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Other Birds by Sarah Addison Allen

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Other Birds by Sarah Addison Allen pdf download

Details of Other Birds by Sarah Addison Allen Book

  • Book Name: Other Birds 
  • Authors: Sarah Addison Allen
  • Pages: 304
  • Genre: Mothers & Children Fiction
  • Publish Date: August 30, 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Other Birds by Sarah Addison Allen but a lot of the times especially when it comes to her five stars i can tell like i trust you girl i'm gonna read it if you recommend it i'm gonna pick it up and this was a book that steph absolutely raved over she gave it five stars i've seen her talk about it  

so i'm like okay now's the time i'm in the mood for like kind of a wholesome read i knew that it was a childhood friends to lovers story and i'm gonna give y'all like the basic run down i'm not gonna use spoilers away in the beginning but then at a certain point i'm gonna have to like give some thoughts on this book because i just it was quite the roller coaster for me personally 

so this story follows a girl named macy her mother passed away when she was really young and she left behind this kind of list of ways that she wants macy's father to raise her advice for him

whenever she goes through certain phases of her life blah blah blah one of the main things on the list was she wanted macy to have a kind of haven to go to a safe place a place that she could get away from everything going on in the world so her and her father end up looking into kind of weekend homes for them to go to and they end up finding this 

i think it was a lake house or like a river house but whenever they're at the open house macy walks into the closet of the bedroom that will be hers and there is this boy sitting in the closet reading a book his name is elliot and he's like oh i'm sorry like i'm just here to read because 

my house is super noisy i have a bunch of brothers whatever so macy and her father end up buying this house they end up going there a lot of weekends throughout her life and elliot lives next door and they basically have this friendship we're kind of learning 

this is a book that jumps from present to past and so right now in the present macy is working as a nurse at a hospital she works insane hours and she is out at a cafe with her best friend and she ends up seeing elliott and it becomes very obvious that her and elliot have not spoken 

in the past like decade they obviously had some sort of falling out at some point so we're seeing macy present day with elliott elliott is like what happened why did you cut me off we learned that macy is engaged currently they're both 28-ish and things are very confusing it's like one of those stories 

where you don't know what happened in the past so you're like here present day there's tension it's like what happened like you can feel the love between them but you're like something clearly happened to like make you guys have a falling out not speak anymore for macy to cut you off 

i really loved this book so much up until a point um i was fully prepared to be like this is a four and a half stars read for me i really loved it um there were some things with macy that like i had a hard time relating to some choices that she made that i was like i don't know i found a little frustrating 

but i gave her the benefit of the doubt there was a lot of like beautiful quotes and stuff throughout this book and like i loved seeing her and elliot's friendship grow but you know when you're reading a book or a movie or anything and you're watching it and it's so good and you're just like this anticipation the suspense is building until you get to like the big obvious like 

i don't know what to call it the point where you like find out like what has been going on this whole time where you you learn you know you figure out like what what have i been waiting to know so that i can fit the last piece of this puzzle together and personally for me when that was found out it just kind of ruined the book for me it shattered me it hurt me it made me nauseous physically um i like that that's the only way i can think to 

i felt like what was revealed in so many ways just undid so many feelings that i had previously gotten in the book i felt like it went against the characters that we've we've learned about and grown to love 

i didn't i felt like what happened was just out of character not expected obviously like it it shocked me and so if they were just going for shock value i get it but for me personally it it kind of ruined the story for me um i'm not gonna say like i don't recommend this book because 

it was a good book but like me i think it might just be a personal thing for me what it what it was and i don't know but i ended up giving this book two and a half stars it went from a four and a half to a two and a half right then and there and like i will not be rereading this book 

i have a hard time understanding how stuff gave it five stars but like i'm not gonna judge you know everybody interprets books differently everybody has different opinions there's books that i'm obsessed with that people think i'm literally insane like even my closest like book buddy friend like there was a book just recently that i read that she was talking me out of reading for like months she was like i didn't like that book 

