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Ravenfall by Kalyn Josephson

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Ravenfall by Kalyn Josephson pdf download

Details of Ravenfall by Kalyn Josephson Book

  • Book Name: Ravenfall 
  • Authors: Kalyn Josephson 
  • Pages: 256
  • Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, Adventure fiction
  • Publish Date: September 6, 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Ravenfall by Kalyn Josephson so like in nine days oh this involves princess of the yard she lives in this country and in a country they have crowds that are magical they have lots of different crowds crows Prowse crows crows they have different magical abilities like fire water storm shadow you name it 

then she is gonna be a writer of these crows and there's this certain ceremony they have to go truth the bookstore's of the day of her writers ceremony and I was like oh 

let's do this let's get her crow and I thought like this crow is gonna be special but no a day being attacked by another country which I have forgotten the name of illusio so all the crows dies including her aunt and her mother and yeah we done skipped six months later where the crows added her sisters Queen

Thea has been lying in her bed four seasons because she's sad obviously because a lot of people died then she finds out she has the married Prince of Ulster and the meat country that's attacked them to make sure that they don't invade them and take over the country so she done has to go over there and they're there but before this she does find a hidden in crow

I give the last curve which he brings with her because she doesn't know how to hatch it yet that's how the story starts this is like it's a way I really like the concept of the story but execution just does not work for me at all I just think that the story could have been better  

so many ways and I did not enjoy myself by reading this I was like raging on out loud because I wanted it to be over it was just full of cliches it was really boring I don't understand how horse died it just seems 

so unrealistic for me because they were this magical really powerful beings and that was what made it can I say it's a nice Kingdom and then it just literally all died him all night in my heart it just just not much sadness 

so that underlining a logical thing was just in my head the whole time reading evoke so it made me disbelieve everything that was happening which is not really encouraging when you try to read a fancy book and try to get into this world and the characters 

I just didn't believe what was happening it was not convincing enough I guess that's my issue that was like my main issue because everyone liked the whole book for me atheist depression was also 

I don't know it was really weirdly portrayed because it was all about her not being able to go out of bed and mentioning her and not being able to go out of bad it's all okay of course that she feels consequences her losses 

she lost her family her Kingdom is like falling apart and she feels all this and of course getting depressed I think it's a pretty normal response to this but depression was just portrayed really weird for me 

but I'm not an expert in this field or people might be able to relate I don't know but I just feel like there's more to a depression than not being able to go out of bed even though that it is so normal constants of the people who does have depression I don't know what happened to the Romans in this 

but it didn't actually not go where I expected to so that was a positive thing and it was okay there's also this feeding off friendship in here which I really appreciated I think I liked her best friend more than a main character because the main character was just like nothing special 

I mean I don't even know what I think about her she was just like bland speaking about like disability factor in this like the whole kingdom of America was dependent on the crows right but because then they functioned the fields and everything around them so like when they were gone everything just started to fall apart and I guess understandable but like it only meant six months 

I just felt like the consequences just rather really fast and like they talked about it like it was real long time ago and I was just like a fee like time period just wasn't realistic either to me just like I didn't understand how all the freaking crows died like in one night I feel like the book could have been more interesting

if you like started off with all the course being gone unlike its mini Isis it happened Oh like she didn't she had never met crows before and never had all be dead for a long time and then she Wow she found an egg one day but this is also false into cliches it was just 

I don't know there's things probably want her work but there wasn't convincing and I'm still not convinced of this story because just the things as I said didn't make sense to me the villain Jay the monarch Queen of the invading country it's like really bad and boring as well it's really like a feels like a Disney Villains 

I was like when she didn't really make me scared or threatened she was just Darrin was cruel for no reason that is obvious to me the story just real sets up the story also for the next few books because we have this complex and it is gonna be sold 

I think the story is basically her falling down because of everything happen and I'm building yourself up again to find the confidence to fight for a country but since I never really felt her falling down like two short amount of time to feel for her because we never really cared about what happened in the beginning either way since it happened so quickly 

I don't really care about her building yourself up again because I never knew her before she had this breakdown so the below doesn't have that much weight as I want to be because we don't care initially about how she wore because we only knew her for like that for like one chapter people keep talking about 

how strong she was and that she's not like this and yeah that she's changed but we didn't see the change and offered to be commencing for us so it was really just a typical ye but I like the ideas in this one like human friendship 

I like magic you didn't get that much if any at all but not particularly recommend if it sounds interesting to you I feel like some people would enjoy it but it wasn't for me it was more about story issue problems I guess so I gave it 2 out of 5 stars.