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House of Sky and Breath by Sarah J. Maas PDF Download


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House of Sky and Breath by Sarah J. Maas PDF Download

Details about House of Sky and Breath by Sarah J. Maas pdf 

  • Book Name: House of Sky and Breath 
  • Authors: Sarah J. Maas
  • Pages: 661
  • Genre: Fantasy Fiction, Romance novel, Science fiction
  • Publish Date: 15 February 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review:

House of Sky and Breath by Sarah J. Maas is obviously the second book in the crescent city series after house of blood and earth earth and blood i have a reading vlog for that one floating up above 

if you want to go and check that out i was planning to vlog my reading experience with this one but having a six month old i've just found it really hard to get time to film to get time to read for more than like five minutes straight and i was also having a really bad hormonal facial breakout 

i didn't want to be filmed plus i knew it was going to take me more than two days so i just figured i would just sit down at the end of it all and wrap up my final thoughts 

so i originally read this book on kindle just because like i said i'm reading in between nap times at the moment i was reading about three times a day for maybe like an hour each and then obviously 

when she went to bed but i picked up the paperback just to fit on my sarah james shelf but i thought i would get into my non-spoilery feelings on the book but a quick wrap-up of my feelings of book one 

i didn't love it i was brought up on throne of glass i was raised by acotar anything other than that is gonna be a hard sell for me because of how much i love those series at the times that 

i read them i was excited to hear sarah j maas was doing an adult series because i thought you know more fairy porn which is really all i wanted but i just thought you know a bit more mature there might be some more like i don't know themes in there that i would enjoy 

but i wasn't really sold on the more modernized setting like it's just i like my fantasy high hard i don't i'm not i modern like paranormal or that sort of fantasy it's not for me and so i kind of went into book one hesitant again my feelings are in a vlog somewhere and so 

i wasn't super stoked for book two like i wasn't i had honestly forgot most of book one and that's kind of how i feel about book two i didn't vibe it like i enjoyed it it was fine but it wasn't what i i don't even have like 

i don't even know what i was after i don't even know what i was hoping for it is exactly like book one in the way of there's heaps of plot there's heaps of world there's a lot of characters doing a lot of things all at once like look that's a thick book there's a lot of things happening 

my tiny pee brain can retain very minimal of them and not because it was a bad book it just wasn't for me i found a lot of the characters to fall quite flat bryce is my least favorite protagonist hunt is my least favorite love interest and as a pairing in general not for me like i just 

i find them really hard to deal with which is weird because i thought i would be into it because it was like more adult like the smart like at this i'm not even going to pretend i'm like i'm basing this book on it's smart almost alone and it would just nah miss mass i was expecting more 

but we'll get into that i found this book to be a lot of things happening but not really things happening and the things that were happening weren't really important and of course the last 15 is dramatic monologues of all of the things being put together but as a reader you weren't given enough information to make the jump for yourself which is a problem 

i only really realized that i had whilst reviewing this book is you know there's so much going on there's all these crowns here's all these like things you could put together and make theories about and then at the end someone 

who hasn't been in the book at all comes in and delivers these like two-page monologues about their whole evil machinations and all the things going on you're just kind of like cool how was i supposed to that's so like what was the point and so a lot of this book felt pointless because 

it just wasn't really connected i found a lot of the characters fell really flat for me and i could see what she was trying to do but just none of them really hit for me overall nothing in this book really stood out to me whereas you know comparing it to her other series which you know can 

you compare them they're not really the same like in throne of glass even in acatal some of her writing really stands like some of her quotes really stand out people put them on merch and all that sort of stuff nothing really stood out nothing bryce has done 

as a protagonist has really stood out to me especially in this book in book one you could there was a few scenes where i was like i a dope but in this book not so much and same with hunt like as i love it and to be fair i'm a lyrium boy trash like i know i talk a lot of but you could 

put me in a room with those three illyrian boys and none of us would be leaving there alive if you know what i meant drop that deleted scene sarah and so anyone comparing and miss mouse knows that recent is her bag like the inner circle it's a bag she knows what she's doing 

i just can't get behind hunt i find him like he's a frat boy he feels like a frat boy and then roone also feels like a frat boy room is my favorite in book one like i wanted more of him like my emo tatted up lip piercing prince and the first the first chapter we get of roon 

he's eating like come on like you can only go up from there and he felt flat gave me very 80 on vibes like i loved adion when we first met him like he was a good character and then he just kind of flopped and i feel like ruined just kind of flopped because there were so many characters that were being introduced and so many characters had backstories and like lines and 

i just you lost him and you lost me and i mean overall that's all i feel about it non-spoilery if you don't want to get into the spoiler territory i bid you would do it was fun will i do this again probably but that's not the point but let me know what you thought about the book in the comments down below

now let's get into my spoilery section so i'm i'll start with the thing that we all want to know about that last chapter how do i feel about it how do i feel about it i hate it and like i said miss mass knows her bag she knows the second reason dimension the second any of the inner circle is mentioned people are lapping that up did we see 

