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Black Book Of English Vocabulary PDF Download


Black Book Of English Vocabulary

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Black Book Of English Vocabulary PDF Download

Details of Black Book Of English Vocabulary  Book

  • Book Name: Black Book Of English Vocabulary 
  • Authors: Nikhil K Gupta
  • Pages: 568
  • Genre: Study Material, SSC CGL, SSC CHSL, MTS, Stenographer, SSC GD Constable, SSC CPO, SSC JE Exams
  • Publish Date: 21 January 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Vocabulary is an ocean of words and it is not easy to cover all the necessary words for the exam. If you read a good newspaper like The Hindu Daily, you must have found that words are repeated many times.

English vocabulary is unlimited and after cramming thousands of words you can still find many unseen words. But for better preparation for CGL exam we don't have to become Shashi Tharoor.

In CGL most vocab part (i.e. Synonyms, Antonyms, Idioms/Phrases, OWS, Spelling) repeated from previous year papers. So you can prefer the following books —

Blackbook by Nikhil Gupta ( For previous year vocab)

Stage 1 : To assemble etymological comprehension of dark words like "Word power made simple by Norman Lewis".

This book contains all words which a center researcher ought to be aware. For novices it very well might be somewhat unwieldy to complete the meetings given in this book, 

However soon you will foster a smooth learning channel to grasp the crucial rationale behind words (viz. words with unfortunate underlying meanings, words with good implications). 

It will enthuse the expected impulse in you to learn words. It additionally contains techniques to get a handle on the significance of words effectively by interfacing them to a thought. It additionally proposes how you can continue fostering your jargon in the approaching time.

Step :2 Add more words to your rundown

Finish Part B (Verbal Ability) of the book "Objective General English by SP Bakshi". This part will open up new relations among the words learned before.

a) Paronyms and Homonyms

b) One word Substitutions

c) Antonyms and Synonyms

d) Foreign Words and Expressions (like true, unconditional power, promotion valorem ..and so forth)

Step :3 Time to do Exam Specific planning

M.B. Distributions (earlier year question papers) - This book contains all papers directed by Staff Selection Commission till date as 'Sets'. Practice each set (with the information obtained from the past two stages) and get familiar with the jargon given after each set appropriately.

Step ;4 Do Multiple Revisions

The previously mentioned advances will foster a wide and flexible rampart of vocab words for the concerned assessment yet additionally attempt to grasp that…

Learning words is an everlasting course of growing a scholarly tree which possibly fructifies when watered, fed and prepped consistently.

At the point when I began planning for CAT 2013, I was sub optimal in English (frail in jargon and syntax, yet I communicated in English consistently during my school days).

So feeble that when I endeavored a class test the quantity of wrong inquiries used to be more than the quantity of right inquiries, however my whole center was to leave any inquiry strange. Furthermore, inside a range of four and a half months I took my quantitative capacity and English to such a level that I got 98.74% ile in CAT 2013.

Here I will simply discuss jargon arrangement. You can utilize it to construct jargon for any test. I separate it into four sections:

Unique words: I saved a different scratch pad for the vocab. So I composed words for all lunacy, all fears, all seeds (for homicide), all trained professionals, all specialists (for different sicknesses). And these words can be shrouded in the book 'Word Power Made Easy,' with a comprehension of the essentials. Be that as it may, you ought to think of them at some spot and amend consistently.

Equivalents of familiar words: For instance, I composed 'Enormous' at the highest point of a page and recorded practically every one of the equivalents for this word, of which there were around 25. Furthermore, I did it with a few words that are regularly utilized like CONFUSE, and some more. In this manner you will get comfortable with the significance of the multitude of words that are many times utilized in papers and understanding appreciation.

5 or 10 words every day from the paper: I just read the publication page of a paper on the grounds that the language of that page is like the language of perusing perception in the test, I am not discussing the trouble but rather the configuration of the language.

I used to compose 10 words every day whose significance was obscure to me. And furthermore compose 4 to 5 equivalents and utilize that word in the sentence which struck a chord around then and composed the sentence there. What's more, altered this note pad from beginning on regular schedule.

Test App: I likewise downloaded Word Learner App and read words from it while sitting tight for transport, sitting tight for lunch in inn and so on.

In the event that you are getting ready for SSC test, there is another thing that should be possible. Retain word replacements, expressions and expressions asked in earlier year tests.


  1. No book is better than a daily newspaper. It is easy to get knowledge through reading newspaper rather than dumping all the books in your brain. Follow the editorial page in The Hindu newspaper and make the unknown words marked and do it regularly. You’ll find the difference in not more than 60 days.
    It is better to make a habit rather than studying for a goal.

  2. The recommendation of 'Word Power Made Easy' and your method of associating equivalents with frequently used words is a valuable tip. I believe many will benefit from this comprehensive strategy


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