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By the Book by Jasmine Guillory pdf download

Details of By the Book by Jasmine Guillory Book

  • Book Name: By the Book 
  • Authors: Jasmine Guillory
  • Pages: 320
  • Genre: Romance novel, Fiction, Fairy tale, Contemporary Romance
  • Publish Date: May 3, 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review: 

By the Book by Jasmine Guillory this book kind of made me really really want to go um i've always wanted to go but i just have never been out there so they go to santa barbara or she goes to santa barbara and she goes to his house which oh that's a lot to ask but i guess if somebody's not returning 

your calls you're gonna go bring it to the front door and his assistant answers the door and he's saying like no i don't want to meet with her right now and so she's like okay well i'm gonna go on my merry way the assistant ends 

up falling spraining her ankles so izzy now has to help um the assistant back into the house when she helps her back into the house she is comes face to face with whom needs to write his book and his name is bo towers so once they come face to face izzy puts it on like what do you need to get 

this book finished do you need me to stay here to be your like give you constant pep talks and he's like yeah actually i do and she ends up staying like the boss okays it so sh that was her job but of course they get into it and she's ready to pack her bags and leave he apologizes 

she continues giving the pep talks then he starts to actually get his start writing and he sees that it's successful having her around so she asks for another extension and her staying around they end up falling in love 

so that's pretty much the book there's really no other keen details that i want to give until it is released just in case the details of the book do change but it is so romantic it is so charming it is everything that jasmine guillory pro black does in her writing she does it i was able to read 

this book in about two days off and on maybe two and a half it was a quick read like most of her books but it's just so captivating to see how she incorporates those disney majestic moments into the writing style and you will see that when you get your hands on this copy i am hoping that i will be able to host a giveaway of this book 

so i'm going to keep you guys in the know if that's the case i'm trying to work some things out but i hope that i can do that for you guys because i'm a jasmine guillory stan okay anything she drops i'ma read it period um so i just wanted to let you guys know about that it is 

so well written it touches on a lot of different topics so it touches on um some familial uh intricacies so to speak so a lot of family conflicts how to resolve that how to get over that um i appreciate that this is kind of one of the few books that jasmine has where the couple's not an interracial couple 

i know that she gets some flack for that um which i don't really mind because as i'm reading i think of everybody as black anyway but um both of them are black in this book and izzy is of a bigger size so that also that those are things that are touched on in the book which 

i like because who doesn't like body you know positivity of it is just uh digesting some of the family trauma that ultimately leads into chaotic behavior and acknowledging that and taking some accountability for it is one of the big things in this book 

able to talk through it with someone a lot of people don't have that therapy we know can be expensive but to just have somebody that will listen and allow you to get some things out on paper is great the relationship between izzy and bo is so just it's just so chef's kiss to watch um the way that 

it unfolds in the way that we see the characters interact because as always one of my favorite tropes is from hating to lovers um because it works well almost every single time like i've i've rarely seen it where it does not work so that's one of my favorite tropes.