it coming probably like realistically mass megaverse theories have been shooting around for a while and especially with the crossover between the other two series like it was bound to happen not what i expected and i struggled to kind of link it up because of i guessed like the modernism 

in this series obviously like multiple universes things are going on different but just could you imagine reason with a phone like what is going to happen there like obviously probably not that and i think if you head into theory territory there's all these theories about rune 

being related to recent and yada yada and i just i don't have the brain capacity to think about it like i don't have the brain capacity to go back that far and just consider all of the possibilities like i'm just i'm just i'm just here to read from my fairy porn and i barely got that 

the fairy pawn that i got was incredibly vanilla and miss math shut your men up shut your men up they do not need to be talking during every sexual intercourse i struggle with the court of silver flames i struggled and i love cassian and i love nesta but i struggled so hard because 

he would not shut the up like if you have the ability to talk you're not doing your job very well and your tongue is in the wrong spot that is how i'm taking that and her women are stronger than me because if a man was looking at me and he was like um you like how i look look how wet you are 

i love how beautiful you are and you do this for me i would pass away i would die i would leave my body you would catch me wheezing i'm just not it's not for me i don't know maybe that's just me and my smut but miss mass you need to shut your men up you need like every now and again 

sure the purring the growling the snarling i can deal with that it's the talking that i cannot handle on bryce and hunt being mates even though mates are kind of different in this realm i don't really care

like honestly we kind of saw it coming with you know everyone's like oh he's not going to be the love interest because she never has the first love interest yadda yadda connor was kind of the first love interest 

but even then like she was gonna switch it up but to be fair we still have one whole book like something could something could happen something could go wrong and i mean think about alan and rowan 

he thought he had a mate prior i don't think it's that deep but don't care about hunt and bryce at all i don't like them i liked roone roone was my favorite character and now he's like having weird celestial astral plane sex with a woman made of fire and then when the reveal is that it's 

behind i didn't care who are you like i don't i did not i didn't know care enough about her aries my cat has decided to play with the dog ball next to me but i'm making my one review a year get out but i just couldn't get into it this is another series where she's tried to bring in like a cadre or like a cast of characters all of them have fallen flat like therion i feel like 

she was going for like the fenris sort of vibes didn't get him not at all kind of hated him was very bored of him ethan i do not need another man pining after the main character i do not need it like i get it bryce is this badass but i just don't care i mean to be fair the only thing that 

i found interesting about ethan's whole storyline was him like releasing the fire sprites and the whole dragon situation and then finding the lost fender air that's all i care about and even then like i'm really reaching to care about something saryan's whole deal didn't care the witch the witch who's like again an interesting character but i just don't care she's queer

i care about that but that's kind of it couldn't even tell cormac his whole vibe like i was i didn't hate the arranged marriage trope like i didn't hate that i was hoping that that would go further i was like oh yeah i could i could enjoy a bit of that and then obviously they're like we don't do things 

that way trope no thank you and it was just gone before it even started which made me quite sad i'm interested to know more about this dragon lady i think she's gonna come back i thought it was incredibly annoying how like most of the book's plot was about finding a meal and like

his whole drama only for bryce to pull an alien and be like i'm actually secretly 10 steps ahead of everyone and i sorted it before telling anybody sorry but it shits me to tears and that just links into the whole big dramatic monologue at the end where someone's like oh didn't you know danica had a mate she had bloodhound abilities all these secrets like i just don't danicaron has secrets i don't care 

i wasn't invested enough in danica as a person to care like in book one yeah sure it was awful i cared about her in book one but we're still going we're still going i promised myself i wouldn't sit down and just trash this book because there are elements of it that i enjoyed were there 

i mean look be all and end all this is my least favorite sarah j maas series and even the crossover didn't pull it off for me will i read the next book absolutely i like i said i'm mass trash and they're for it will i now consider looking into the theories maybe a lot of the theories that 

i have seen relate to azrael and elaine which were pretty confident if we we me and my mouse friends the internet seems to be pretty confident that that is the next book that we are getting is elaine and asriel gwyn and the lucian and all of the drama but when you think about it three brothers three sisters why is that like that was clear from the beginning but then

it would just depend on timeline because i think again the internet is telling me that the two things that they picked up from that crossover were there was no mention of asriel's shadows which normally there is mention of azrael shadows and that the townhouse smelled like bread and roses which is apparently a thing we all relate to elaine again 

i didn't care enough about elaine to like put a thought to her but i'm getting all these theories about like evil elaine and like the dusk court and like um you could go on a bender on sarah j mass theories that are out there and some of them i really vibe some of them i don't really care about anyway i think that's everything like i said my brain retained 

very little like nothing about this book stood out to me that i want to be like oh my god let's talk about this situation let's talk about this chapter like i just it was a lot of me just being like really although 10 points she does say i don't know if she's ever said before this just wasn't 

it for me like at the end of the day it just wasn't it for me like it will be something it will be it for somebody else and that's fine i might read it again in a few months and be like oh actually i loved it like i have done numerous times but at a first read on surface level it wasn't jumping out to me i wasn't obsessed with it.

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