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To love Jason Thorn by Ella Maise pdf Download


To love Jason Thorn by Ella Maise pdf

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To love Jason Thorn by Ella Maise pdf download 

Details of To Love Jason Thorn by Ella Maise  Book

  • Book Name: To Love Jason Thorn 
  • Authors: Ella Maise
  • Pages: 325
  • Genre: Fantasy Fiction, Horror fiction
  • Publish Date: 20 January 2020
  • Language: English

Book Review:

To love Jason Thorn by Ella Maise so unexpected so good i'm just giddy about it to love jason thorne by ella mays guys we love tropes right we love tropes and books there's so many and there's a reason that tropes exist and a reason that we love them because 

they just they're fun they add a little extra spice to a book they're what makes a story interesting and it's so nice and refreshing when a trope is like just really done right but it is just ten times more impressive and ten times more interesting 

when an author is able to successfully combine tropes and still like do each of them justice separately while also like interweaving them it makes for such a good time and this book totally did that combined a couple of tropes that i love i know you guys love especially and i'm just loved this book so much let's just let's just talk about it 

so to love jason thorne this story follows a girl named olive when the book starts out we are in the past seeing olive as young as seven years old meeting her brother's best friend for the first time jason thorne he is the new kid next door him and all his brother dylan have hit it off right off the bat all of you 

we see her right in the beginning um eavesdropping basically on jason meeting her parents for the first time she's like hit her on the staircase and she can hear his voice and she's like who's this guy what's going on and he basically turns the corner to go up the stairs they run right into each other he is a few years older than her i think four years older 

so she's like seven he's like older he's like 11 or 12. she is just in awe like jaw drop this is the most beautiful boy i've ever seen jason is so sweet to all of like right off the bat like he's just so nice to her like dylan her brother they have that sibling energy you know he kind of blows her off 

he kind of excludes her pushes her out but jason is like so sweet to all of you know he sees her and he talks to her and she ends up asking him in their very first interaction if he'll marry her which was so cute and you know he wasn't rude about it he's just like um you know we're a little young for that i don't know about that tyke haha like he always like pulls her hair 

it just it's an ongoing thing from there like she's just head over heels in love with him and he obviously because he is her brother's best friend he comes over all the time we kind of like flash forward throughout these first few chapters and we just see like a couple interactions with them like as 

they're both growing older and the final sort of interaction in the past that we see is when jason and dylan are now 18 they're seniors in high school and olive is about 14. olive finally gets up the courage to do something about this crush on jason she wants to see if he feels the same way so she ends up like borrowing a friend's cell phone and texting him anonymously for a second 

i was like okay this is kind of goofy like are you really doing this and then i had to think about it i'm like okay you definitely did dumber things we definitely made a lot of prank calls when i was a kid to boys we thought we were cute so it really isn't that like out of this world to think that that would happen but yeah she's like 13 or 14 at this point and she texts jason while 

they're literally under the same roof together he's spending the night with her brother and she's like oh i think you're cute whatever talking back and forth and um you know he's like who is this is like trying to figure out who she is and she like doesn't want to say it because he wants her to like guess that it's her just again like kid stuff and then finally um you know she's like 

what are you doing he's like oh at dylan's house and then she ends up like going downstairs to like get water from the kitchen and like he's also in the kitchen and they see each other and then they have no idea she doesn't let on that she's the one texting him but she goes back to her room and she like checks her phone and he hasn't responded so she like texts again he's like oh sorry 

i was talking to dylan's sister and she's like now's my opportunity well what do you think of dylan's sister or whatever and he basically was like you know she's she's just a kid like she's sweet a little clingy but you know yeah just a kid basically says that like she's just a kid translation like i have 

no interest in her she's just my best friend's kid sister nothing more and olive is absolutely crushed and heartbroken like her heart literally shatters there on the spot like she's been like in love with this boy like her entire childhood and she's like he's just never gonna see me as more than a kid and honestly it made me so sad like it just like hurt my heart and then shortly right after jason's 

