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Don't Lose Your Mind Lose Your Weight Book Pdf


Don't Lose Your Mind Lose Your Weight Book Pdf

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Don't Lose Your Mind Lose Your Weight Book Pdf

Details of Don't Lose Your Mind Lose Your Weight

  • Book Name: Don't Lose Your Mind Lose Your Weight
  • Authors: Rujuta Diwekar
  • Pages: 288
  • Publish Date: 1 JANUARY 2009
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Diet Book

Book Review 

The author Rujuta Diwekar she's a winner of the nutrition award from the Asian Institute of gastroenterology, she's India's leading sports science and nutrition expert and one of the most followed nutritionists in the world. She's also a best-selling author and the country's foremost and best speaker on fitness. 

So that's a little background to rugs that waker and she's helped so many celebrities get into perfect shape by giving them simple techniques which we will discuss in this book 

This book is short precise easy to understand simple and it talks about almost everything you can when you talk about a diet 

Now not a diet in the way regular people talk about in this book Rujuta has gone through so many steps to bust all the previous myths and things that people start imagining when they hear the word diet 

Like say for example some people go through all of those things they crash diets detox juices detox diets all of that kind of stuff has been completely busted in this book, like sugar-free products or exotic products, those are all marketing techniques to sell a product 

She's put forth all of her points and back them with solid scientific explanation and evidence proving that they are not all ramblings of someone and she's backed so many of them up with Ayurveda which is extremely interesting to understand while you're reading this book

There are so many things that you can change like small habits that you can change which will lead to just you losing your weight and not losing your mind over losing your weight not going crazy it's just absolutely amazing 

The best part is she has gone through all of those previous food myths that I mentioned about she's busted all of them proving that all they are is a marketing gimmick and you need to understand that all of those sugar-free products are not actually sugar-free 

They're just to entice you into buying a product you need to be smart in the game of losing your weight, as I mentioned this book is the epitome of simplicity it is simple to understand and there are also lots of bar graphs charts and tables and techniques written in tabular form to break the monotony of reading 250 pages of just words 

She's made it clear that no food which is eatable is unhealthy in a sense even stuff like oils fats butter and all those kind of products that are considered non-nutrition and which make you fat they aren't actually what the myth says 

All you have to do is eat them at the right time and the right amount that is what all of us that's the knowledge we all lack 

We don't know how much to eat and at what time to eat and good news for those of you with a sweet tooth 

You don't have to cut back on all those sweets like crazy you just need to know when and how to eat them and how much to eat them every single time 

So I wanted to talk about the back of the book and then go into a little bit more tips which are given in this book the intricacies of this book 

So it's the book that's taken the country by storm for the first time comes to a diet book from Judith that teaches you how to lose weight without giving up on all those tasty foods that you love 

All you have to do is follow four simple rules to eating right soon you'll be eating all you want and still hedding those kilos

Full of practical advice fascinating insights and funny anecdotes don't lose your mind lose your weight gives you the ultimate zero deprivation diet

Just the last words the zero deprivation diet is what explains it all you don't have to go crazy cutting back on the things you love that is the fundamental point in this book

One super interesting thing I read in this book was don't drink your fruits eat them this book has a total of six topics included including those uh four principles that they spoke about along with 250 pages and there are lots of tables and graphs induced into this book as well as funny anecdotes

So it just overall makes for a wonderful read now the book that I have here is a paperback it has 250 pages the font is pretty reasonably big and you can finish it quite fast but I will get to that point in a minute because this is not a fiction book hang on 

Let me just put this right here right so this has compiled data in tabular form to stop the monotony as I mentioned and the monotony needs to be broken by you as well because first of all, we have to understand this is not a fiction book 

So the way you read fiction books you sit down you take some time out in your day or start from page number one and read all the way to page 100 400 and something so you're just trying to read a story to use trying to gain the information from that read the storyline and then probably continue with the next book or just in the storybook right there 

So you read from page number one to page 400 in a span of a few days or maybe a few hours you shouldn't do it with this book what you need to do is take things slow read about to say for example two principles or one principle and apply it to your life 

See how beneficial it is see how much you can alter it according to your own life see how interesting you find making all these small changes 

Because if you're reading six different topics it's not something you have to read read read read put it on the shelf and just go around saying I've read this book it's really interesting so on and so forth 

