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Hook, Line, and Sinker By Tessa Bailey pdf download


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Hook, Line, and Sinker By Tessa Bailey pdf download

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  • Book Name: Hook, Line, and Sinker 
  • Authors: Tessa Bailey
  • Pages: 364
  • Genre: Romance novel, Fiction, Contemporary Romance
  • Publish Date: 1 March 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Hook, Line, and Sinker By Tessa Bailey and tessa bailey is one of my all-time favorite authors she writes contemporary romance so well and spice her spice scenes are always phenomenal and i absolutely love the first book in the series it happened one summer that was a five out of five read for me and i think that was one out of three on the spy scale it had like one or two spicy scenes but nothing too much so this came out i think the second of march 

i the second it arrived i read it and it took me i think about five hours to read and i expected it to take longer but i just like really quickly went through it um yeah so it only took five hours and yeah i've got some thoughts so let's just dive straight into it so i'm going to start off with saying if you haven't read it happened one summer

i would highly recommend reading that before hookline and sinker they're both standalones but it does kind of like really start in the first book it's at the scene on the town the characters fox who is the hero in this book and hannah who is the heroine both are introduced in the first book so you kind of really need to read that to get their like meet cute and how they start and i actually really love how they started in that book 

i would highly recommend reading that first plus that book is phenomenal it's like the perfect grumpy sunshine enemies to lovers book it's really good this book follows a woman named hannah and a man named fox and hannah's passion in life is music and she currently works in film 

wants to create soundtracks for movies and fox is a fisherman he is a big flirt and he's always seeing women and that's kind of like his personality traits and he doesn't really like responsibility 

he likes his life how it is and hannah and fox become friends through her sister her sister's dating his best friend so that's how they met and she's kind of like immune to his charm and it's very odd for him because women love him but she just wants to be his friend and she really likes his friendship 

so hannah lives in la and fox lives in westport which is a small fishing town and one day her job brings her to westport and she's got nowhere to stay so she of course rooms with fox her new best friend and they start their little journey together she's got a crush on her boss as well 

so she's trying to juggle those feelings as well as like these new feelings she's getting for fox and fox is also starting to see her in a different light and he really values her friendship and their relationship and it like kicks off from there okay let's jump straight into my feelings with 

this book it was good but it wasn't great and i don't know if it's because the first book was so amazing my expectations were really high i still really enjoyed the story and i loved all the characters and because i read the first book i really loved seeing how those characters carried 

on with their little references in the book and bringing me back into the world of westport because tessa bailey can really vividly describe a scene like i'm like taken straight into that into it like it's a movie but yeah i think my expectations were just like sadly a bit too high for this book 

i think also i'm not a big friends to lovers fan like i find it a bit boring because most of the time they both already like each other so it's just like the miscommunication trope pretty much the whole book and for this particular book in it happened one summer they were enemies and i really loved how that started and they didn't get on 

but in this book you kind of like halfway through their friendship because it kicks off in that first book so in this book they're just like straight friends from the start and fox kind of already has feelings like his playerness and his all these attributes that he's known for don't really come into this book 

i would have loved it if he was like still a player still saw her as a friend had no thoughts of them being in a relationship or anything like that so he did things that made him a bit of an but in this he's kind of like being told you're being told 

he's a player and all these things but none of these actions are backing up that claim so it was kind of just like the miscommunication trip most of the book there was a lot of cute moments like i love boss proximity so i love that they were like in 

this house together and there's like this one scene that involves ginger oil ginger massage oil i will leave it there and that was that was a good scene i'll give tessa bailey that she writes very unique scenes but yeah i just felt like i don't know it was just missing something and also 

i've seen a lot of people say like in the book she's got a complex about not being the main character like she feels like she's a supporting character in her own life and that's what it felt like in this book like she didn't feel like a main character at all she was just kind of there but 

it was her her story so there could have been just other moments in the book that brought out her as the main character but she was just kind of like faded into the background which was interesting to her so her main characteristic and like attribute was music 

which is like all well and good but there just needs to be like things that i don't know support her character but that was kind of like just drilled into you throughout the book and i also found fox really pushy like aggressively so like there's parts where 

she doesn't really want to do anything with him and he's just like really putting it on that he ever women love him why don't you want me women love me and that's like when you're a player you don't really have to like talk yourself up you are the you don't have to tell people

you're the so it kind of like was another thing that canceled him out and kind of made him not attractive in my eyes well in the first book it happened one summer he's gorgeous and like he knows he's the like he doesn't need to convince you if you don't have time for him 

he doesn't have time for you and him in the first book and hannah in the first book they were like main characters and i just could not wait for this highly recommend reading the first book and this book and comparing but they just feel like different people that 

the personalities and things that happened in the first book even though they were only very minor mentions in that book is so different to how this story has played out but i don't want to discourage you from reading this book because it was very cute 

i think maybe my expectations were too high and also like tessa bailey's books are usually quite spicy like there's usually at least three spicy scenes but this wasn't too spicy i feel like there was like only two scenes and they weren't even really that good so yeah that was surprising as well 

but i love tessa bailey and the book was very cute so i've given it 3.5 out of 5 stars which is like it was good it wasn't great kind of rating and it's a one out of three on the spice scale so if you read this book let me know how you go i'd love to hear everyone's views the second 

I finished it i went on goodreads and i was like reading everyone's reviews and seeing what they were saying and some people loved it obviously some people hate it like every book and a lot of people said similar things where she kind of like wasn't the main character in her own book

so that was cool that like i'm not the only one thinking that but yeah give it a read report back i'm kind of sad that the series is over the epilogue was really good and it kind of like wrapped up the first book as well 

so you got like to look into those characters in the first book they're not just like left in the first book so that like it was cute for me to see how they went because i absolutely love brandon and i love piper.

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