i don't understand the hype it's like one star i just read it and i gave it a five star i loved it so you know everybody has different opinions if you guys love this book that's fine um you know if you're into a friends to lovers really wholesome cute story with a lot of beautiful quotes and writing like maybe pick this book up you might have a different opinion than me but now i'm gonna end the spoiler-free portion of this video because i just i need to 

i need to talk so for those of you that have read this book you know that we find out the reason that like macy ends up cutting off elliot all these years ago is because she walks in on elliot having just slept with another girl cheating on her drunk out of his mind on 

new year's eve after he just called her telling her that he was in love with her and wanted to marry her and that she was like the only girl in the world for him blah blah blah blah that literally ruined the story for me i was just i'm sorry but like this entire book elliot was so like perfect honestly to a point that 

i found it a little annoying at times i don't like when a boy is like a complete simp like the girl can do no wrong puts up with anything like grovels after her forever and never like fights back or puts her in her place like he just he wanted macy but like you know at the same time 

he was so sweet to her like i was i was rooting for them like truly i was and for me like the relationship that macy was in with sean like once it was explained like i got it but like i personally i'm a person that is like very used to like being alone and like i've found comfort in being alone 

so i couldn't be in this like half-assed relationship that macy was in with sean with his daughter but like at the end of the day i got it i could understand it i'm like okay but obviously when elliot shows up it's like your chemistry is so much more there like you guys love each other so much you've been through so much so i was rooting for them so hard and i was just like 

i cannot begin to understand like what would have made her cut him off like especially as we're like flashing back to the past and seeing their relationship kind of like bloom and develop and then kind of grow up and mature and for me like when when that happened i'm just like that is unforgivable like 

i don't i don't care i know elliot it was new year's eve he was a kid he was hammered i don't care i'm sorry for me like i have done some very dumb things when i'm drunk but like there's a saying that says like the way a guy treats you in the beginning of the relationship is the best 

he's ever going to treat you and for elliot to just be so in love with macy and like want her for all this time and then they just barely are on the tip of the iceberg start to date she finally like lets him in and for him to call her and tell her like i want to marry you like that's not something that i take lightly and if i were to walk in on the scene that macy walked in on 

no i think the cutoff was deserved like maybe i'm just like no you know what i'll own it i don't even care like if you trust is not something that is easy to get from me and when i trust somebody i trust them with like everything that i have and when that trust is broken like i don't want you in 

my like you can't be in my life anymore i can't be around people that like i don't trust and especially him like she gave him everything and for him to turn around like in the same it would have been awful 

no matter what if he had cheated on her but cheating on her after like that whole conversation they had just had was just horrendous but the girl that she already had been like insecure and concerned about that he like assured her over and over like wasn't a problem no i don't care 

i don't care that elliot's like you didn't give me a chance to explain look we're gonna we need to be honest you're like oh there was some something happened here like elliot obviously was very drunk and emma i think to some extent had to have forced herself on him but just the explanation of like oh 

i thought she was you i'm sorry why didn't you give me a chance to explain no i there's no possible way unless emmy emma might have slipped some i don't know i don't care i don't care you there's 

no possible way that i could ever i don't know that's just me people might disagree but for me when that happened i had like the worst taste of my mouth and then like right after like that or whatever is whenever elliot like started actually having a backbone 

whenever he got mad at macy for not letting him explain and all and then we were like it's revealed that the macy's dad died because he was coming to like pick her up and they got in the car wreck that to me was wild but i'm just like how after all these years 

i don't know like i get if maybe like by the time you're 30 things in life you realize what's more more important and clearly like macy and elliot love each other there's a love there way more of a chemistry than her and sean would have ever had but that to me was like an unforgivable mistake personally 

i couldn't have put up with it it made my heart hurt it really just like ruined this book for me um it's it's not gonna ruin christina lauren for me i'm totally gonna read her other books because i loved the style of writing it sucked me 

in i flew through this book so fast but just that twist for me just really upset me as you can tell because i just ranted about it for like five minutes straight but if you guys read love in other words by christina lauren.