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Wonderland of Words by Shashi Tharoor PDF Download

Something Wilder by Christina Lauren book pdf download


Something Wilder by Christina Lauren book pdf download

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Something Wilder by Christina Lauren book pdf download

Details of Something Wilder by Christina Lauren Book

  • Book Name: Something Wilder
  • Authors: Christina Lauren
  • Pages: 272
  • Genre: Romance, Adventure
  • Publish Date: May 17, 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Something Wilder by Christina Lauren do you feel the chemistry between the leads like is their romance believable and you know for me I like things that also have not just their relationship

But is there a lot of relationship building that kind of stuff the book that I'm reviewing today may be the first time I've ever thought hmm is there enough logic puzzles treasure hunting and murder in this romance novel it's a ride guy and I can't wait to talk to you about it 

so first of all i would like to thank the publisher of this book and edelweiss for giving me access to a review copy for my honest opinion and we are talking today of course about something wilder by christina lauren 

Now if you don't know anything about Christina Lauren this is actually two people two friends whose names are Christina and Lauren and they put their names together and publish under that name for whatever reason half the time 

When i say this full author name i say Christina Lauren like they're a paris fashion designer if it happens i'm sorry 

but i do talk about christina lauren a lot because they wrote one of the steamiest funniest romance series that i've ever read and i actually recommended in these romance 

I've made the beautiful series it's a five books with three or four novellas and i just i mean within the first like five pages of the first book they're already having like hate office stacks like it's crazy 

but that is also the christina lauren i know and that is not something wilder so something wilder is the story of lily and lily's father was the famous 

Duke he was a treasure hunter extraordinaire out in wyoming and california all around the west area and in specific he was famous for being one of the most knowledgeable treasure hunters about the treasure of butch Cassidy 

so lily her mother didn't stick around very long so she grew up with her absentee father who was always out hunting for treasury and making her do puzzles and ciphers and lily really grew to resent that life 

but she loved the ranch that they lived on duke never wanted to be there so a lot of the running of it fell to her now when she was 17 18 19 she meets a boy named leo he is from the big city in new york 

He has come out to lily's ranch for a summer job they fall head over heels for each other they make promises as only first couples in love can that they'll never leave each other blah blah blah 

Course something very terrible happens with Leo's family he has to leave breaks lily's heart and right after Leo leaves lily finds out that her father has actually sold the ranch upon which she thought 

The rest of her life would depend so on this then jumps 10 years to where the novel really starts lily is no longer in Wyoming she is out 

Giving tours of you know butch Cassidy treasure hunting tours for tourists no they're not real lily has set up all of the puzzles and ciphers and trials herself 

But it's essentially a tourist thing for people who want to go spend a couple of days on a horse and feel like they're a real cowboy she is pretty much 

Set to have the last of these tours she doesn't really know what she wants to do the ranch has come back up for sale she wants to buy it she has no money and she goes into just like this really depressive like what am i doing with my life 

To bring a bunch of boys on a tour a treasure hunting tour and one of those boys is leo leo and lily did not know they were going to run into each other and of course there are a lot of unresolved feelings from the last 10 years 

However along the way absolute shenanigans ensue and without spoiling too much essentially they realize that there is actually a real treasure hunt to be had for the real butch cassidy treasure 

so what was once a pretend lighthearted journey becomes a crazy outdoors cowboy treasure hunting adventure like think like national treasure meets holes it was it's a whole thing this really is a book 

where my normal markers for what makes a good romance novel really don't necessarily apply obviously i really love a good second chance romance and in this one 

i really did feel like the communication issues that have kept lily and leo from really understanding what happened during their breakup 10 years ago worked for the most part 

I always feel like in second chance romances that there is this this need to hold on to those secrets until like a reveal near the very end and that it all falls together for them 

what i really appreciated about this book is that lily and leo really don't want to talk about this too much but it comes out fairly early on what those issues were what the misperceptions were and so basically for most of the novel 

they are really i don't want to say on a clean slate there's obviously a lot of unresolved stuff but there isn't this like dumb secret looking in the background essentially they are very focused on this treasure hunt this is also way more of an adventure book than 

i expected the stakes are real and they are high there are guns there is almost dying there is caverns there are cliffs it's a real and serious adventure with consequences and betrayal and that is kind of where 

if you're looking for a relationship book this novel kind of starts to break down because the focus is so much on the treasure hunting and more of lily's unresolved issues with her father and her past that lily and lee which mostly like they both know 

they still love each other and like that's the path that they're on there's not a lot of exploration in that sense and the friendships and betrayals kind of get short shift because those also really aren't explored 

so when there are certain reveals about certain characters you're like well i wish i cared it it's just not a character development book it is an adventure book 

so if you're willing to buckle up for that i think you'll have a great time and enjoy it i certainly did but again if you're looking for a good character development book 

I don't really think you're gonna find that here again i really enjoyed it i did i really do care a lot about character development but for me this book was just 

so different than what i have been reading lately i was willing to forgive it because i i mean i love national treasure i love treasure hunting like cowboy it was just 

so fun and the puzzles were great and there was definitely some like thinking and you got to see some of the cipher like it was cool right again you have to be there for that because that is where this book shines and the rest of it kind of falters underneath it 

so what kind of a reader are you and do you care if that bit falters that's the question that i think you have to ask before you read this book 

If you are on the fence about taking a chance on this book i recommend that you do get it from your local library you don't have to go out and buy it 

If you don't want to as a formal librarian i will always tell you to go to your local library because that's just who i am but i definitely would say be willing to take the chance on it 

It was a lot of fun it was very sweet it was a second chance romance if that's one of your preferred tropes as it is mine and it's a fun adventure you know it's not gonna be a deep character book 

but not every book needs to be that sometimes it can just be chasing horses through a canyon that's all it gotta be some some kissing because it's a romance novel this book.