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The Dead Romantics by Ashley Poston pdf download


The Dead Romantics by Ashley Poston

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The Dead Romantics by Ashley Poston pdf download

Details about The Dead Romantics by Ashley Poston pdf 

  • Book Name: The Dead Romantics 
  • Authors: Ashley Poston
  • Pages: 366
  • Genre: Romance novel, Fiction, Contemporary Romance
  • Publish Date: 25 January 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review:

The Dead Romantics by Ashley Poston this book has been floating around on my instagram feed for the last couple of months and when i tell you the first time i saw it i didn't know anything about it 

but i was instantly hooked i was instantly sold like just the title alone the dead romantics like that is just such an interesting captivating title and then the way that it has these like dark elements to it like the people laying down the crow obviously the word dead in the title 

but the way it also has like these pastel bright colors the sort of like flowers a lot of things that we would associate with like a rom-com book like the combination of the two i just feel like it's the two halves of my brain the two halves of my heart like it just spoke to me 

i knew that it was something that i was going to love and i'm here today to say that i did in fact love it we're going to talk all about this book but i just want to say right off the bat the concept of it 

when you hear it you're going to be like i cannot believe that i did not think of this first it's so clever it's so original it's so quirky but like it's just it makes so much sense and i can't believe that 

it hasn't been done before but i'm so happy that it hasn't been done before because ashley poston is the one that got to do it and she did it so right and it just was so good i've just been in like such an airy happy mood ever since i finished this book 

i'm just dying to talk about it with you guys so let's just get into it so this story follows this girl named florence she is a writer she's been a writer for a very long time but she's never really found much success in her own writing and her own publishing but where she has found success 

honestly somewhat immense success in the last few years is being a ghostwriter for this really iconic prolific romance writer in this story this romance writer she is very much a recluse she lives up in Maine 

she never makes public appearances she's getting older and she just doesn't want to write her own books anymore but still wants to kind of collect the paycheck she's a household name 

so she has hired florence to be her ghost writer and so that's what florence does she has really several super popular books under the name of this other author and she's done a really good job of that but 

she has been going through it in the last year because she essentially went through a really horrible breakup i mean she had a relationship that she thought was going to be lifelong 

this was the love of her life this is who she was going to spend the rest of her life with and it just went horribly wrong like she was betrayed lost all her trust and essentially lost her belief in love so being a romance writer that's been very difficult for her because she just feels 

Like romance is dead essentially so she has such a hard time like writing romance stories and writing these things with happy endings where she just doesn't believe in happy endings anymore 

so she's found herself in kind of a hard place because this deadline is coming up for this book that she's supposed to write for the author she works for and she goes to have a meeting with her new editor and this man's name is ben and right away she notices very handsome very tall very grumpy very strict about his deadline that 

he has set for florence no questions asked her book needs to be turned in asap and she basically doesn't know what she's gonna do so right about the time that she's just going through it trying 

to write this book that she physically cannot write because she just doesn't believe in love anymore she gets a phone call from her family back home and learns that her father has just passed away 

so once we learn this we get a look into what florence's life was like growing up and we learned that her family is from this small town and they actually own a funeral home everybody knew her growing up as the girl 

who lived in a funeral home and she kind of got a reputation from that but even worse she got a reputation for something else about her that is a little bit quirky um she can see ghosts and talk to ghosts it is something that her and her dad shared she's sort of like a medium in a way 

she can physically see ghosts she's seen them all throughout her life and many times they have come to her kind of in a way that you see in a lot of movies with unfinished business-like 

there's a reason that they're still on earth or something that they have to you know finish or do or achieve or someone that they need to get a message to and florence has over the years helped a lot of ghosts kind of like pass on 

so we learned this quirky thing about her that this ghost rider can in fact see ghosts so yeah we see florence leave new york city the place that she has called home for many years now the place that she has escaped from her actual hometown to to go back to this hometown where she has been ridiculed for 

