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Role of police in nation building essay

Role of police in nation building essay

In today's society, the police play an important role. They are peacekeepers, law enforcement and many other jobs. However, recently they have become the subject of a lot of heated debate.

Many believe that the police should abandon their brutal type of tactics for a more civilized and humane approach, while others feel that the police should act on the most trivial crimes to typify and reduce more serious crimes. Should do In this paper, we will be analyzing both sides of the issue from the point of view of the police administration to the point of view of the public.

When we refer to the police force of today we would be using the Delhi Police force as a basis of comparison. He had to give those rights to a ruling body (i.e. government).

The ruling body then took the responsibility of protecting the rights of the people and deciding right and wrong. The idea of ​​a policing body took many forms over the years. In many societies: they were simply a group of hired men who served a particular individual, needless to say, they were not acting in the best interest of society.

Usually, these groups are in the interest of society. Typically, these groups were made up of dysfunctional men whose ability was their strength. A more sociological or philosophical approach was adopted by the policing body as to the role of more years.

These tactics included using the people themselves to police themselves. An example of this would be in early China where people were expected to report on neighbours and families for crimes committed against the state and ruling body.

The idea behind this was to create fear and ignorance among the public to give an upper hand to the ruling body. Instead of punishing the offender for criminal action in other societies, the governing body would punish the families of the wrongdoer.

This would create a society that would prevent crime on the idea that it did not wish to harm its family and the two would create a society that would prevent the harm caused to itself by the actions of the other as a brother or will become a neighbour. This would free up the government to deal with other matters.