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Just like home by Sarah Gailey

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Just like home by Sarah Gailey pdf download

Details of Just like home by Sarah Gailey Book

  • Book Name: Just like home 
  • Authors: Sarah Gailey
  • Pages: 271
  • Genre: Thriller, Horror fiction, Gothic fiction, Contemporary fantasy, Paranormal fiction
  • Publish Date: 19 July 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Just like home by Sarah Gailey this is just like home it's by sarah galey this is a horror well horror thriller kind of feel um it's not the scariest thing i've ever read definitely not but it's it's in terms of like kind of creepy 

it did its job so the premise of this is that it's a young girl coming home to her house while her mother is dying and she is coming home after she hasn't been home since she found out that her father was a serial killer 

so you're coming home to this really creepy weird vibe um it's got childhood trauma relationship trauma abuse and kind of like this indescribable like awkwardness there's an interesting mother-daughter relationship in it 

where you're feeling the vibe of like the mother doesn't even want her to call her mother like she wants her to call her by her name it's really weird i personally found this book to be really darkly gothic really cold and distant 

i really recommend it i don't think that this is like the ultimate horror vibe um i think it's a pretty chill horror vibe for what it is there's some trigger warnings for sure like i don't think that it's without it's it's fear 

but i do think that this is in general just a really good solid thriller and i think that for a lot of people this book is going to have a lot of accessibility there's a lot of discussion about death and grief and the feeling of acceptance and accepting your parents as the flawed individuals that they are that was a really interesting feel 

i think this takes a really interesting turn it's not shallow it's not simplistic it's not easy to digest it's just really infectious infectious is the right word i think it kind of grabs you and it makes you feel things 

i would tell you that this is definitely one of the ones that um i would recommend but i wouldn't say i recommend it to everybody i would say if you like thrillers and horror you will like this but

if you are more of a sly some dyson kind of horror i don't know if this is going to be your vibe there's some slight some dyson moments in this like it's kind of creepy and awkward and a little bit uncomfortable it's not like a book that you would read before going to bed i made that mistake 

although i definitely would say that there are some books in the freezer type moments in here that i would feel vibe um i just i think that this is a it's a good horror it's good and i like enjoyed it a lot and i read another sarah gailey right after i think i preferred 

What's it called up i upright women wanted i think i preferred that um but this is my second favorite of sarah's books and i would definitely recommend it in all truth and honesty i think that this is so different from up white upright women that you'd be fine that is a novella that is a really easy read 

it's all about um difference and and finding yourself and it's it's really different this is not that um this is not a light-hearted wonderful feel-good book this is something completely different so if you like some horror and some thriller vibes in your life this is definitely good it's got dark serial killer feels 

it's fall vibes it's definitely gonna be good for fall i think this is good for that if you like uh if you like what's his name uh riley sagger you'll probably like this i think that's definitely the best way to explain it 

if you like rally sagar you will probably like this so thank you for watching i definitely enjoyed this book and i would recommend it to all of you um that like horror and thrillers if you're not really if you can't handle 

if you can't handle riley sagar i wouldn't read that book um that would be my my threshold.

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