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Wonderland of Words by Shashi Tharoor PDF Download

What Can I Give? by Srijan Pal Singh pdf download


What Can I Give? by Srijan Pal Singh pdf download

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What Can I Give? by Srijan Pal Singh pdf download

Details of What Can I Give? by Srijan Pal Singh Book

  • Book Name: What Can I Give?
  • Authors: Srijan Pal Singh
  • Pages: 276
  • Genre: Nonfiction
  • Publish Date: Jul 27, 2016
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Life is like a book some chapters sad some happy and some exciting but if you never turn the page you will never know what the next chapter holds 

What can I give lessons from my teacher Dr. A.P.J. Abdul kalam by Srijan pal Singh, William Shakespeare wrote some achieve greatness and somewhere greatness thrust upon them 

But. A.P.J. Abdul kalam had everything inherited so this book was written under the campaign to teach people about what they can give instead of what they can take 

In the introduction, the author Mr. Sridhar pal Singh wrote about how he met kalam sir at his institute as his teacher and later on how he worked under his supervision to become dr kalam said a good fellow 

In the second chapter of this book, the author shares an incident when he was awarded the best all-rounder of the graduating badge at him

So he took an appointment with dr kalam to meet him and show his achievement during the meeting dr kalam firstly congratulated him for his achievement and then said you are awarded the best education you are blessed with high intelligence 

So don't you think now it's your responsibility to contribute towards the growth of the nation he further added this region always remember medals come with responsibilities these words affected the author so much 

When he was denied an offer letter from a big company and started doing internships with dr kalam author told about that in the modern era we have a great problem of criticizing others and getting jealous but dr kalam said that criticism comes with a death a debt of appreciation 

When one criticizes another for what one believes is not appropriate that person should take responsibility to appreciate the other person in the double amount 

In the fourth chapter of this book, the author shares an incident that shows that dr khalam was very keen and sensitive toward nature 

Once while having a walk dr kalam saw honey bees sitting on the flower and collecting the food as well as pollinating the flower so dr kalam changed his direction and said very hard-working little fella 

Srijan always remember the one who works hard deserves the greatest respect we must change our direction and let them do their work author was amazed by dr ka lang sharp attention toward these little things 

Dr Kalam said that one should have a proper idea of what he wanted to be remembered for not only by his fame or professional skills but by what good he has done to others or to the nation he never wanted to be remembered as a missile man or people's president 

But he really wanted to be remembered as a teacher he told regen to make a diary and name it after something closer to hazard and write about everything he learned the thing which inspires him and about his failures srijan named it after the name of dr kalam himself as kalam diary friends you should also try this as it will help in your self-evolution 

Dr kalam was very solution-oriented person he wanted indian youth to become more enterprising and look for solutions themselves without waiting for the situations to become miraculously favored 

He wanted them to take the first step without being afraid of the environment collapsing around them and from this chapter we learn to think about the solution even if it is compact 

In the seventh chapter, Srijan wrote about one of the closest friends of dr kalam of D.R.D.O days major general r.Swaminathan 

He wrote about how dr kalam took advice from major Swaminathan on most of the topics mostly in his speeches major Swaminathan 

Despite his paralyzed left side helped dr kalam in every matter and even in his last days when he was hospitalized he helped dr kalam and his team offered and after his sad demise 

Dr. Kalam insisted everyone to let the relic stay as they were already he never moved the general stairs from his office till his own death.