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People we meet on vacation by Emily Henry Pdf Download


People we meet on vacation by Emily Henry

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People we meet on vacation by Emily Henry Pdf Download

Details of People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry Book

  • Book Name: People We Meet on Vacation
  • Authors: Emily Henry
  • Pages: 431
  • Genre: Romance Novel
  • Publish Date: Jan 28, 2021
  • Language: English

Book Review:

People we meet on vacation by Emily Henry so basically this book follows Alex and poppy Alex and poppy are best friends uh and they always go each year each summer they go on vacation together 

Now two years ago on said summer vacation, something happened that basically destroyed their friendship now poppy who misses Alex terribly decides that it is time to get the band back together so she writes to Alex they live in separate cities now and they have actually no contact whatsoever anymore so she writes to Alex and she's like 

Hey how do you feel about going on a vacation again she basically lies a tippet about why they're going on vacation and like the circumstances but Alex agrees nonetheless and so these two go on one final vacation together because poppy knows if she can't fix her friendship 

Now she's not gonna fix it ever again that's the review to this book and I'm not gonna spoiler it because like I'm not gonna spoil it but like for me personally I had like because this book was so hyped over like platforms like tick tock or book talk

I was like very highly anticipating this book so I went into this with uh pretty high expectations which I usually try to limit because I always know if I go into a book with high expectations they usually fall flat 

But I still went in here with quite a quite some high expectations and um at the beginning I was really disappointed because like for the first 35 of the book I was like

There's a lot of like going back and forth to now in the past like where is this gonna go I was bored and I don't know why that was I think it was because we kept switching back and forth between now and the past and I know 

Now that that was to give me a feeling of like who poppy and Alex were and who they are now at like 35 after that mark I was like oh my god this book is like really good and then like that's when I kind of got to know the characters better and the story in the 

Now actually took off like on a like running jump and I knew like kind of what the plot would be but not completely and I just kind of sat down for the ride so then the story kind of progress and we get to the whys and house and kind of stuff of the story and that was 

When I was like Emily Henry has this really unique way of writing and I really enjoy it now we all have things we enjoy more or less while writing and Emily henry writes very well I feel like you can really feel I think she studied literature and I feel like you can really feel that 

I'm not critiquing anybody else's writing with this I just feel like um at that point I like I have the same with b-tweet I like really enjoyed the writing it takes me a while to get into it um but I'm always glad when I stick with it 

So then I got to really like enjoy the characters and that's when the story kind of took off and that was also when like the characters kind of like really had like this real development and for this book, I feel like it's a friends-to-lover story and it was really really well written and really well structured 

So you really get the friends and then you really get like the fooling out and then you really get like the house and wise and it was like very believably written i feel like and i feel like this book isn't just that but it's also like how when you go into a relationship with someone it's always you giving yourself to someone and they're giving themselves to you 

Now if you go into a relationship with someone and you're not completely sure then you're really gonna hurt the other person and you're really gonna hurt yourself when you go in there if you're like not like a manipulative person 

But like if you're a caring kind person and you go into a relationship and you're not completely sure like that's not going to be good and I feel like this is what that book kind of like tried to teach the readers and I feel like I really got that message like you have to be sure what do you want and it's not like 

You can't date someone just because you're bored or you want something new you have to date someone because there are feelings because there's this because you're compatible because and so on and so on and I feel like this book really did that really well but you can't just be like oh I'm bored or I need a change of scene 

So I'm gonna like date someone no you have to date someone because you have this and that and I thought this book like really shed light on that because I feel like in this like an age we have now it's a lot like you know like 

Hey you up like it for four in the morning and you're like no like what happened to like hi how are you here is a flower or something about like the old school and i feel like that like we are like the generation 

Now is an f generation and so I feel like this book was really like showing you that you can't like dating someone isn't like a thing if it should be fun dating someone should be fun but it's also not something you can just do because you're bored 

It should be something you do because you really like that person and if you just do it because you're bored then you're really gonna hurt that person in the process and i feel like that book or this book really showed that really nicely and i really enjoyed this book