blessed with the blessings of israel but if we turn away from god and he said if we get seduced by the gods if we turn to the false gods 

then these judgments are come upon you so that is where we are because there's a warning and actually it goes back to a parable that jesus said remember the parable he said that if a spirit goes out of a man he said you know it goes out looks for a place to rest finds no place to rest and if it finds no place it comes back and says i will return to my house talking about the man comes back finds it all clean and empty and says i'm going to 

now bring my seven other friends my seven other spirits worse than itself and now the man is repossessed and and jesus says that the latter state is worse than the beginning but then he says so it will be with this generation he wasn't just talking about a man being possessed 

turning back he talks about an entire culture or civilization and here is the like i guess the big picture and the warning and that is that we as a civilization western civilization was was exercised of the gods and the spirits it was the only culture that had even known this that's why 

it's so unique but the warning is in the biggest application if we ever turn away from god if we ever turn away from jesus if we ever turn away from the gospel from the word then these spirits of darkness are going to come into our culture the quote gods are going to return 

what was cast out will come back to repossess it and that is what is behind what we have been dealing with for the last half century explain how these uh false gods operate through the centuries you say that they've made a reappearance now and have they been there all along 

have they been the source of mischief and evil all the way through man's history yeah well i believe as long as the enemy is alive and well or not well but is alive and the spirits are then yes there's always going to be that source of evil as much as people turn away from god the amazing 

thing is that we've had an entire culture that was at least a quote christian culture when i've gone to other nations that have not really known the gospel you know um you see signs of possession all over you see all sorts of things well many things that you don't see in the west because 

we have been by and large cleansed of that but as much as we turn back then you're we're giving a foothold so you know jesus said the spirits go out into the wilderness and they look for a a plate they're in a dry place well i believe these were on the fringes of our civilization you 

know because they couldn't have the same foothold they had with a pagan civilization but if america and the west starts turning away from god then it's a whole different story and to give you an example he didn't just say that the man will be repossessed but that it's going to 

be worse than before there's there's seven more coming in so take this in a big picture and that is when you look at cultures or civilization when they turn away from the gospel look what happens when russia turned away from god totally turned to communism what came in 

it was demonic it wasn't neutral it was demonic it was millions who were killed look what happened to germany germany that produced the reformation martin luther all that when they turned away from the word and they turned away from god what came in it wasn't neutral it was 

demonic the most demonic we've ever seen so so the warning is that you know in a pre-christian culture you might have a nero and a caligula but in a post-christian culture you'll have a hitler you know 

you'll have something worse so it's going to be worse when you turn away so that that's the big warning here uh as a matter of fact it comes from matthew 12 43 and 45 and jesus is speaking and he's giving a parable here and he says when an impure spirit comes out of a person it goes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it then he says 

i will return to the house i left and when it arrives it finds the house unoccupied and swept clean and put in order then it goes and takes with it seven other spirits more wicked than itself and they go in and they live there and the final condition of that person is worse than the 

first that's how it will be with this wicked generation so he was really speaking in prophecy he's really talking about our generation wasn't he yeah i mean people don't realize that that you know they look at that and think okay it's talking about a possessed man well it's using the picture 

possessed man but as you said he says so it will be with this generation and it was a generation first you have israel that knew god but turned away and so saying it's going to be worse but then you have an entire culture really which which has spread all over the world 

again it's the only we don't realize like you don't know what you've got till it's gone you know you know when america started turning away from god they didn't realize that that what was holding back and keeping all these forces at bay was only god the gospel when you take 

that out when we started taking god out of school this prayer at school and all we had the culture had no idea where it was going now and where and you look at where it is now when people say even even liberals there are liberals who say this is crazy this is demonic this is irrational 

well this is possession if the spirits no or the ancient gods come back they're going to seek to repossess the culture the repossess the civilization repossess government as they had back then and so what's what we're going to start seeing if they if there's a return is that they 

will seek to take a christian nation and turn it into a pagan nation and that is exactly what we have been seeing over and over again is exactly what we've been standing against it is the paganization of america and western civilization and that's exactly what is behind all these 

things are the members of the dark trinity operative here now and if so who are they what's their name well the first one and and in in the return of the gods.