always kind of had like issues with his home life that's why he spends so much time at olive and dylan's house but basically like his mother ends up passing away um from an overdose and because of that jason has to now go and live with his dad in another state so pretty much right after 

this like interaction where olive's heart gets shattered because she realizes jason only sees her as a kid he's kind of immediately like swept away and she's just kind of like given up on it and he's like you know he's really close to all his family like they're like the closest thing to a family he's ever like really known over the past few years but yeah they pretty much have to say goodbye they separate all is heartbroken and that's kind of like where 

we're left after the like initial chapters after that we flash forward eight years and now present day we're getting dual point of view at this point because it's from jason's point of view when i saw that i just about screamed because i love a good dual point of view but yes we're seeing from jason's perspective it is now eight years in the future and jason is actually now a very famous actor 

he is a movie star and he's super well known amongst the people and um he kind of has a bad reputation for getting into just a lot of trouble he's kind of known as like a player he just doesn't have the best image like he gives his publicist a really hard time because he's just has a hard time keeping it together he's like a really talented really famous actor but he just he likes to 

party he likes to have a good time and he just he you know kind of goes from girl to girl and it's just hard cause paparazzi are just like following him everywhere but we're basically seeing jason and his present day we know he's an actor and then we go back to olive and olive is now about to graduate from college or is like literally in the process of graduating from college 

we learned that olive has in the past eight years published a book she is now an author and this book very quickly took off and has become a best seller and now she has been offered a movie deal this company this production company wants to basically buy the movie rights to her book and we pretty much learned that this book is a story that she wrote inspired by jason like 

it's pretty much their story of like a girl who fell in love with her brother's best friend and you know got heartbroken but then she basically like wrote her own happy ending so she's going to this meeting to talk about her book being bought and she has no idea but they're like oh we have a surprise for you and you'll never guess who they bring in as an option to play the main character in her book none other than freaking jason thorne i think

this concept is so interesting hurt like she was not expecting that at all she didn't even think they were going to talk about casting she thought this was just like an initial meeting and in walks jason who she hasn't seen in eight years like literally after he went and became an actor like he stayed a little bit in touch with um her brother dylan but you know like you grow apart and he became famous and he was busy and things happen so olive has not seen him 

obviously she's written this book about him his name isn't in it like there's no way of like knowing that it's him but she knows and he could probably most definitely figure it out if he really like looks into it but uh yeah basically this company wants to buy all his book and they want jason to play himself and jason when he sees olive has that moment of like oh my gosh you're 

so grown up like olive is that you like it takes a minute for him to recognize her and so basically like the movie's gonna happen and olive is like she's still in a lot of ways like hates jason because he broke her heart even though she was only like 13 or 14 when that happened like she still has a sore spot about it because she loved him 

he always like looked at her as a kid and she still like feels that way like she's not ready to just like let him in and she feels like really embarrassed for feeling that way so she really tries to like push jason away 

but he's like not about it like he's like all over her he's like i'm doing this like he basically tells his agent like i'm doing this movie like let's do it so we're kind of seeing like olive and jason's relationship kind of rekindle she's very hesitant he's not really sure how he feels but at the same time that this is going on several scandals of jason's kind of like end up 

in the media at one time some true some not because he's so famous people like to like spin stories and stuff pretty much his publicist and his manager have to go into like major damage control because like offers that he has are starting to like pull out and they're like we need you to look like you are like a straight lace stand-up guy like you are going to lose deals like your career is going to be ruined if like this continues to go on they propose like 

what about a fake relationship and his publicist is like that's not going to be good enough like no one's going to believe that it's going to be an obvious pr stunt like we need to go one step further and basically his publicist is like wait like you need to get married you need to show that you are like a family guy a stand-up guy you're not a train wreck 

you need to get married stay married for a couple years like show that you know you're not you're not a kid you're a serious actor you're a family man like just get that image boosted and jason is like are you kidding me no like i'm not gonna like i don't know i'm not gonna just marry someone random and they basically are like you need to do this and he's like i'll think about it