You need to use all of that because it's something you can use like reading Artemis fowl is obviously amazing but you have to escape out of that world back to reality 

So this book is the reality you need to be doing everything that is in this book so take your time read it carefully you need your full attention on this so you can't have social media running at the same time tv is running at the same time or eating food at the same time while you're reading this book 

Because that just removes your attention from one thing because if you're on social media at the same time you're not paying attention to the book you're paying attention there as well you're paying attention to tv you're paying attention 

While eating food you're paying attention to the people playing around you just keep it calm keep it simple read it away from distractions and that's just about it now for the age criteria of this book it is 13 plus and but it's obviously like 13 plus and you can explain that data to anyone like 

Let's say you have a younger sibling who's like eight or nine years old you can go around explaining all of those fundamental facts to them in a simple simplistic way maybe they might not understand it while reading the book but they might understand it from you 

You can go around teaching adults can read this book and teach their children or teach children around them the values in this book so basically, i would say if you wanted to read the book first hand you'd have to go for the 13 plus category 

Otherwise, you can just simply explain it to anyone now I wanted to give five tips that I found helpful in this book which is super interesting and they are super easy to apply i'm going to be giving you something hard like lift 100 kilos every day and just start pumping lots of weights that's not what i'm gonna do what I wanted to say was super simple 

Tip number one is to give your stomach food every two hours your stomach needs that and it's just really helpful to get your digestive system working all the time 

So it's just not stationary for half of the time and then you just stuff it with food and it doesn't mean that you take a whole meal like you have an entire meal and you're eating a meal every hour just keep eating fruits or maybe keep like you know eating small things like maybe you took a little bit out of banana here a little bit out of an apple, here you cut up an apple you cut up a banana you cut up a guava anything like that you just keep filling your stomach 

Tip number two is to eat a fruit 10 minutes after you get up like you get up you brush and everything you get up you come out and 10 minutes after that you eat fruit the reason this is this immediately increases boosts up your blood glucose level in the morning 

You can replace this with your coffee your morning coffee or your morning tea replace with fruit I know some people have this habit that they want to wake up and drink tea every evening they're drinking tea and it's just 

it's just not good just replace it with the fruit and that helps a lot eat homemade breakfast over something like uh cereal because cereal of course is packaged food it's from outside you know what it's made of exactly you don't know how many preservatives have been added into it so prefer homemade meals try to eat less and lesser of cereals or porridge and all those types of stuff 

Tip number three have a cooling drink before lunch drink some drink something like buttermilk or just have lots of cool cold water or something this helps your stomach prepare for lunch and 

Tip number four is finally eaten at least two hours before your bedtime the reason for this is uh this allows your digestive processes to start before you go off to sleep because if you say you eat and you immediately sleep your digestive processes are working all the way throughout the night 

They don't get that rest that they need so give it some time before your bedtime and just eat two hours before you actually go and lie down in that comfy bed overall 

If I had to give a few descriptions of how this book is or how other people have found it here are a few reviews that people have given and they're written at the back of the book so one is readable funny well organized sensible and persuasive like I said well organized those tables and that tabular form information super helpful to understand everything 

Like she explains it and then you have a perfect table to understand everything not just a delightful road but is full of handy solutions on how to lose weight without giving up your favourite food the essence of this book 

A book that challenges you to lose weight that does without excluding carbs inspiring the new diet bible so it's basically people have found this super helpful and the copy that I have here is just bought when it actually originally launched and at that time only over 200 000 copies had already been sold it's been quite a time 

Since I've had this book and I'm pretty sure it would have crossed a bigger much bigger number than this 

So if you're looking for a simple solution to stop losing your mind over losing weight obviously nowadays what happens is losing weight is not exactly like becoming thin while exercising losing weight can mean you lost some muscle weight 

It's a muscle mass maybe you aren't exercising enough and you're losing muscle mass that is also losing weight 

So right now it's losing fat like you need to lose all of that extra fat that's all around you so losing that has never been easier unless you've read this book so it's basically trying to tell you that try to lose your fat don't start to lose your mind or how to lose your fat

because nowadays people are trying to go through so many solutions like I mentioned those crash diets detox juices detox diets so much so much 

False information out there and people are getting confused this book is trying to break all those myths and tell you to stop going crazy sit down do some simple things to get your life in order just super easy on that note.

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