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How the King of Elfhame Learned to Hate Stories Pdf Download


How the King of Elfhame Learned to Hate

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How the King of Elfhame Learned to Hate Stories Pdf

Details of How the King of Elfhame Learned to Hate Stories Book

  • Book Name: How the King of Elfhame Learned to Hate Stories
  • Authors: Holly Black
  • Pages: 173
  • Genre: Fiction, Suspense, Mystery, Thrill, Romance, Horror, 
  • Publish Date: 24 November 2020
  • Language: English

Book Review:

How the King of Elfhame Learned to Hate Stories I Was Going to Love and Give Five Stars I Usually Call Them Book Talks Because It's More Me Just Gushing Sharing My Feelings and Really Spoilery Thoughts on the Books So With That Being Said I'm Just Gonna Jump Right in and Say That 

I Did Give This Book Five Stars It Was Just So Good if You Are a Folk of the Air Stan if You Just Love Juden Cardin but It Was Also Good From a Storytelling Perspective I've Said It Before I Will Say It a Thousand Times Holly Black is 

So Brilliant When It Comes to Writing Fairy Tale Fairy Stories the Way That She Weaves a Story is Just Something That I Don't See in a Lot of Authors I Don't Find a Lot of People Who Can Write Such a Whimsical World Like Her 

I Truly Think That Holly Block is the Queen of Fairy Like She Just Knows How to Write Something This Book is Definitely Targeted for People Who Have Finished the Series and Loved It and It Delivered the Illustrations by Ravina Kai Were 

So Beautiful I Think That That Was the Perfect Artist to Choose the Style of Her Artwork Just Really Brings a Story to Life I Cannot Get Over It It's It's Honestly Just So Gorgeous This Book is Just a Collection of Short Story Novellas Which Throughout the Entire Book They're All Linked Together 

Through Being Cardin's Life From When He's Younger to Sequentially When He Gets Older and There Are of Course Constant Characters That He Has in His Life but There is One in Particular That I Found is Really Who Weave the Story Through and Through 

I Did Not Expect That I Thought They Were All Going to Be Random Novellas but Like I Said Holly Black is the Queen of Fairy the Queen of Storytelling and the Way That She Made This One Entire Story Even Though It is Short Collective Stories Was Brilliant I Loved It That is All for the Non-spoiler 

I'm Gonna Go Ahead and Get Into Spoilers Now Here's Your Warning So Bye to Everybody Who Does Not Want to Be Spoiled Okay Guys So if You're Still Here Hello You're on the Other Side of Cardin's Book How Are We Feeling How Are We Doing You Know Personally I Am Living My Best Life Because 

I Read This Book in One Day Like Honestly It Took Me a Couple Hours Like Maybe Five Hours and That's Because I Took Breaks but I Knew I Was Going to Finish This So Fast I Am So Sad About How Small It is 

I Can Read From Cardin's Point of View All Day I Can Just Read Anything About Cardin About Jude All Day but Unfortunately We Got You Know a Little Baby Book but It's Okay Because the Illustrations Pretty Much Made Up for It and They Were the Best Thing I Just Love Holly Black's Writing It's 

So Good and I Think That the Illustrations Brought It to Life So Well and I Wish That Everything I Want the Entire Cruel Prince Series to Be Illustrated by Robina Kai I Loved It So Much Having the Illustrations Gave It That Extra Like I Don't Even Know That We Need It Like It Just Brought Everything Together if You Watched My Video Where I Thought of Like Theories for This Book 

I Was Mostly Wrong Because First of All I Thought This Was Grandma Mog This is Not Grandma Mog This is Ass Log and I Was Like Oh the Like Why Are All These Names Like That but I Was Like You Know What Whatever 

I Just I Still Really Loved It I Loved That Ass Log Was a New Element to the Story That Weaved Through the Entire Book That Was So Interesting I Did Not Think That We Were Going to Have That I Thought It Was Going to Be Random Little Stories About Cardin Throughout His Life and From Just Like Chapters of the Cruel Prince and the Wicked King Retold but It Wasn't and Surprisingly 

I'm Okay With That Because I Just I Just Love Holly Black I Trust Her and She Did So Well Even Though It Wasn't Exactly What I Expected and I Know From Some of My Friends Some People I've Seen on Like Book Twitter 

It's Not What a Lot of People Expected but Personally I'm Really Happy About It I Am Not Disappointed at All Anytime I Hear or Read About Cardin When He Was a Child and Just Remember How Neglected He Was and How He Had No Love in His Life I Get So Sad and That's One of the Reasons 

Why I Love Cardin Like I Think He is Actually a Deep Character Because for Most of His Life He Was This Fake Version of Himself and I Don't Think if He Would Have Been Nurtured With Love Growing Up I Think He Could Have Been a Lot Different 

The Fact That He Was Made to Be Somebody He Didn't Want to Be but He Felt Like He Had to to Impress People and to Have a Rightful Place to Live With His Family With His Own Family I Just I Don't Know He's Just So Complex Like 

I Don't Know I Really Enjoyed Seeing the Slow Progress of Cardin's Disinterest in All of the Political All of the Court Stuff Like He Just Slowly Was Like You Know I Really Don't Care About Any of This I Don't Care Who's Gonna Be King Because 

