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Independent India @75 self reliance with integrity essay


Independent India @75 self reliance with integrity essay

On 15 August 1947, our country India got freedom from the slavery of the British. This year we are celebrating 75th Independence Day of India.

After attaining independence, India started taking small steps on the path of development in every field. In the last few years, India has taken steps towards making India a self-reliant India with the aim of ending its dependence on foreign countries in every field. Now every day India is taking small but strong steps towards becoming self-reliant.

Being self-reliant is the dream of every individual, society and nation. Our former Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi has said that "the strength of a nation is ultimately what it can do on its own, not what it can borrow from others".

After attaining independence, the dream of self-reliance started flourishing in the heart of India.

As we know that our Prime Minister has already launched "Atmanirbhar Bharat", but in this thing, I want to add one more word, that is honesty, which means honesty. We have to make ourselves self-reliant but there is an honest way to make ourselves self-reliant.

A community in which everyone respects each other's integrity is an ideal society. If we take the example of an incident that happened around the world recently, then we are talking about Kovid-19.

Coronavirus had spread all over the world. Everyone had to stay indoors for a few days. All route ties were completely closed. In such a situation, with the help of self-reliance. We have provided various facilities in our country itself. Therefore, to make a completely self-reliant India, we should bind all of us in the thread of integrity.


Self-reliance for self-reliance will not only bring development in every area of ​​the country but will also prove to be a milestone in ending India's dependence on other countries by solving problems like poverty, hunger and unemployment.

Independent India @75 self reliance with integrity essay

India is often referred to as several countries within a single country, i.e. it is often referred to as a mix-bag of cultures all over the world.

India was called "The Golden Bird" in medieval times and even before colonial times. Through many evils and cultivating the land, India stood tall and remained a rising superpower even then.

Colonialism, however, cut off India's wings. After independence on 15 August 1947. The wealth that India had was nowhere near what it was 200-300 years ago.

The lack of technology literacy balance in electricity, agriculture, industrial machinery etc. also contributed to this. Post-independence India was rather shining until the 1990s when the government brought in the LPG policy and allowed investors from foreign lands. This marked the ignition of India's rebellion.

As major global industries seem to be a part of this growing India, there are some sectors in which indigenous industries are also keen.

 Ease of doing local business, smooth paper processing, corruption-free line of work, cheap land and labour. All these with the subsidy provided by the government. All this will help local manufacturers to up their game and compete with the foreign world.

Self-reliance or Atma-nirbhar slogan given by PM Modi. In May 2021, Modi ji inspired the local people to encourage their local market. This kind of initiation and mindset allows the local industry to grow and prosper.

Many new start-ups are now adding their off-site base, mostly rural, to local handicrafts and clothing.

"The more we are together the closer we are in achieving our dreams"

The use of social media also plays a major role in achieving this feat. If India is to become a golden bird, it will need the support of every citizen of India, that is, an approach with integrity, determination and dedication.

Since there is a mix of race, caste, religion in India, the integrity factor becomes the most important part. If Indians unite to make these dreams come true, then Mission-N2050's dream of becoming a self-reliant and superpower nation will remain just a dream.



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