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Long Live The Pumpkin Queen Pdf Download


Long Live The Pumpkin Queen

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Long Live The Pumpkin Queen Pdf Download

Details of Long Live The Pumpkin Queen Book

  • Book Name: Long Live The Pumpkin Queen
  • Authors: Shea Ernshaw
  • Pages: 341
  • Genre: Fantasy Fiction, Horror fiction
  • Publish Date: 2 August 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Long Live The Pumpkin Queen is about sally from the nightmare before christmas this book takes place nearly a year after the nightmare before christmas the book is from sally's perspective rather than jax this book has over four stars on GoodReads 

I Rated It Five Stars I Really Enjoyed This Book Because of Shayer and Shaw's Writing and How She Really Brought the Character of Sally to Life We Learned So Much More About Sally in This Book Which We'll Talk More About Later 

I Would Recommend This Book for Any Fan of the Nightmare Before Christmas This Book is Classified as Young Adult but I Think Ages a Little Younger Can Probably Read It and Enjoy It Now I'm Going to Talk More in Depth About the Story Itself So if You Have Not Read Long Live the Pumpkin Queen 

This Point on There Will Be Spoilers the Opening of the Book I Felt Was Really Really Strong It Started Off With Jack and Sally Getting Married and Then Them Going to Valentine's Town Which I Thought Was a Really Nice Touch Throughout the Book We Get to Visit Many Different Places 

I Feel Like That's One of My Only Complaints About the Book After the Sandman Comes and Everyone Falls Asleep Sally Goes to Every Single Land to Check to Make Sure That There Are People Still Awake and of Course Nobody's Awake Everybody's Asleep and of Course Everyone is Asleep Except This One Leprechaun in St Patrick's Town Who's Trying to Find This Pot of Gold and Just Won't Help Sally 

I Feel Like We Could Have Spent More Time Going Through Each One of These Lands Because It Was Just Like Land Land Land It Like It Kind of Almost Felt Overwhelming to the Reader Because We Know So Much About Halloweentown and Christmastown 

But We Don't Know Much About Any of the Other Lands Except Valentine's Town Which Was Mentioned Mentioned and They Went There Earlier in the Book It Just Felt Really Rushed Going From Town to Town to Town 

I Would Have Loved to See More World Building Throughout the Other Realms Otherwise I Thought All Other Elements of This Book Were Fantastic I Loved Getting to Learn More About Sally's Backstory and We Discovered That

She Actually Has Parents and She Wasn't Made in Dr Finkelstein's Lab I Also Really Liked Getting to See Dreamtown and I Also Liked the Concept of the Ancient Realms Which Are Realms That Were Lost It Brought a Lot More Life to Halloweentown and the Towns Around

It I Also Liked That the Author Included So Many Original Characters From Tim Burton's the Nightmare Before Christmas and to Long Live the Pumpkin Queen So Many of the Characters From Halloweentown Make Appearances 

In This Novel if You're a Fan of Tim Burton's the Nightmare Before Christmas Then I Really Suggest Reading This Book It Was So Much Fun to Read and Get to Experience the Magic of Halloweentown All Over Again and It's Also New 

It's a New Refreshing Story With a New Refreshing Point of View and New Locations This Book is Definitely a Five-star Book Tell Me in the Comments Did Y'all Enjoy Long Live the Pumpkin Queen Are You Going to Read It Soon.