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The Crown of Gilded Bones PDF Download


The Crown of Gilded Bones PDF Download

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The Crown of Gilded Bones PDF Download 

Details About The Crown of Gilded Bones by Jennifer L. Armentrout PDF

  • Novel Title: The Crown of Gilded Bones (Blood And Ash Series Book 3)
  • Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
  • Genre: Fantasy Romance, Fantasy & Futuristic Romance, Vampire Romances
  • Publish Date: 20 April 2021
  • Language: English 

Book Review:

The Crown of Gilded Bones by L. Armentrout actually picks right up where book two left off literally like it was like she stopped writing and then just cut the pages we start right back up with poppy being 

in the temple and being basically attacked by the people of Sansha I'm not sure if I'm saying that correctly i read it differently it's kind of like Atlanta but within at the end um but being attacked essentially 

we see that she is a goddess or a deity or something is going on because all of a sudden all of the wolves start getting summoned to her and we're like wow what's happening so this book started off with a bang for me like the first chunk of it 

i was like okay things are happening like this is so cool what's going on and then i felt like part way through midway through the kind of middle chunk i was really bored i know i'm not the only one that feels that way

i've talked to quite a few of my friends who we actually buddy read this together and a lot of people were kind of slowed down by that middle section and then once you got to the end it picked back up 

i have a hard time giving books five star reviews if i didn't like large chunks of them and i don't want to say that i didn't like it because it's not that i didn't like this i still love the books and i still love the story and i can't wait for the next one to come out 

but if i spend a majority of the middle chunk of a book saying i'm bored and i just want to get past it i have a really hard time saying this book was five stars even if it ends the way 

this book ended and was absolutely unbelievable shocking i have no idea what's gonna happen like this is nuts because that's how this book ended like the twists that were thrown at the end and the way that we were left off i was like 

my gosh what's going to happen and so i have a really hard time being like it was amazing it was five stars because there was so much in the middle that i was like this could have been cut down the other thing is i've always been somebody who's warned everyone that this is an adult book this is not a why a book this is an adult book 

it is very smutty there's got there's a lot of adult scenes in this book it is not meant for young eyes and i feel like i've said in previous videos um specifically when i talked about uh the sarah j maas a court of silver flames that sometimes 

when there's smuttiness just to be smutty i'm not a super fan i enjoy those scenes just like everybody else who reads romance books but i think that they need to have a part in the plot and i think sometimes it can be overdone and just thrown in to be thrown in 

i feel like with this one specifically more so than the first two books it was a lot of it was there just to be there and i didn't think contributed to the story there were some that contributes to the story like 

it has its place in the story but a lot of it didn't and so i thought a lot of that could have been trimmed out that being said i thought this was extremely entertaining 

i know there's a lot of like back and forth on bookstagram right now where people are saying you know if you continue to not like the books like don't read them and then people are saying well 

i'm have to finish the series or whatever i do like this series i do recommend this series there's always going to be parts of books that i don't think are the greatest or that i don't love compared to others and this book had that 

but i still love the characters like i love the romance i love that it's vampires i love that it is a fantasy world that is very different because it kind of has reality a little bit in 

it it's it's very odd it's very different it's unique and i will continue to recommend this series and can't wait for book 4 to come out 

i think there's another spin-off series coming too which could be very interesting especially since there was a lot of world building and trying to figure out terms and and god's names and things like that in these books 

so that spin-off could be could be pretty good i'm kind of excited for it anyways i tried to keep that as spoiler free as possible um because i know it's a book three and i know people you know don't want to have 

it ruined but they want to know should they continue with the series so i definitely think you should if you liked the first two if you didn't like the first two don't read it like that the world is full of too many books 

that if you continue to read books that you don't like you're just wasting your time so i would say if you loved it keep reading