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On Dublin Street by Samantha Young PDF Download


On Dublin Street by Samantha Young

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On Dublin Street Book Pdf Download

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  • Book Name: On Dublin Street Book
  • Authors: Samantha Young
  • Pages: 297
  • Genre: Romance novel, Fiction, Contemporary romance, Erotic literature
  • Publish Date: 31 August 2012
  • Language: English

Book Review:

On Dublin Street by Samantha Young so this book was read for the chamber of secrets book club by cameron capello capello this was our choice for the month of january and yeah so if you guys want to know what i thought about this book then keep on watching i'm not trying to be biased or whatever 

but i like this book because the main character's name is jocelyn and if y'all know my name is jocelyn so just saying this book is about a girl named justin butler who had a very very traumatic childhood or teenage years who moved to scotland when she was 18 years old her family died when 

she was 14 so she ended up becoming an orphan and her parents left her in inheritance because they were well off her family was from the oil industry so they were literally well off and her parents and her younger sister died in a very tragic accident and they describe all of

this in the beginning of the book so it's not really much of a spoiler but i'm just letting y'all know she turns 18 she moves to scotland where her mom is actually from and she is living there for maybe i think when the book starts i think she had been living there for i want to say three or four years

i could be wrong maybe five years she's living there with one of her friends named rhianne and her boyfriend i think that's how you say her name i could be wrong because this is like an english scottish name

so i don't know but um her name is probably rhiann and her friend is moving to london because she is completing her phd and her boyfriend leaves with her so those were her only best friends and jocelyn has an issue where she cannot for the life of her be very close to people 

she's not the type of person who likes to open up because she feels like every time she opens up to someone they always leave her so it's part of her trauma from when she was younger and from the accident that happened that's a big issue with her during the book and she ends up

finding a place to live that is very very expensive and she finally decides to do something for herself and to start using the inheritance money that she has had for a very long time that she never touched because she felt wrong touching it so she ends up moving to this place with 

this girl named ellie i had to link my dog out sorry um yeah i believe her name is ellie ever elise she is a very bubbly girl and she loves to talk and she loves to you know be open and have friendships and stuff and jocelyn's

 not like that but coming into their lives she changes a lot and for the better of her ellie talks about how this apartment that they're living in is actually owned by her brother because her brother is a real estate agent real estate person who owns a lot of properties in scotland or in the area that they are living obviously there's a love interest in this book 

come home hi are you doing my book review oh i go outside with daddy i can point them off i'll let you know when i'm done obviously like i said there's has to be a love interest in this book and it happens to be between brayden and jocelyn and brayden is ellie's brother older brother quite a few a gap 

years in between them jocelyn is like i think barely gonna be 23 and brayden is 30 or 31 so it's kind of like a gap year between them you can't really tell because they don't really focus on their age on the book 

so if that's an issue for you i still recommend you to read it because they don't really focus on their age so then braden is really into her and he tries to get to sleep with her but jocelyn's very like don't even try on my friend don't even try so he eventually like breaks her down and decides 

to have a deal with her where they're just friends with benefits and she's like fine i could do that you know that he is the first person that she actually ends up having  with in the la and for the first time in four years because when she was a teenager like everything that happened 

with her family like she became very wild and crazy and a lot of crap happened there was an incident that happened that just made her stop having in general and he was the first guy to appear again who made her feel something and so that's why she continued this friends with benefits and eventually they became more because he is very persuasive let me just say um he's a very persuasive man so he convinces her to be boyfriend and girlfriend and she's like very cautious about it because she like 

i said does not like being very close to people or opening up to people and although they're doing this relationship he doesn't really know much about her because she doesn't let herself be known actually something happens to elise where she realizes that she got very close to 

them because she feels pain and she doesn't like feeling pain and she has anxiety and because of her trauma so she starts going to therapy and her therapist actually helps her a lot discuss all these situations that are going on between her and braden and how she feels about them 

about elise and yeah it's a really good story i gave this book a i think i gave it a 4 out of 5 stars also yeah like her character development throughout the book is amazing i feel like it's such um it's such a realistic character because people who have anxiety sometimes can't open up 

 there's certain reasons why people actually have anxiety and i think her her trauma like shows a lot of why she has anxiety and i feel like the way she grows from the beginning to the end is nice because sometimes you need a little help and a little push by someone so braden is there for her 

a lot and she tries not to like hurt him even though she ends up hurting him a few times i believe so it's a very good book i really enjoyed it there's more to it but i don't want to spoil it i love both of the characters i like brandon because brayden's very focused on her he's very like nice 

but even though he is sometimes a little pushy um i think it's for a good reason and i also like that he's there for her when she needs help or when something's going on like he tries to help her it's just her jocelyn that's very like 

i don't need help like i don't want help like i'm not asking for help like just leave me alone like she's so into her trauma and so into her anxiety that she just can't live her life like she should and how she deserves 

it so it's a good book to read um i highly recommend it it like i said this was for a book club so i read it and i loved it and i read it and i i you're able to read this book in one day but i read it in two days 

i believe because i started it later on in the night so yeah it is a book that's very easy to read but yeah i hope you guys enjoyed this book review.

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