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Fiona and Jane by Jean Chen Ho pdf download


Fiona and Jane by Jean Chen Ho p

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Fiona and Jane by Jean Chen Ho pdf download 

Details about Fiona and Jane by Jean Chen Ho pdf 

  • Book Name: Fiona and Jane 
  • Authors: Jean Chen Ho
  • Pages: 297
  • Genre: Literary fiction
  • Publish Date: 4 January 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Fiona and Jane by Jean Chen Ho this book incredibly fast i ended up reading the 271 pages in like four days which for me is so quick um i don't read terribly quickly despite owning too many books but i ended up reading it that quickly because i genuinely enjoyed it which i learned when i went to goodreads to do my rating and review a lot of people hated 

this book or just thought it was mid-tier there was a lot of three star reviews which is fair people can have their opinions but i'm i'm going to talk about why i liked the book um and also why i think those people might be wrong i'm just kidding i don't think they're wrong

i think they have their own opinions they don't experience i found it to be an incredibly deep and personal read the book is composed of non-linear short stories telling the story of fiona and or jane from age 16 age 37. 

i think one of the issues people have one of the biggest issues people had with this book um was that there is a change from first to third person whenever it's changing and that is like changing the narrative and that bothered me too um whenever it's talking from fiona's perspective

it's third person whenever it's talking from jane's perspective it's first person which is a little a little annoying um but i understand because it at the end you do realize the books are like written by jane that's the whole thing the book was written by jane which you know makes sense but you don't know that the entire time 

so it makes it kind of annoying to read and then when you get to the end it's like i mean i guess that's kind of an excuse for it but it's just not a fulfilling excuse people also seem kind of annoyed by the non-cohesiveness of the narrative which again valid point it is a little bit weird to jump from the beginning 

when you're 18 or so to when you're 16 to when you're 30 to when you're 27 when you're 24 20 or 37 again it's it's a little annoying to go from all those and i don't think those are the exact ages but it's pretty much like that but i also believe in at least your definition of literature 

i think that non-cohesive stories are still really good i think that you can have an amazing story that isn't necessarily point a point b point c i think telling point c first sometimes might just be the most effective way of telling your story another part of it being non-linear is that

you get blank spaces in the story and people didn't seem to like that they didn't like that the readers expected to fill in those pieces but for me i did enjoy that i thought it was interesting that it was something that you was expected of the reader that it was uh you fill in what happens here because 

while it matters it also doesn't matter to the story overall this story is one of female friendship and for the experience of growing up due to its non-cohesive nature it makes readers actually focus on the details through the fast-paced story and overall it was a four-star read for me 

i recommend that to those interested in short stories and non-linear stories and i genuinely think it's a good read and is worth your time it's not terribly long and i think it's a good read out there anyway that is what i read this week uh come back next week for another book possibly depending on

how quickly i read the next book my next book i'm reading is every day by david levithan every day by david levithan so we'll see how i feel about this one i'm already 80 of the way through.

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