It's Never Gonna Be Me I Don't Care That People Want to Like Nakasia to Get in With the Undersea I'm Just Gonna Do Me I'm Just Gonna Cause All the Best I Can Be Rude to Everyone and Be Liked Drink My Wine and That's All I'm Gonna Do and I Was Like You Know What Else is He Gonna Do Like Carden Me Too Like 

I Wish I Could Do That and if I Was You I Would Do the Exact Same Thing but Anyway I Did Not Like That We Just Had So Much Nicasia I Was Like Listen You Can Go Like You Can Go Back in the Water and Go Swim We Don't Need You Here but It Was Also Really Interesting Again Like 

I Don't Even Care What It is I'm Reading Holly Black Holds My Interest No Matter What She's Writing Especially of Cardin Especially if It's From His Point of View So I Actually Was Okay With Having a Lot of Nicasia Because I Loved Seeing That Insight That We Didn't Get From the Curl Prince 

I Loved Seeing That Carden Actually Walked in on Her and Locked Because It Was Hinted at in the Curl Prince That They Had This Romance and That's Why They Broke Up but I Did Not Expect That We Would Get to See That and It Was Just Great Honestly Love That for Me 

So I Liked That We Got to See That Fallout and Then We Got to See Cardin Falling for Jude That Was One of My Favorite Things Every Time He Mentioned Jude Was Just Like I Hate This Girl Like I Hate Her She's Disgusting Like Literally I'm Disgusted in Myself for Looking at Her 

I Was Just Like Carden Yeah You're Just Disgusted Right and Then by the End They're Like Sleeping Together in Oak's Room in Oak's Bed and They're Just King and Queen Happily Married and It Was So I'm Gonna Have a Meltdown 

I Literally Wanted to Cry Whenever They Were Just Living Living in General Living Alive in General but in the Mortal World With Jude's Family I Just the Fact That We Never Saw Taryn Was Surprising to Me Like Where Was She I Don't Know 

I Don't Even Think She Was Mentioned at All in This Book We Heard About Heather and Vivi but No Taryn I Really Don't Remember Anything About Tyrion Actually She Might Have Been in El Fame the Whole Time 

I Don't Know but You Think That Jude Would See Taryn Considering That Taryn Was Pregnant So Uh I Kind of Think Conspiracy Theory That Holly Black is Planning Something Has Something Up Her Sleeve Because Where is Taryn and Why Was She Randomly Thrown in There That She's Pregnant Like 

I'm Just Saying if There's a Continuation of the Series and Like Another Three Books You Heard It Here First Because I Just Really Have a Feeling That There is but Let Me Show You Guys a Couple of My Favorite Pages This is Going to Be Two of My All-time Favorite Like Illustrations From This Book 

So There's This One Scene Where Cardin is Like Bugging the Hell Out of Jude and Like Antagonizing Her and She's Just Staring at Him Like She Hates Him and He is Just Looking Back at Her and He's Just Like Noting the Way That She Hates Him and He Can See It in Her Eyes and Then You Turn to the Next Page and It's This 

So Good Like We Got a Whole Spread of Carden and Jude Every Time I Saw a New Illustration It Was Just a Surprise and So This One Really Hit Me It Was Right in My Face and I Love This One So Much 

Then Another Scene That I Really Loved From the Book Was That We Got to See We Did Get to See Uh We Did Get to See a Scene From the Crow Prince and This is Exactly 

How I Pictured It It's When Jude and Nicassia Valerian and Locke Are Pretty Much Bullying Taryn and Jude and Threw Them in the River Um With All the Little Creatures to Come and Eat Them Um and This is the Back of Jude's Head Staring at Cardin 

I Just Pictured It Exactly Like This This is Exactly How I Pictured That Scene the Swamp Jude Staring at Him Them Laughing at Her It Captured It This Illustration Captured Everything So Well 

I Was Blown Away the Last Quote the Final Page of the Book Okay Wait the Fact That Cardin Was Like I Wanted to Be the Hero I Didn't Like It I'm Like All Heroes Ever They Probably Are the Same Way They're Like You Know 

I Wanted to Be the Hero but It Sucks and I Just Love That Carden Had You Know the Guts to Admit It and He's Just So Blunt Like Yeah I Wanted to Be the Hero for Once but It Freaking Sucked and I Hate It to 

Now 10 Don't Recommend I Probably Won't Do It Again but I Like That the Story Went There It Was So Great and So Then Jude is Just Like Can You Not Like Play the Hero Like Please Don't Sweetie You're Gonna Hurt Yourself and She's Like the Next Time You Want to Make a Point I Beg You Not to Make It 

So Dramatically and Then Carden's Like So Long as You're Begging King a King a King Iconic Iconicism at Its Finest Never Been Done Before Never We'll See It Again So Good That's It for This I Really Just Loved Everything Also 

I'm One of Those People Who Reads the Acknowledgments and Holy Black Didn't Acknowledge Her Readers at All and I'm Just Like I Mean We Help You a Lot We Promote the Series a Lot 

You Couldn't Even Say Thank You to My Readers but Hey I'm Still Going to Buy Everything That She Writes So Doesn't Matter to Me Doesn't Matter to Her.