i don't know they end up like coming up with a bunch of like actresses for him and he's just like not into the idea but at the same time because jason has been filming this movie with olive and like spending some time with her some pictures of them have recently ended up in the media people have figured out who olive is they figured out that they are like childhood friends that are like reconnected now and people in the public are like loving that story 

they think it's like super cute that they knew each other when they were kids and now like they've been brought back together by this book that she wrote and like he's playing it like what a cool story so his publicist get the genius idea that he should marry olive i just about screamed this isn't a spoiler because i mean it's like on the back of the book like we know that so 

so much more happens in the book i don't feel bad like saying that again it's on the back the book don't worry guys but um yeah jason's like what like olive are you i mean obviously he doesn't want to have to marry someone just to marry someone for like a fake deal slash contract slash 

publicity stunt anyways but he's like if i'm gonna like if i need to marry someone you know i'd rather be olive over like someone i don't even know and you know he starts to kind of like you know how it is you're like wait how do i feel okay like i need to do this for publicity but like also i don't hate this idea and then he obviously presents the idea to olive and i mean this is her dream come true i mean she asked him to marry her the first time 

they met like this is all she's ever wanted in her life but it's like he's not really asking her he's asking her for you know publicity like it's fake so like everything in her wants to say yes but like also she wants it to be real but it's like okay because part of the deal is like they have to live together like 

it has to be believable like his publicist is like you'll have to live together for at least a couple years and you can like have a quickie divorce then you can go on with your lives if you want to whatever jason obviously like has a mansion like he is a star so like this would change olives life in a lot of ways i mean she's a new author they tell her like olive if you do 

this like every book you sell from here on out will be a bestseller like you were married to jason thorne like this benefits you as well and she really doesn't care about that like she just cares about jason and she still is like he doesn't think of me that way like he's not into me because whatever i'm i'm just my my brother's little sister and so it's just such an inch like

i thought the concept was so interesting like i love a fake dating moment and then like a childhood friends to lovers moment when it's done correctly i love and i feel like it was done so correctly in this book like i was just so into it and also just like the second chance romance 

i love i love the childhood friends to strangers come back together to lovers and then the fake dating combination and then the way that he was like in her movie based on the book that she wrote about their story just the combination of all of it made for such an interesting freaking book that i couldn't put down 

i will say this cover is freaking deceptive because it looks so cute and wholesome doesn't it so cute and wholesome it's pink and it's like oh i'm just sitting in a coffee shop writing my book and this book was 

so ridiculously spicy that i was like concerned i'm like did they put the wrong cover on this but i mean it was so good i'm not complaining but like the second half of this book was just like spice and it is very good just the whole story was really interesting um i would give it four and a half stars 

i did think i thought it was a little weird because it was never really addressed like how slash why jason became an actor like i did i thought it was a little strange like whenever we just kind of jumped to that because he never like in the past talked about wanting to be an actor and then all of a sudden 

he was just a famous actor like after he graduated from high school like within a few years he was a movie star and it's like i would have just thought there would have been like a conversation about like how that happened and why that happened and oh you were always interested in acting like that was never discussed which is not that big of a deal like 

who cares but i just you know it would have completed the story here and there there was like a little bit of cringy dialogue like that just came out of nowhere and i think it just was weird because like 95 of the dialogue was not like it was all very good but here and there there were a few lines where i was kind of like don't love that but literally aside from that like it was a super good book 

i totally freaking recommend it to everyone like so good i have not seen like anybody talk about this book i feel like i've seen it like one time on my social medias and literally it should be on all of them because i was so obsessed with it there's also a spin-off book of this which i 110 be reading called to hate adam connor and it's about like another girl that's in 

this story with a brand new guy i am even more excited to read that one because i honestly like i prefer enemies to lovers usually over a friend's delivers even though this one was done super well i'm so excited to read that one i'm totally going to be reading that one soon 

so be on the lookout for my review on that but yes in conclusion go read this book i'm going to read more by ella mays if you've read ella mae's other books i know she wrote marriage for one i didn't realize that was her i was looking at her books on amazon.