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Theo Tan and the Fox Spirit by Jesse Q Sutanto pdf download


Theo Tan and the Fox Spirit by Jesse Q Sutanto

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Theo Tan and the Fox Spirit by Jesse Q Sutanto pdf download

Details of Theo Tan and the Fox Spirit by Jesse Q Sutanto Book

  • Book Name: Theo Tan and the Fox Spirit 
  • Authors: Jesse Q. Sutanto
  • Pages: 230
  • Genre: Fiction, Thriller
  • Publish Date: 31 May 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review: 

Theo Tan is a famous Chinese fox hunter. His most famous book is the epic poem about his adventures: The Fox Spirit. 

In this book, Theo describes his experiences hunting wild foxes in China's Shaanxi province. 

He also tells the story of how he and his crew saved their village from a deadly epidemic by chasing off a fox spirit.

In the poem, Theo begins by describing the different characteristics of a fox and a spirit. He explains that a fox is related to the canine family and is generally black in color. 

On the other hand, a spirit is part of the Yan Family, which includes tigers, leopards, pythons and other large cats. The members of this family are generally white in color with black spots or stripes. 

Not only that, each animal has its own unique abilities. For instance, a tiger is both fierce and nimble while a leopard is both powerful and cunning.

Theo goes on to describe how he and his fellow hunters tracked down a herd of wild foxes in Shaanxi's Qin Mountains. 

They eventually corner one of the foxes but are unable to kill it before it escapes. Luckily, one of Theo's crew members has an idea: they should capture the elusive fox by hiding themselves as its prey. 

They each smear their body with mud and grass to look like freshly caught prey animals. This way, when the fox tries to eat them, it will be confused and unable to escape.

The fox catches the hunters off guard and devours three before they can escape. The crew then realizes that their prey-like strategy must have worked. Thus, they decide to let their captain address the situation from now on. 

After declaring his intentions to kill this elusive animal, Theo describes his shock when he sees his captain transform into an enormous red wolf! 

The creature then drags off several of Theo's crew members while simultaneously injuring Theo himself.

Ultimately, Theo realizes that he has little choice but to fight back against this unnatural enemy. He does this by screaming like a mortal man and throwing stones at his wolfish foe. 

The battle continues for some time before both combatants fall unconscious from exhaustion and injuries sustained in combat with one another. 

In this state, both men learn a valuable lesson- trusting your instincts can get you into trouble, but doing so will often benefit you in ways you never expected.

From this essay, we can conclude that not every character who hunts foxes turns into an animal himself. On the contrary, some become humans who can assume animal form at will. 

Ultimately, no matter what form they take, these characters have learned that they possess special powers that have helped them during times of crisis or triumphal victory over an enemy base on human formality 

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