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Bully by Penelope Douglas Pdf Download Free


Bully by Penelope Douglas PDF Download

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Bully by Penelope Douglas PDF Download 

Details of Bully by Penelope Douglas book 

  • Book Name: Bully
  • Authors: Penelope Douglas
  • Pages: 337
  • Genre: Romance
  • Publish Date: 5 June 2015
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Bully by Penelope Douglas so I read this book like a day ago I finished it and oh my gosh I absolutely loved it 

So if you know me then you know that I am highly obsessed with Penelope Douglas I think she is an amazing writer and I really really love her stories and yeah so this book wasn't the best book 

I have ever read by her but I enjoyed it nevertheless it was amazing and if you are new to Patel if you are new to Penelope Douglas then I would definitely recommend starting with this because this is actually the first book she wrote and it was amazing um so this book follows two friends it follows Tatum and Jared 

So Tatum is this girl and she has a neighbor called name jarred and they have been best friends for as long as she can kinda remember Tatum actually lost her mother and her dad was kind of the one to help her through that loss and then when she comes to high school 

So like with I don't know like yeah so when she comes to high school um jarred is like a different person over the summer he went away to visit someone and he comes back like like a changed man he's super unfriendly to her he bullies her and he starts making up funny rumors about her and Tatum and just gives Tatum a really really hard life 

So Tatum can't really find friends no one wants to go out with her because whenever a guy asks to ask her out he pulls out afterward because Jared says in like a really really mean rumor and Tatum doesn't really know what's going on and throughout the whole high school years charges kind of ruined them with just being a really really really really mean bully 

So Tatum decides to do a year abroad in France so she goes away to France for a year and when she comes back she's just like I don't care anymore like if you want to bully me but I'm gonna fight back 

So she comes back and she kind of sees jarred their neighbors so like her window looks into his window yeah and so she comes back and she just kind of decides to fight back and then 

Lots of stuff goes down I don't really want to go too much into this because I will spoiler it but just let me tell you this book has action it has drama it has love and it's just a really really cool read 

It's definitely a very very fun read you'll fly through this because this book is super intense and really really interesting and you just really want to see what happens and the whole story is very very like moving so yeah I would definitely recommend you really 

I really can't say much more about it because I will spoiler and I really don't want to do that but you should definitely see how this story between Jared and Tate evolves or doesn't or what happens what went down why did he come back a changed man we will never know read the book 

So yeah that was it for today's YouTube video that was super short but like as I said I can't really go into it without spoiling too much I feel like Penelope Douglas does that but yeah I would definitely recommend you read it