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The Way I Used to Be by Amber Smith pdf Download


The Way I Used to Be by Amber Smith pdf Download

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The Way I Used to Be by Amber Smith pdf Download

Details About The Way I Used to Be by Amber Smith pdf 

  • Name: The Way I Used to Be
  • Author:  Amber Smith
  • Pages: 384
  • Genre: Literary Fiction
  • Language: English
Book Review

The way I used to be its amber smith's debut novel and it's about a girl named Eden and Eden is your typical average good girl 

She does well at school she's in the school band she has great friends she's a little bit on the nerdy side but she has a great relationship with her older brother and she has loving parents 

So she has a typical average normal life and she is 14 years old she's a little bit naive in the beginning however her entire life changes the night when her brother's best friend Kevin someone who's actually very close with her family he sneaks into her room and he rapes her

This book takes place during a span of four years it starts with her freshman year when the assault happens and it goes all the way to her senior year Eden does not tell anyone what happens mostly because she's trying to wrap her head around what happened 

She's trying to understand why happened and how can someone that she knows someone that she trusts do this to her it follows the aftermath of that assault it follows her through her bad choices and she makes a lot of bad ones and she ends up pushing the people that love her away from her 

Amber smith's writing style is absolutely gorgeous in this book you can see that she is incredibly talented and she really has a way with words she is able to captivate you keep your attention and she just absolutely immerses you in the story 

One thing that i really enjoyed about her story is definitely the main character even though inna makes a lot of bad choices and she ends up hurting a lot of the people who are trying to help her trying to understand why she is the way she is because she does not tell anyone what happened to her 

I still really really like to eat and eden was just a shining star in this book and she just grasped you and she tugs at your heartstrings and throughout this book i was even though there were some parts that really frustrated me about eden 

I was constantly just cheering her on i wanted her to have that adjustment that she deserves i was just really connected i really bonded with this main character 

Eden is someone who throughout this novel she is just waiting for someone to rescue her from the situation that she has found herself in 

She's just waiting for someone to come in look at her and instantly know that something bad happened to her in to save her from this life that she has 

However, towards the end of the novel, one of the things that eden realized it and that she learns is that she can't wait for someone to come by and rescue her

She has to save herself and that's one of the things that i really enjoyed about this book is the fact that amber smith was able to make eden such a strong character it's a lot stronger than she's she realized that she is that's one of the really one of the things that i really enjoyed about eden 

Another thing that i really liked about this novel is the love interest he is obviously a good-looking love interest at all look i feel like all of the entrances and every book especially why contemporary books are 

But he's not unlike the other contemporary novels that i have read especially the y.A they all seem like very charming everything about them is perfect however the love interest in his book is a good-looking guy he really is he's popular 

However, he's very normal he is someone who doesn't want the attention that he gets he's someone who's very very endearing someone that i really genuinely liked and he's someone who's not a knight in shining armor but one thing that i really liked about him is the fact that he wants to be for eden 

He wants to rescue her even though he doesn't know what happened to her he knows that she's not okay but he wants to connect with her and he wants to rescue her from whatever hurt that she is feeling so overall i gave this book four and a half stars out of five it was absolutely beautifully written.