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The High Five Habit Free pdf Download

The High Five Habit Free pdf Download

Click here to download the pdf

The High Five Habit Free pdf Download 

Details of The High Five Habit

  • Book Name: The High Five Habit
  • Authors: Mel Robbins
  • Pages: 258 
  • Publish Date:  28 September 2021
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Self-help book

 Book Review                         

I recently read Mel Robbins book "The High Five Habit". First, I will tell you who this book is for. This book is for anyone who is wanting to increase their self-love and self-esteem and take control of their life. 

Mel's method of high-fiving yourself in the mirror every morning may sound silly or simplistic, but it is backed by research and she shares lots of examples of how it helped not only herself but a huge number of her followers. 

I myself was skeptical about it but I have been high-fiving myself in the mirror for two weeks now and I enjoy doing it. it puts a smile on my face. 

I even taught it to my eight-year-old daughter and she's doing it and it is helping her with her self-esteem. now you may be thinking "okay, I get it. 

I will high-five myself in the mirror every day. why do I need to read the whole book then?" the book is much more than teaching you the high five habit and explaining the science behind it. 

The first little bit of the book is about the method itself. why to do it how to do it etc., but after that the book goes into deeper things like dealing with negativity, self-defeating thoughts, guilt and jealousy. 

My favourite part of this book is mel's personal stories. she is an amazing storyteller. her vulnerability and honesty in these stories is what really connected me with her and the book. 

My second favourite thing about the book is the simple language. there's no jargon, no heavy sounding or very intellectual words, even when she shares the research and the science behind stuff. 

Some books I find are so wordy that you feel like you're reading a thesis! this book is the opposite of that. it is a very very easy read. 

My biggest takeaway from the book would be the practical, actionable steps that she shares. it's okay to read stuff and get motivated, but if you don't take any action, no book is ever going to change your life. 

This book provides actions that are as simple as looking for heart-shaped things as you go about your day. even a lazy person like me can do that! and of course there is the high-fiving yourself in the mirror action. 

I mean could it get any simpler than that? and I know these actions sound very simplistic and little, but big things are made by stacking little things on top of each other. by starting small. 

Doing small things consistently. if you want to take control of your life, if you want to make changes, self-love and being your own cheerleader is an excellent place to start, and the high five habit book will help you with that. 

But only if you take action and do the things suggested in the book. don't just read it for putting a check mark on your book's read list. 

let me know if you have any questions about this book or the high five habit itself. 

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