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Pucking Around By Emily Rath PDF Download

Dial A for Aunties by Jesse Q. Sutanto PDF Download


Dial A for Aunties by Jesse Q. Sutanto PDF Download

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Dial A for Aunties by Jesse Q. Sutanto PDF Download

Details of Dial A for Aunties by Jesse Q. Sutanto Book

  • Book Name: Dial A for Aunties 
  • Authors: Jesse Q. Sutanto
  • Pages: 360
  • Genre: Mystery, Romance novel, Humor, Humorous Fiction, Domestic Fiction
  • Publish Date: 27 April 2021
  • Language: English

Book Review: 

Dial A for Aunties by Jesse Q. Sutanto this book is by an asian author about an asian family um she the author was what born in indonesia has lived in china has lived in oxford feels equally connected to each of these places and that's kind of what the family is like in the book 

like they're from these multiple locations and you have these four aunties so you have um what is it big aunt second aunt the mom and then fourth aunt 

They all have very distinct personalities and them together with their granddaughter have a wedding planning business so the daughter is the granddaughter is the photographer um the mom and the three aunties each one of them one of them does music one of them does the cakes and one of them 

does the makeup and they are preparing for this really big wedding on this island that could really just boost up their careers and they're also trying to force the granddaughter to go on dates and find a man already i am going to say here i think 

it's very important to read the introduction to this book because there are certain accents that are portrayed in the language of the aunties and that is all explained in the introduction as this is the way some of my family members talk and it doesn't 

mean that they are uneducated it just means that they are more fluent in a different language besides english so i thought the introduction was really important really well done made some great points about the reason that the book was written the way it was 

so anyways um this granddaughter is gonna go ahead and just give in to her aunties why am i saying granddaughter grand niece wow it's been a long day um this we'll just call her the daughter because she has a mom here too a mom and three aunties we'll call her the daughter the daughter is gonna go ahead and give into her 

family and just go on this date and some things happen in the beginning of the book and this isn't a spoiler because it's the premise of the book but someone dies and this death affects the wedding weekend and the planning of the wedding weekend and is just 

so it's so good i don't want to say this book is a murder mystery like it has a murder and it has a mystery but the mystery is not the murder because you already know how the murder happened but the twists in this book just there there are twists and they are 

so wild and so good and when i say wild i don't mean like unthinkable or stupid or anything they're wild like they're they're funny but they're understandable and they just add so much to the story and this was just it's it's a heartwarming family book it's got murder 

which is fascinating it's it's got mystery and intrigue to it it even has some romance so you're following two different timelines you have the daughter in her college life where she's falling in love and the daughter in her adult life where she's still pining after the 

love in college and that does end up playing into the story plays into many aspects of the story including the dead body and it just i guess this is just a short five minute review to say i absolutely adored dial a for aunties and i cannot wait to see what 

jessie q sutanto comes up with next because based on this book i would read pretty much anything she's written and for a debut book which i believe this is just top notch love it just please please please read it if you like murder if you like not if you like murder 

if you like reading about murder whatever if you like intrigue if you like mystery if you like romance if you like family if you like terrible blind dates just please read this book it.