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Essay On Integrated Approach in science and technology for a sustainable future


Essay On Integrated Approach in science and technology for a sustainable future

Essay On Integrated Approach in science and technology for a sustainable future

The theme for this year's National Science Day will be "  Integrated Approach in science and technology for a sustainable future"

Slogan:- "Science & Technology is a beautiful gift to humanity we should not destroy it"

Introduction:-  The role of science & Technology for a sustainable future has become a topic that is being discussed across the world. The role of science & Technology in sustainable development to figure against the challenges posed by man-made climate change is truly important at this stage. 

How does technology affect sustainability?

Technology play important role in a sustainable future. Today most countries are now using science and technology to find the answers towards and technology to find the answers towards achieving a sustainable future and to solve the environmental problems that they are facing. 

Today technology has progressed in all fields science & Technology can help them create a new or alternate source to the resources that are depleting. The other idea is that science can help us find ways to reuse the remaining resources effectively. 

Importance of Science & Technology in sustainable development. 

Students and scientists need to understand the role that scientists play in the development of a sustainable future. There has been the emergence of many application programs that are directed at finding the role of science in sustainability. It is related to the finding of alternative and renewable energy sources to reduce pollution. It also helps to avoid depleting the already scarce resources. 

Science can be sued to develop sustainable fisheries and agriculture. By limiting the use of pesticides and antibiotics products can be created that are safe for consumption. This also helps in preventing the natural resources available in the world. 

Science play Important role in our daily life. Science & Technology help today in medical facilities. Science is a way of passing knowledge foe one generation to other. 

Science does not promote violence but It teaches truths life is much simpler, comfortable, easier with Science & Technology 

Essay On Integrated Approach in science and technology for a sustainable future

Introduction:- Science and technology play a vital role in our daily life as they make our life simple, faster and safer. Science has absolutely done a great service to human beings e.g with the help of science humans have life their rocket for the planet Mars scientist can learn about our ancient history etc. 

This is to say that science is used in every aspect of our life. today with the help of science we can do all our work quite easily.

National Science day 2022 Theme:- The theme of national science day 2022 is "Integrated Approach in science and Technology for sustainable Sutures" Each year, the themes for such days are varied highlighting a particular aspect of the nation's society. 

This event honours Sir C.V. Raman's outstanding contribution to research and discovery by providing hope and inspiration to future generations to pursue their goals. 

Integrated Approach in science and technology for a sustainable future:- India is set to embrace a long term " Integrated approach in science and technology for a sustainable future which has been identified as the theme for the day this year.

This is one of the best times to give a push to this theme because we are going through a pandemic that has not only generated a tremendous amount of public awareness about the various techniques available to us. 

It is an opportunity also for us to consciously dedicate ourselves to this approach which is going to have a huge futuristic implication.

Conclusion - Science is related to every aspect of our life we are counted among the best countries in the world based on science and various technology. It is only through science that we have been able to know our past and only through science & Technology we can know our future. 

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