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The New Girl Jesse Q. Sutanto pdf download

Details of The New Girl by Jesse Q. Sutanto Book

  • Book Name: The New Girl
  • Authors: Jesse Q. Sutanto
  • Pages: 230
  • Genre: Fiction, Thriller
  • Publish Date: February 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review: 

The New Girl by Jesse Q. Sutanto this book definitely fit down below click subscribe also my goodreads and instagram are down below for you guys if you want to go ahead and follow me over there so we can talk bookish on all of the different platforms 

i would absolutely love that and let's go ahead and jump into how we're gonna structure this review so i'm gonna briefly talk about the synopsis then we'll go over kind of how i felt about the story my thoughts my feelings all of that and then i'll kind of talk about um maybe some stuff if i if you enjoyed certain things you might enjoy 

this book as well as well as just kind of who i think this book might be for and then we'll wrap everything up so that's kind of where we're headed what direction i will put time stamps for you guys down below and let's go ahead and talk about the synopsis of 

this book so we are following leah and she receives a full ride scholarship to draycott academy for track and she is bound and determined to make it work at her new school although she feels very out of place on her first day at this new school she sees this girl being dragged away by campus security 

her new teachers and the other students don't seem to really care or be concerned about her at all and she's kind of questioning what in the heck she just got herself into as she kind of begins starting to uncover some of dracot's secrets she finds a blackmailer a corrupt teacher and kind of begins questioning some of the friends that she thought she was making so my thoughts and feelings on this book 

i really felt like this book was such a fast-paced thriller much more than a mystery we had a little bit of some of those elements but this definitely swung a little bit more towards the thriller side of things leah she's very stubborn and strong-willed and she's really trying to fight for herself as well as what 

she feels is right which is a huge difference to how a lot of the other characters at the school act in any way i definitely feel like the author did a great job of making these characters multifaceted and very questionable in a lot of ways 

so you're constantly like guessing who you can actually trust and who you can't which i personally enjoy it definitely makes you think and keeps you on your toes a little bit all of the secrets and the awful atmosphere that is created at the school left just like this awful taste in my mouth they were just 

so cruel and it was just based on such awful things like money and race and things that just really shouldn't matter and it was just the atmosphere that she built with just like the awfulness of these people was really well done and really kind of set the stage for this i definitely do wish that there was a little more description and atmosphere built around 

what the school looked like because i think that from what i did get it sounded like it could have been really cool to just kind of build up this old school architecture huge school um maybe just like get me a little more put into the place and feel like i'm there i do think that i wish i would have had a little bit more of that for me personally 

i really enjoy that and i know that that enhances my um enjoyment of a story but i know that's not everybody's like they don't care so you know know that that's kind of how this book is going to be depending on what kind of reader you are like i said at the beginning 

i do feel like that this is kind of more of a fast-paced thriller i feel like i moved through very quickly um until a little bit later in the book i would say um this is one of those books where you're kind of getting some reveals earlier on and then you're just following as the actions have to be taken to kind of deal with all these different threats 

this new information and you're on this thrilling ride of trying to figure out what to do next and what leah's going to do to kind of keep going here and she wants to stay at the school but obviously these people are just like a mess and awful and um there's a lot going on that is threatening her 

in a lot of ways so we're kind of dealing with that and she's trying to figure out who her friends are so we do have that really fast pace kind of feel going through most of this book but towards the end i was kind of like okay we're here like i was ready for it to wrap up a little bit towards 

the very end um but i it also could have just been because i was like i want to know what's going on and some of that anticipation i was just like i'm calling come on like i wanna know so it definitely gave me some of that anticipation and just like i am dying to get to the end of this book 

so i may have just been getting frustrated with it because i just wanted to know what was going on and figure out how leo's going to get out of all of this stuff and all of that so i definitely think that overall it was a really enjoyable reading experience and i think the pacing was mostly pretty well done 

it was just like a smidge of a slow down for me and just like really anticipating and wanting to get through to the end so overall for rating for this one i put it at like a three and a half to a four and part of that i think maybe just because of the type of reader i am i enjoy thrillers 

but it's hard for me to get a five-star thriller going um i definitely enjoy things that are a little bit more on the mystery side than the thrilling side and this one's definitely more thriller but i still really enjoyed it and i thought it was a fun ride and i thought it was an enjoyable book to just go through 

so i don't think that there was anything inherently bad about it it's just i don't give a lot of thrillers five stars um it just i don't ever get that feeling of just like this was it and so three and a half four stars is kind of the range i'm feeling for this book

i definitely recommend it i think it's a really fun one i'm definitely checking out more of jessie q sutantos of books in the future because i just think they're really quick fun reads to get into and so let's go ahead and move into who i would recommend this book for uh i do have last time i did a review somebody asked me if i recommended like certain books to go with 

so if you liked natalie d richards books or something like that i think you would also like this book um i feel like her books are kind of that fast-paced thrilling we're just having a fun time going through the book and going along with the ride and taking in all these different things being thrown at us to get us 

there that was my like closest comparison as far as kind of other books that maybe also would fall into the same area with this one i also would say that if you like things that are a little bit more on the thriller 

side obviously i've said that a few times versus a more mystery book um i think this would work for you we also have that boarding school setting like all of these kids are living on campus and staying there and so you kind of have that as well and i almost feel like you also have kind of a gossip

girl type demeanor throughout the students as well you have this app where they're all like putting dirt on each other on basically and they're always in everybody's business and saying all this about everybody and just being overall awful to each other um it just really brings out the shitty sides of kind of bullying and the way social media can be used for that  

so if you like kind of that drama i would say also this could definitely work for you there's also a lot of like kind of secret plots and deception going on with all of that as well so i think if you like those kinds of things in your book.

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