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The Hawthorne Legacy by Jennifer Lynn Barnes PDF Download


The Hawthorne Legacy by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

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The Hawthorne Legacy by Jennifer Lynn Barnes PDF Download

Details of The Hawthorne Legacy by Jennifer Lynn Barnes book 

  • Book Name: The Hawthorne Legacy 
  • Authors: Jennifer Lynn Barnes
  • Pages: 368
  • Genre: Contemporary Romance Fiction
  • Publish Date:  7 September 2021
  • Language: English

Book Review:

The Hawthorne Legacy by Jennifer Lynn Barnes so avery is perhaps growing feelings for a couple of the hawthorne brothers jackson and grayson in particular and avery is still trying to find out what exactly tobias whole thumb was up to and she wants to know why his son found her 

Where she used to live and played chess with her and pretended to be a homeless man like that's weird and of course because avery is now a multi-billionaire people are trying to kill her because they want her money they want her state they want her power people want her dead i am loving this series while 

It's not an all-time favorite for me i'm giving each book four stars consistently because it's just so well written i think jennifer limbaugh's has really found her niche with thriller books 

I've read a few books by her in the past her paranormal debut was not very good it's called raised by wolves and i didn't really enjoy it but i did read the naturals which is another thriller which felt a bit like a sort of spin on criminal minds or csi and i loved that one

I really think that thrillers are the way to go for jennifer limbaugh's i think she does a fantastic job with them so after i finished the inheritance games i had been craving this sequel for months and then finally 

It was uploaded to netgalley so thank you to the publisher for providing me with a free review copy to a review and as soon as i got it i had to dive straight into it because i had to see what was happening next although i was a little bit nervous because i i always worry that middle books in a series 

I think this is going to be the middle book of a trilogy middle books in the series always throw me a little bit sometimes they're kind of filler books and i don't really feel like they're necessary for the story other times it feels like the author starts off with a really really strong book in the series and then doesn't really know where to go from there this book didn't have either of those problems 

I don't think I did see some reviews on Goodreads that said that it felt a bit like a thriller and Jennifer Lim Barnes had kind of lost her touch from the first book because it didn't seem as though this book was planned as well as the first one i have to disagree 

I think this one is a really good addition to the trilogy or series if that's what it's going to be but I think it's just going to be a trilogy of three books I think the whole thing was very well planned and I really liked the structure of this one so it's very fast-paced 

It's thrilling of course and i just love the way that the mystery kind of rolled out so in the first book obviously you learn some things right at the end and in this one it addresses those things that we learnt such 

As toby hawthorne potentially being alive and pretending to be a homeless man so avery was focusing on those things and getting to the bottom of that but then at the same time it introduced some other not necessarily red herrings 

It was more things that could distract avery from the main mystery of the book and things that are perhaps going to be built upon in the third book so it didn't really feel like this book was pointless or a filler book 

Because it did address some mysteries and answered some questions that the readers definitely had from the first book while also building up to possibly the climax of the third book in the series i think i mentioned in my previous review that 

I was a little bit worried about the weird like love pentagon that was going on with avery and the hawthorne brothers fortunately for me and for everyone else involved it's only a love triangle and while i don't love love triangles this one didn't really bother me that much 

i honestly thought we were overloved triangles in way and i don't tend to love them but this one yeah didn't bother me i actually quite enjoyed it in some places as well which is very unusual for me 

I don't really like romance in ya anymore because you know i can't really relate to it at this point in my life but i really did enjoy the love story or the romances in this one avery like i said in the beginning has some feelings for jackson and for grayson for different reasons for each and in particular 

I really liked jameson even though he does have the silliest name out of the bunch the only thing i will say is that for him to be a proper love interest i would like to see his character developed a lot more in the sequel to this in the third book in the trilogy 

I do worry that that's going to be a little bit too late i really don't think he's fleshed out enough for my taste especially to ship him with the main character it's just not really a relationship that is built on much and while

I do think he's an interesting character to read about from avery's point of view as a standalone character he's got nothing going for him and grayson has a little bit more going on but i don't really like him with avery for various reasons 

I won't go into spoilery but he's definitely a more interesting standalone character in his own right whereas jameson it's just kind of there and it's being funny and then avery also likes him so not the best 

but it's definitely not a negative either for the book i don't think so while i didn't really like avery and the romance between her and the brothers i did enjoy reading from avery's point of view and reading about what was kind of leading her to have feelings for these brothers 

think it was really interesting to read from her point of view and see where she was coming from and seeing how certain things were affecting her in certain ways whether it's romantically or not i think what i particularly liked about the hawthorne legacy was 

How much of the mystery was left resolved or unresolved i think the author told us just the right amount of information to keep us interested and so it didn't really feel like she was just dragging us along and throwing all these red herrings everywhere because that can get quite annoying especially further into a series it's understandable in the first book in a trilogy 

I think once you get to the second book you do want to see some answers and jennifer limbaugh's definitely provided those for the most part i think she was able to give us just a little bit more at the end to satisfy us

But then also there were moments where i was like wait there's more there's more things to discover about this rich family this is mad and that makes me very intrigued for the third book as well because obviously it's keeping me interested i think there's still a lot more to discover and i'm very much looking forward to doing so i think one of the reasons 

I really like this series is because i'm getting to see how avery kind of journeys into this world of billionaires i love reading about rich people drama whether it's contemporary or a thriller book or sometimes a fantasy as well but not so much 

I think it's really interesting to read about their drama and especially where there are assassinations at a charity event or something or people trying to blow up private planes all of that in fiction really fascinates me 

So i love reading about that in this series and the fact that avery has gone from kind of rags to riches is another plus because in this situation i don't really want to read about character who kind of grew up in this world it's really interesting to read from her point of view as she's discovering all of these different things in this new world to her 

So overall i think the hawthorn legacy is a solid sequel and i would like to do a spoilery discussion on it at some point but not in this video i don't think this is necessarily an all-time favorite for me but it's definitely a solid installment in the series and it's a trilogy that i'm definitely going to carry on with i'm very pleased with this book 

I think it was fantastic so i'm giving it four stars i might end up rereading both of the first two books before the third one comes out hopefully next year so that i can really start putting everything together and trying to put the puzzle together myself because that's something 

I really enjoy doing with books and films and tv shows i think they'd work really well together in a marathon reading session.