so long this hometown where she just has not very fond memories i mean her family is there and she does love her family but there's a lot of quirks within her family as well so her going back there and especially for this reason for her dad's funeral getting all of that together 

it's not it's not a great time for her on top of that she is still struggling to write this novel that she's very late on that she physically cannot write because it's just it's not working and when she gets there 

when she's in the process of like putting her father's funeral together uh she happens to run into none other than her editor her editor ben but the thing of it all is he's not alive he is very much a ghost 

he has somehow appeared to florence in her small town she doesn't know why he doesn't know why we're trying to figure out like what happened why did he die why can florence see him 

what is his unfinished business at the same time that florence is still struggling to figure out everything else in her life and figure out this book and trying to force herself to write a love story and just in honesty believe in love again 

there's a whole lot of like drama with her past like there's a lot to this story and it was just so good the entire time like i was just dying to know what was happening what was gonna happen like what was the purpose of this like what is ben's 

unfinished business why can florence see him like not everybody becomes a ghost that's what we learn this story a lot of people peacefully pass on so usually for someone to appear as a ghost and especially appear to florence like they usually need her for something 

so they kind of go through this struggle of like trying to figure out what that is and you know obviously because florence is the only person that ben is able to talk to they spend a whole lot of time talking and bonding and growing closer 

but obviously that's a little difficult when florence is alive and ben is not and so um yeah it was just such a beautiful story it was so comfy like it was so engaging like i just felt so enthralled by this i literally flew through it in 

like a day and it had like so many fun elements to it like it really is so perfect for the fall so perfect for that spooky season it is like a paranormal romance there was a total twist at the end like me being me the entire time 

i'm trying to figure out what's going on and what i thought it was was completely not the direction it was going i thought that my heart was going to get torn from my chest and stepped on and shattered and i'm happy to say that that's not what happened like it went a very different direction  

i was totally shocked i mean approximately one second before the sort of plot twist was revealed i started to guess more so hope i was like i hope this is what happened like i hope this is what it is and luckily 

i was right and i literally was smiling like an idiot like kicking my feet in the air like this was just so good it was so different like it's just such an interesting concept and i like being a person that loves books being a person that you know is a writer i love reading books about readers and writers like 

it just it feels so relatable i love seeing like the writing process in a book and like how somebody thinks about that also just being a reader like this book mentions so many books and authors that anybody on booktalk would recognize um i will have to say i was hooked right in the beginning of 

this book because whenever florence is talking to her brother about ben like after she just met him and she's kind of like describing him she literally says to her brother remember that book that i loaned you the hating game by sally thorne yeah the guy in that book that and i'm like 

so joshua templeman the hating game like i absolutely i'm here for this like you are my kind of girl ashley like i i yes it was everything that i wanted um it was just really good it was really cute i really think everyone should read this this fall it had a lot of like great family moments like found family just seeing even like the quirkiness that happens within family like

so many families shown i just said family like a hundred times but so many families shown in books are just so happy and lovey-dovey and everything's perfect all the time and i mean you see a lot of like rough families too but this family to me just felt 

so realistic because like there was some tension between them they did love each other a lot but there's a lot of like varying personalities within this family and especially a family that like owns a family business there's going to be you know issues there and tension and people that want to be there for the business and people that don't and people that think that other people should be more involved and others that 

want nothing to do with it but then still just like loving each other at the end of the day and then obviously with the dad passing away that brings up like a lot of issues like there was just so many things so many things that i loved um it was just so good and i want more people to talk about it 

i feel like i saw a ton of hype about it for like a few weeks there and then it's kind of died down and i'm like no spooky season is coming up i finally read it i want more people to go and read it too because just look at this book it's so darn cute don't you want this on your bookshelf look at the little crow 

yeah that is pretty much it i really loved it i'm still thinking about it i kind of low-key want to read it again now that i know what happened i want to like go back and like catch the signs early on because 

i feel like this is definitely one of those books where if you give it a reread you'll just understand it even better.

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