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Motor Vehicle Mechanic's Textbook Download PDF


Motor Vehicle Mechanic's Textbook Download PDF


Motor Vehicle Mechanic's Textbook Download PDF

Information about the book:

  • Title: Automotive Mechanic's Textbook.
  • English language.
  • Size: 18.1 MB.
  • Page: 320.
  • Format: PDF.
  • Year: 2014.
  • Version: 5.
  • Author: FK Sully.

About the book:

Course Reading for Mechanic Motor Mechanics, Fifth Edition is a reading course on vehicle support and fixes that accommodates hypotheses and practice. 

Themes run safely from motor standards and parts to grease, cooling, and fuel structure support. Safety is also taken care of in the vehicle workshop. 

This test is dedicated to mechanics and will also be useful to individuals who participate in the support, fix and repair divisions of the car business, such as drivers who wish to become familiar with their vehicles.

Contents Of The Book:

Chapter 1: Calculations and Science.

Chapter 2: Drawing.

Chapter 3: Vehicle Structure.

Chapter 4: Suspension.

Chapter 5: Front-Wheel Assembly.

Chapter 6: Engine Theory.

Chapter 7: Components of the Engine.

Chapter 8: Lubrication System.

Chapter 9: Cooling System.

Chapter 10: Fuel System.

Chapter 11: Carburation.

Chapter 12: Compression-Ignition Engines.

Chapter 13: Electrical Systems.

Chapter 14: Ignition Systems.

Chapter 15: Charging and Starting System.

Chapter 16: The Clutch.

Chapter 17: Gearbox.

Chapter 18: Automatic Transmissions.

Chapter 19: Universal Joints: Propellers and Drive Shafts.

Chapter 20: Final Drives and Differences.

Chapter 21: Rear-Wheel Assembly.

Chapter 22: Braking Systems.

Chapter 23: Contents.

Chapter 24: Safety in the Automotive Workshop.

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