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After Ever Happy by Anna Todd

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After Ever Happy by Anna Todd PDF Download 

Details About After Ever Happy by Anna Todd PDF

  • Novel Title: After Ever Happy
  • Author: Anna Todd
  • Genre: College Fiction, Contemporary Women’s Fiction
  • Publish Date: 24 February 2015
  • Language: English 
Book Review:

After Ever Happy by Anna Todd it's a little hectic for the characters but then at the same time then it calms down just like the other books you got a whole lot of drama 

then it calms down relatively quickly which is a good thing very good thing because what I said about after we collided 

I believe it was as I had to take breaks throughout the book now with before and um after ever happier you know what I mean I didn't have to break it wasn't 

so dramatic that a-hat take a break which is a good thing because I could not do that again no that was kind of stressful for me I mean it sounds weird to say that I was stressed out because of the book 

but I was kind of stressed so what do I guys say about after ever happy is that the drama wasn't so crazy that I had to take a break just a good thing like I said just second 

you it's a good thing the ending was amazing I loved it I was so scared towards the end of the book that what happened wouldn't have happened 

I mean I love HESA so much and I was so worried so worried they weren't gonna get together and I mean I'm real happy really happy about the ending

 I liked hardens like growing up his maturity his maturity level went up I thought that was amazing I liked seeing him grow up just as like as much as I loved watching Tessa grow up and mature on her own 

because I mean I I relate a whole lot with Tessa I would say um in ways of the fact that I don't have many friends and I mean I've talked about this before 

I'm not I'm not scared to tell you guys about it I don't have many friends I I'm homeschooled online it's it's public school but virtual and I do everything on in the computer 

I'm 24 has seven always home most of the time and so I kinda I kinda related with Tessa so much because Tessa really only had one friend which is Noah and that was also her boyfriend

I really only have one friend and she moved away about two years ago I think and I mean we still keep in contact and everything we're still best friends but I relate to not having many friends 

I relate to kind of feeling alone and I mean I'm not saying that I don't enjoy the company of my family or anything like that but I do feel alone a lot of the time 

I can relate to that with Tessa because Tessa she doesn't outright say she's lonely or that she's alone but her goal not really her main goal but her goal in college was to make friends and to be more social 

I believe that would be one of my main goals when I went to college so I absolutely loved watching her grow up I loved watching Hardin grow up in my mind I'm you know I'm not like literally watching them but in my head 

I was seeing them I was seeing there's the space they lived in I could see all of it and I really loved that and the detail was amazing in both books like actually a whole books they were amazing and Anna Todd is an amazing and I'm going to be reading more of her books in the future 

I think I might be reading the Landon books based off of Tesla's best friend Landon uh I've loved his character a whole lot because Landon is just a type of person I'd want to be friends with he's very smart he has a schedule he sticks to it that's something like 

I do and I actually have OCD where Hardin actually accused us of having a CD which apparently she doesn't I wouldn't think she does though but I actually have OCD so I have that this needs to be this way this needs to be this way just like Tessa and Landon do and

 I love that because I can relate to that I would have liked to see that like maybe Tessa did have OCD or something where she has to battle that kind of mental thing I've always liked books like that I'm starting to read this book right 

here which is when elephants fly which is um how about a girl battling mental illness she's trying to stop herself from developing schizophrenia and I will be reviewing that soon after I read it so I mean I'm very interested in that mental illness battle kind of thing because 

I mean I have OCD ADHD I have a form of depression that's not like it's not always there I hide it generally pretty well but it's there like in the background 

I like to see those battles but there wasn't really a battle with Tessa or harden really I mean Hardin definitely with the post-traumatic stress I I believe he has I mean there wasn't anything that talked about it except for his nightmare kind of thing 

but I love the mental battle of them trying to get through their problems with themselves before going off and trying to fight face problems with other people 

I liked that and after ever having because they actually did take a break for a while and figured themselves out instead of just forcing their relationship on it at one moment so they they took a step back they learned about themselves instead of just forcing themselves into a relationship 

I mean their love was really there it was really there but they needed that break to get to know themselves and love themselves before they could love anybody else 

I thought that was really important and it was great for the storyline that was that book was amazing the details everything I've already said this it was amazing now before before is honestly another story 

I liked before but not really as much as the series I kind of not put before into the series  I don't really think before is really part of the series 

I know it is that's what you buy it as a set it's in the set but I think that's more of a bonus book I don't really think of that as part of the storyline it's just a bonus like a bonus chapter or something it's a bonus book and I didn't really enjoy it as much as the other books 

I mean I liked learning about Stephanie and Molly and Christian Vance and Smith's I liked learning about those and in in those individual chapters but it really didn't connect to the storyline at all 

I was really expecting to see something where maybe Molly tells her story about what happened and like actually having Molly's point of view instead of like Hardin writing about what happened or well excuse me it was actually Anna but 

I kind of thought as before as the book that hard in uh happy ever after ever happy whatever I'm not really it's a tongue-twister name but I was kind of thinking that of more of the book that he wrote and I don't know if other people read it that way too 

but I kind of read it more as hardens perspective of things that he wrote that may have them why I didn't understand it or I didn't really think of it as part of the series I don't know

but I kind of thought of it as more of a heart and explaining what happening and stuff like that which it is but I would like to see like Molly have another story or death even 

I'm not even I don't like stuff I don't like his that either but not at all not at all after watching the trailer when he said oh I like this girl after she said I'm done playing this game 

I was like yeah of course she do that like we're really of course you do I know that's a totally different subject but I'd like to see a storyline that says why is that accessway which it did for that one chapter but I'd like to see the whole story play out but not just a little snippet 

I'd like to see uh maybe the life before Molly's boyfriend Bella but this these are the first chapters so I'm not really spoiling anything boyfriend passed away or something like that just up before that happened and then after which is in after so I'd like to see that 

but I really didn't enjoy before there wasn't a whole lot of detail it skipped over a lot of things that happened in after um it just it wasn't my favorite it was more of a bonus book that wasn't really well written 

I really hate saying that because I loved Anna a whole lot she's amazing and I wish her the best but before was just kind of a it was up up up up knows.