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Rick Ross Perfect Day to Boss up Pdf Free Download

Rick Ross Perfect Day to Boss up Pdf Free Download


Rick Ross Perfect Day to Boss up Pdf Free Download

Details of The Perfect Day to Boss Up by Rick Ross Book

  • Book Name: The Perfect Day to Boss Up
  • Authors: Rick Ross
  • Pages: 97
  • Genre: Self Help
  • Publish Date: Sep 7, 2021
  • Language: English

Book Review:

I just finished here it is rick ross it's the perfect day to boss up I have been rick ross fan probably since 2013 

you know love his music love uh what he's brought to the game and it's been a great opportunity reading this book 

I definitely you know um see a lot of myself and him and a lot of myself inside these pages here he goes by the boss commandments going through you know a various series of rules and in order for you 

to bring yourself to the next level through his experiences great tom's a great great way of uh putting his story into a play 

i read his previous book uh before uh called uh hurricanes great novel as well great you know um just that's telling his story versus this one here is giving you an idea of uh his business world and his perspective 

as well what he has all the major players that he's come across and how they've you know kind of just not shaped his way 

but more along the lines introduce them to uh even a bigger uh bigger better world of uh business and just understanding you know 

put yourself in the situation put yourself in these scenarios and a lot of it has to do with character and a lot of it 

just has to do with who you are originally and and and um just your character and personality you know so a lot of it is based off that beyond 

just the hard work and hours on constant hours you're willing to put inside of it so you know just reading this guy here definitely, I saw myself in it a thousand percent and what I'm trying to do here with making black is nonetheless 

you know nothing short of what he was able to get to up until this point and even beyond so shout out Jose 

you know shout out to mmg Maybach music all the whole uh the whole empire luck bel air all of that um you know that he's created Wingstop i stop you know all those franchises and ventures 

because you know the angel's coming angel's definitely coming so shout out to rose for this book as well and remember to make it black y'all.

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