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The Candy House by Jennifer Egan pdf download


The Candy House by Jennifer Ega

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The Candy House by Jennifer Egan pdf download

Details about The Candy House by Jennifer Egan pdf 

  • Book Name: The Candy House 
  • Authors: Jennifer Egan
  • Pages: 371
  • Genre: Science fiction, Psychological Fiction
  • Publish Date: 5 April 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review:

The Candy House by Jennifer Egan  Pulitzer prize winner Jennifer Egan, eagan is most notably known for her work a visit from the goon squad released much critical acclaim in 2011 

you may be surprised to know that i've not read that book that may be even more puzzling considering the candy house is considered to be a sequel although one i'd heard was loosely connected with the first but we'll have more on that 

in a second the candy house is a book very different to the kind you may be used to it starts at one place and switches straight to another in nearly every preceding chapter this change can be with the characters the time period the location or even the writing style as a whole make no mistake 

this book likes to jump about a lot and to those who like a more linear narrative this effect may be jarring the constant change leads to a very wide breadth of characters in fact thinking upon reflection i wish i'd jotted them all down because there are many links throughout 

this book that tie different people together some obvious and others not there are so many characters it would be very difficult for me to name them all in this video and in all honesty such little time is spent with them that i can only remember a small handful off the top of my head

the book centralizes around the invention of a technology called own your consciousness a form of data collection whereby a user uploads their whole consciousness and an effort to reserve 

who they are and to starve off against later brain damage they can relive memories long past and experience the true emotion they felt before and after not that of a fading and ever-changing memory that may be recalled differently so many years later the people are still themselves

they just go about life in in a way we normally would but their consciousness is uploaded somewhere else the invention itself offers a completely unique insight into the lives of others and allows people to access both their own and other people's past consciousness this in turn leads to some 

truly unique perspectives in relation to experiences between parties memories you may think we're enjoyed with with yourself for example and another may actually be clouded by your one-sided perspective it's data mining push to the extreme however the manner in which 

this story is told is often spread so far apart it would be hard to conceive this work as a whole at times it seems far more comfortable being a smaller set of short stories than a full-fledged novel these stories are certainly written well but come about one after the other and change 

so dramatically you can find yourself lost in a wash of pages and it's cool the candy house is a science fiction work that stays somewhat within the confines of our modern technology doesn't go too far into the future this future in egan's work is mostly an evolution to that of our own modern day 

hopes to discuss the repercussions of our technology essentially being put on steroids however the style of this book it felt too disconnected for me to properly engage with it a lot is spoken of but each part is like a new island in a vast ocean and this leads to characters not standing out 

but instead fading to the background i understand this book is meant to represent the lives of many people each experiencing the positives and negatives of such a society and the almost unavoidable technology that hangs above it yet whilst this effect serves well to demonstrate the many different perspectives at play it leads to a slightly frustrating reading experience 

i'd stated earlier that a few early readers had claimed you did not need to read egan's previous work the prequel to this book a visit from the goon squad to understand what is happening and although that statement is true i feel a lot of the impact this book may have had particularly towards the end was lost on me it is clear having looked at the reviews after finishing 

this book that there are many characters who make appearances and one section by which multiple people from the preceding book play a part although this section a part of continuous email chains back and forth between multiple people was one of my favorite sections i sense i had if i'd read the previous work if i'd read that the impact of this would have been 

so much greater there are parts in this book that kept me turning the pages a section telling the trials and tribulations of an undercover agent all of which was written in second person was a particular highlight of mine but this was quickly lost in preceding pages i wanted more 

but i just didn't get it and although this section is picked up again at the end the constant changing of characters and narrative didn't work for me and thus the underlying message to me felt lost and frustratingly difficult to discover as a series of short stories i felt this book worked well but as a standalone novel there was too much going on and simply not enough consistency this led to a reading experience that had multiple highs and multiple lows 

so with all things considered i would rate the candy house a six out of ten the quality of writing certainly isn't my issue here is the constant change that i felt blurred what the author was truly wanting to say my friends thank you for sticking with me for another book review i'm sorry 

it's taken me so long to get through this book life life does that sometimes as we all know uh if you would like to know what i'm really next week it's a new book and i'm hoping to read this a lot quicker than 

this book it is the new book by blake crouch which is called upgrade i have no idea what that's about to be honest i haven't read the back that may be my undoing it sometimes is but um his last book that i'd read i really enjoyed.

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