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Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus pdf download


Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus

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Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus pdf download

Details about Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus pdf 

  • Book Name: Lessons in Chemistry 
  • Authors: Bonnie Garmus 
  • Pages: 347
  • Genre: Historical Fiction
  • Publish Date: 2012
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus with a quick synopsis lessons in chemistry follows elizabeth zott she is a chemist at the hastings institute and she's pretty much the only woman there who is not a secretary and she is not treated well at all people hate her simply because 

she is a woman but furthermore they don't like her because she is much more intelligent than most of the men there and they don't like that fortunately she meets calvin evans who really doesn't care that she's a female he's just interested in her mind they meet when she goes into his office and steals a box of beakers because she needs equipment and he has it 

which is kind of adorable so they don't maybe get off on the best footing but the chemistry quickly develops between them and they fall in love through a rather unfortunate series of events elizabeth winds up being a single mother to a medeline zot and that is where 

the story begins we learn that elizabeth is not doing well mental health wise and madeline is quite worried for her mother then the book rewinds and we get to see calvin and elizabeth meeting and we get to to follow them exploring and growing their relationship now that that's done 

i'm putting this book down because i'm not going to hold it the entire time uh i adored this book i gave it five stars without even hesitating i pretty much inhaled it so elizabeth is something of an unlikable character they compare her 

somewhere i can't remember who was a blurb or where i saw it but i saw her compared to um eleanor from eleanor oliphant is completely fine i despised eleanor and i never finished that book because i was i couldn't do it 

i couldn't do it elizabeth however is my kind of unlikable she's not rude she's just truthful maybe a little too truthful at times but that's who she is and i really appreciated that and i can kind of relate because i have myself been told that i am brutally honest at times and i am aware that that is something that i do 

However i don't really see it as a shortcoming i would rather be too honest than lie that's just who i am uh so elizabeth and i got on wonderfully she is my kind of woman even though being a female in a stem field especially in the 1960s was incredibly difficult she she she managed 

she stuck it out and she worked really hard and even though her salary was half that of the men she worked with and she was frequently treated as more of a secretary than an actual working scientist and she went through 

A whole lot of other abhorrent things um she never lost her identity she herself was a scientist and she knew she was a scientist even after she winds up hosting a cooking show called supper at six which is also quite amusing 

how she gets to to to be in this position she still recognizes herself as a science a scientist first and she brings science to the cooking show this is not accepted very well at first she goes through a lot of struggle but she gets her way 

she hangs out on and she she gets her way because the women of america have been waiting for a woman like elizabeth to get up there and say all the things they've been thinking um and and teach them that they are more than just breeding machines they are smart and they are capable 

they can do anything they want i thought it was just so beautiful this this this act of of empowering women there really isn't anything that i disliked about this book i'm gonna be totally honest with you while the author does tackle a lot of really heavy topics and she does pretty much just straight 

Up say how uncomfortable things were for women and how difficult life could be she still keeps it energetic and entertaining it doesn't feel like the darkness is dragging you down so there are some topics covered in here like suicide uh so caution for that but again the author manages to not focus so heavily on the darkness she manages to shed light 

even when things are difficult and i really really appreciated that i loved elizabeth she might be my new favorite character ever yeah i think i think i can honestly say that she's just so truthful and she's so true to herself and nothing stops her she just keeps plugging away and she just keeps doing more and more and better and better things so when she does get hurt 

In the book uh you really feel it you you also feel hurt and you you feel angry for her i went through like an emotional rollercoaster while reading this but i think possibly it's at least on the list for favorite books

i've read this year we'll see because it's still only june but yes i have absolutely no complaints i can definitely see myself reading this book again in the future i i have no more words honestly if you've been interested in this book just go ahead and read it it is very observant about humanity and it will annoy you and it will make you smile and it will make you sad but it is worth 

it is so very worth it by the time you get to the end um so yeah that's pretty much all my thoughts on lessons in chemistry by bonnie garmas i know this is not very long 

but if i tell you all my thoughts about everything then there'd be nothing left for you to discover.

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