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You've Reached Sam by Dustin Thao pdf download


You've Reached Sam by Dustin Thao


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You've Reached Sam by Dustin Thao pdf download

Details of You've Reached Sam by Dustin Thao Book

  • Book Name: You've Reached Sam
  • Authors: Dustin Thao
  • Pages: 289
  • Genre:  Fiction
  • Publish Date: 9 November 2021
  • Language: English

Book Review:

You've Reached Sam by Dustin Thao our story is it follows our main character named julie who is grieving the loss of her boyfriend sam i'm going to read the blurb to you first and foremost and then i'll get on to my thoughts so the blurb goes heartbroken julie skips his funeral we're referring to sam

throws out his things and tries everything to forget him and the tragic way he died but a message sent left behind her yearbook forces back memories desperate to hear his voice one more time julie calls sam's cell phone just to listen to his voicemail and then sam picks up his phone

in a miraculous turn of events julie's been given a second chance at dubai the connection is temporary but hearing sam's voice makes her fall for him all over again and with each call it becomes harder to let him go 

however keeping her otherworldly calls with sam a secret isn't easy especially when julie witnesses the suffering sam's family is going through unable to stand by the sidelines and watch their shared loved ones

in pain julia is torn between spilling the truth about her calls with sam and risking their connection and losing him forever so i received an e-arc of this book by a netgalley so thank you netgalley for providing me with that opportunity my general rating for this book is 4.5 on storycraft and five stars 

i feel like this book accomplished what it's set out to do which can be summarized into the phrase just make you feel things since we are following a main character kind of dealing with her grief the story does kind of lean heavily on the topic of grief and i really like that because that's what 

you kind of expect from the blurb and so i guess that's just me saying that what you get from the blurb is what you're going to get from the book i also want to point out that this is a magnificent cover i don't know who the cover artist is but they did such an amazing job so kudos to 

you whoever you are also in terms of the actual book i really love dustin's house writing the prose is very poignant very atmospheric very it just kind of surrounds you and it's in all its beautifulness it's really very impressive and i'm really excited to read more from justin tower in the future 

i know this is only his debut novel but i hope that he continues to write more stories as for my general feelings on the book though i did get emotional but the story didn't hit as hard as i was expecting it to there were so many moments that i was on the verge of crying 

but it just didn't take me there i didn't get to that point you know so in some ways i was a little bit dissatisfied and disappointed i think part of it is you just have to be in a very specific mood to fully appreciate this book i think this is one of those books that you would read whenever 

you're sad just to feel more sad if that makes sense like if i felt particularly moody when i read this i feel like i would have loved this book so much more another thing that i didn't really like about this book 

i didn't like how inconsistent and unclear some of the rules of the magic were all throughout the book the rules were never really clear they were never really set in stone so you have really no idea how high or how low the stakes are i know this isn't like a fantasy book this is magical realism 

so it leads more into the contemporary side of things than the magical elements but i still felt that it needed a little bit more structure and needed i guess more boundaries in terms of how the magical elements work the way i would describe it is how the magic worked was plot driven instead of 

the plot revolving around the magic if that makes sense like the magic was used in order to manipulate the plot or as i said earlier just to make you feel things there were also a lot of cliches but i personally didn't mind them because i feel like they did achieve what they were trying to 

do which is to evoke emotions in the reader to evoke nostalgia in some instances one thing that i feel like might be a hiccup for some readers in terms of like their appreciation of this book are the number of song references in this story on top from the book there's like references to songs

sometimes like flat out the lyrics are also on the page i only knew one of the songs the rest i was just like completely clueless about it didn't really bother looking up these songs or listening to them so those parts didn't really have an emotional impact on me kind of going along with what 

i said earlier with needing to be in a very specific mood to appreciate this book i do feel like in order to really appreciate this book for what it is i think it would be good to listen to the songs that are being referenced because that's part of the immersive experience of the book i listened to 

one of the songs that was there like after i read the book and i was like man this reminds me of the book now and i feel like if i listen to all of those songs that were referenced i would have enjoyed it more and felt more moody i guess i know that's a lot of negatives but honestly 

i did not hate this book i really liked it i mean i rated it 4.5 stars it still was a very emotional read i loved all of her characters although i feel like i liked our main character the least the rest of the characters like the supporting cast were so awesome they're 

so nice i love a character named oliver in particular and then there's this other guy i think that who is a co-worker of the main character i forgot his name i'm so sorry okay if anything since this is a debut novel 

i feel like i just had kind of like tampered my expectations a little bit although this has been hyped by so many people already anything i feel like what this book accomplished is it made me feel excited for more of justin tao's work so i really hope to see more of justin tyler's writing because it's just really immersive and really i just love the feeling that

i get from reading justin's housework i can't really compare it to anyone else that i've read because it's so unique and so it's just overall satisfying i don't even know how to describe it so that is my review for you reach stand by justin tau again this book comes out november 2nd this year 2021 

so i hope you guys check it out i know i said a lot of negative things already but i think i'm just trying to tamper expectations a little bit but if you still have high hopes for this book expect that this book will still impress you i feel like some people would say that they would have appreciated it more 

when they were younger i feel like it can really affect anyone who has ever experienced grief or who has ever been moved by stories about grief.