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Seriously, So Good by Carissa Stanton PDF Download

Party of Two by Jasmine Guillory pdf download

Party of Two by Jasmine Guillory pdf download

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Party of Two by Jasmine Guillory pdf download 

Details of Party of Two by Jasmine Guillory Book

  • Book Name: Party of Two  
  • Authors: Jasmine Guillory
  • Pages: 328
  • Genre: Romance novel, Fiction, Fairy tale, Contemporary Romance
  • Publish Date: 23 June 2020
  • Language: English

Book Review: 

Party of Two by Jasmine Guillory this is her fifth book and honestly i think it might be like my second favorite or third favorite or i think it's pushed to like the first favorite so like my first favorite was the wedding date then my second favorite was the royal holiday now it's party of two for third 

but i think party of two might actually be pushed back to number one because it is so cute story is about olivia monroe the older sister to alexa monroe from the wedding date so olivia is the cool lawyer that just moved from new york city all the way to los angeles to start a firm 

so she's just basically starting a new chapter in her life and she starts this firm called monroe and spencer with her best friend elle where the story starts is basically olivia goes to this bar um one night and she ends up meeting 

this guy who's just happens to be at the bar like it's just the two of them and the bartender and they end up talking over cakes they actually really hit it off the person that she meets as his name is max later that night 

olivia turns on the tv and it discovers that the guy that she just spoke to is actually senator max powell and she couldn't believe it and so she's like in shock that she just had a long conversation with a senator one of the eligible bachelors in california later on 

she goes to like this event and he is speaking at that event and he notices her in the crowd she felt like there was a vibe between them at the bar feelings were kind of neutral he was interested in her too and then later that day olivia gets this package at her work it's 

a box with a chocolate cake and a note with a phone number and so that is max is way of basically asking her out divia is a very independent woman which i love she basically does take her time to reply to mac he takes her on a date 

so like their first date they go to like this dinner he goes under a disguise after their first date olivia and max start seeing each other and um things do actually get serious women in the book that i loved so much 

it was actually one of my favorite moments in the book and it's when max powell met olivia monroe's sister alexa alexa was at this event because she's the chief of staff to the mayor of berkeley max met alexa for 

the first time and it was kind of a awkward situation because at that time olivia and max weren't public he really wanted to impress her and really want to get to know her but at the same time he had to keep it professional 

because he's the senator like any other story there is drama or something that just kind of like shifts the relationship um so the relationship does get serious in this book they do decide to go public well mostly max decides to go 

public olivia throughout the whole book is very clear on certain things and like she doesn't want to do things unless if she feels comfortable so going public is something that she really needed to think through before 

she actually did it because she has a secret from her past she got in some serious trouble when she was young and it cost her her future um so what happened is that she did end up kind of like becoming a better person because she found a community center and she became a better person she grew up 

she became this lawyer when they're public her secret does come out olivia can't really handle the pressure and the stress from you know being the senator's girlfriend being in the public eye every person that doesn't like all that attention let's talk about characters starting off with Bolivia 

so olivia is someone that i really like she's someone who thinks things through before she actually decides to do something she's someone who is like so sure of herself she is someone 

who knows how to handle herself and she's confident then you have max who's the complete opposite max is the type of person who doesn't think when he makes decisions he is kind of impulsive okay he's very impulsive he um is so giddy they're complete opposites max is very like really 

impulsive and then olivia is very cool and collected so i really do like the two characters together and i think their relationships together are just really cute and you have wes max's best friend who's kind of like the voice of reason like you have two people that that are the voice of reason in 

this book is jamila and wes so wes is the type of person who gives max really good advice um and he's just always there for him then you have jamila who is one of olivia's friends and i love jamila because jamila kind of takes olivia kind of under her wing she always has her back she's just someone

who's just so supportive then you have cara who is max's secretary cara is really cool i actually like her she she's like the type of person who really understands her boss and they have a really good relationship they kind of have like a friendship and she is always there for him she always give

s him good advice another thing that i really loved about this book is that even though she was dating a senator the side characters so like her friends they understood that like she really likes this guy and they wanted to they encouraged her to keep seeing him even though he's like a senator and he has all this like press and he's popular they really supported her in this relationship 

i really liked that because honestly i thought it would be the opposite i thought her friends would be like oh because he's like so popular and famous maybe you should like tone it down maybe you guys should see each other or something she had supportive people on her corner who encouraged her 

to continue seeing him and i also loved on max's part he had encouraging friends as well cara and wes who gave him some good advice as well i do love max's character i really love the fact that he's a senator it made the story really interesting because i got to see things like he has recess 

he has to go to dc and then he has to do things in la and i love how he goes to events and he does speeches and is this really interesting and one of the things that i love about jasmine glory's books is that she really focuses a lot on like the careers for each character she gives them like these amazing careers and it's not just about the relationship they have with their significant other 

it's about the relationships they have with their friends and their family it's also about their career jasmine guillory focuses a lot on their careers and the importance of their careers especially as women like olivia's job she is a lawyer and she left a really nice firm from new york city to go to la to start her own firm monroe and spencer with her best friend elle 

i really love that about this book but not least the food oh my goodness there is so much food in this story and that's the thing that i love about jasmine glittery all her books include food so in this book there's a lot of cakes this is one scene where max is baking a pie or trying to attempt to 

bake a pie for um olivia and it does not go as planned so of course olivia helps him out but it is so cute the the food really does make the book more adorable and it makes you so hungry so i would just let you know in advance if you're gonna read this book make sure you're prepared because there is a 

lot of food and it is so so good that like i honestly wanted a chocolate cake after i read this book i was like i need a cake this book is making me hungry.

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