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The Measure by Nikki Erlick PDF Download

Details ofThe Measure by Nikki Erlick Book

  • Book Name: The Measure 
  • Authors: Nikki Erlick 
  • Pages: 368
  • Genre: Science fiction, Magical Realism, Dystopian Fiction, Domestic Fiction
  • Publish Date: June 28, 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review:

The Measure by Nikki Erlick so this one for instance has the ribbon around the flowers which is going to be a major part of the story but the flowers themselves had nothing to do with the story and just looking 

at this i would have no idea what it was about i also don't love deckle-edged books that is completely my idiosyncrasy and that's just where we're at so i really liked the premise of this book it is a 

i've seen it described as dystopian i would say it's more speculative the idea is that one day overnight every single person in the world who is over the age of 22 gets a box just shows up wherever they are if it's at home 

it shows up on their doorstep if they are at a at an overnight job assignment it shows up at the job assignment it even says people who are homeless it shows up where they are sleeping and the only thing

in this box is a piece of claw a piece of ribbon and hence the title the measure and this ribbon is a measure of your life span so there's no explanation so it's just through trial and error and looking at the string length of elderly people 

so very quickly websites are going to develop that can estimate for instance if your string is 12 inches long your life is going to be 65 years and i just totally made up those numbers but very very quickly scientists are going to be able to estimate your lifespan based on this string 

it's your total lifespan it's not your remaining lifespan so i really liked that premise it reminded me a lot of an adam silvera book called they both die at the end which spoiler warning it's right there in the title i thought that book was amazing 

so i was really very much looking forward to this one as well this seems to be the adult fiction version of that one which is clearly y a so this story it centers around eight main characters and they are all connected in a sense some of them are much more clearly connected to each other for instance 

we have jack and javier who are roommates at a military academy it never actually says which one but we know jack's family is from virginia so i'm gonna guess their roommates at vmi and then we have nina and maura who are in a relationship and then 

we have ben and hank and eventually all of these stories are going to connect some of them will form very strong relationships to each other some of them are going to have pretty short-term tangential relationships and then there are like a number of side or secondary characters 

who are just kind of mentioned a little bit but then they connect into these stories again and i really liked that thread of weaving together the eight separate stories we also get some government involvement because of course we do and there are different responses for example one country requires everyone to turn in their boxes unopened another country requires everyone

to open them and submit to a database the length of their string another country begins another kind of series of discrimination for instance very high ranking military and government workers have to have a string of a certain length so they are discriminating against the short stringers 

a number of support groups are formed for the short stringers and also for the very short stringers some people if they for instance have a long string some of them become pretty reckless or they start engaging in behavior they might not otherwise have because they know that they're going to live 

a long life and they're always cautioned that a long life is not necessarily a healthy life you uh yes you can go cliff dive but you might spend the next 50 years in uh in a comatose state so a lot of very different reactions from people some of them become very violent some of them become very religious

like pretty pretty much any expected human relationship is going to develop so of our main characters our main eight characters most of them open their boxes one does not she uh she doesn't want to know and some of them are long stringers some of them are short stringers and we get to see 

how their stories play out so the majority of the book covers the first year since the strings have appeared and then the last chapter just picks up several years later and it lets us know the fate of them particularly of these short stringers so this book i really liked it i really liked the concept 

i thought the author did a nice job with the execution of it sometimes the reader's voices weren't always obvious so for instance if i'd randomly picked it up and started reading a page i wouldn't necessarily know very quickly 

which character that chapter was focusing on but if you take it as an overall narration that different people are bringing different experiences to this big story and i thought it was a really really good story so i do recommend that if this sounds even remotely interesting

i do recommend that you check it out if you have not read adam silvera they both die at the end check out that one as well.