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The Wedding Crasher by Mia Sosa

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The Wedding Crasher by Mia Sosa pdf download

Details of The Wedding Crasher by Mia Sosa Book

  • Book Name: The Wedding Crasher 
  • Authors: Mia Sosa
  • Pages: 332
  • Genre: Fiction, Romance, Thriller, Mystery, Literature
  • Publish Date: 5 April 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review:

The Wedding Crasher by Mia Sosa it's also like not so vague it's an easy gig until solange stumbles upon a situation that convinces her the pair isn't meant to be and then lower down 

it says dean claims to be in love with the woman who crashes the wedding, oops so i'm gonna be curious to see how the plot of this book actually turns out because let me tell you 

i think i can predict the entire thing right here and right now but also like i have i have faith in authors today is a rainy day it's a cozy day so i'm going to curl up get into this book and do the reading vlog thing turns out there are a lot of rainy days so a lot of good times to read this book

i guess i could read this book on not a rainy day i don't know that that's not the point i'm 100 pages into the wedding crasher and pretty quickly in this book things became much clearer i know that was something

i was worried about based on the back of the book but my goodness am i enjoying this book it is so fun okay so i'm gonna oversimplify the beginning of this book because there's 

so many characters which is one of my critiques but we'll come back to that so our two main characters are solange and dean dean was getting married to someone out of a marriage of convenience but that someone was in love with another person another someone 

i'm kind of doing a bad job but stick with me solange saw that the bride was not in love with dean and so she stopped the wedding she had some balls there and she really went for it dean is not at all bummed out about 

this situation however he did need a marriage or like a partner to get this promotion at work so him and solange start fake dating this book is very similar to a lot of other romances coming out around this time and that's 

okay but here's a couple things i really like i think solange and dean are both really fun it's not necessarily like a grumpy guy and a quirky female who works at a quirky job you know 

i feel like i've seen a lot of that recently yeah just them both being fun is hilarious actually like a lot of the characters if not all of the characters in the book like dean's mom is fun peter dean's i want to say boss maybe business partner he he's the guy dean's trying to impress to get a promotion like 

i hate him but he's still so much fun to read about brandon the roommate uh and if i'm spitting out names it is because there's so many characters not only are there a lot of characters but there are 

a lot a lot of names and i'm actually okay with that i think that's really fun but it's not fun to figure out in like the first two chapters of the book like lila's cousin who is ella's blah blah blah blah you know so whatever other fun things in 

this book there are excellent descriptions of brazilian food our main character is brazilian holy so good the portuguese is a lot of fun to read i don't think i've ever seen portuguese in a book before 

so again fun of oh i know why there's a lot of characters because this is the second in this series okay correct whatever i just said about the cousin and how people are related i'm just i'm just the dumb one i think my biggest critique is it's hard to tell which point of view we're coming from unless 

you look at the dialogue because they're very similar right so they both think each other hot they both have pretty similar thoughts surrounding that they're both having a good time i feel like they both have a pretty similar perspective on things or definitely on the little things like 

they agree on everything like we should see each other's apartments and like it's important to be good at this work dinner and stuff like that which again i'm i'm having a good time but it's kind of annoying because the writing is so good that i i wish these characters had a little different voice 

i guess this book is also a little too workplace romancy for me it's not at all but i'm just not one to like things like the hating game like i don't really want to read about a promotion 

i'm secure in that and that's okay rose and i went to michael's last night planned a wedding so roll that clip okay so today we are here to plan a wedding and not just any wedding but we our goal is to recreate on you know michael's budget bella's wedding from twilight uh breaking down part one okay 

so we're thinking you know like foresty like whites and greens but super clean and classic and beautiful so that is our goal today so we shall see how it goes off we are off we go off we go off we go that's on hydrangeas which ones are those again update 

we are only looking at flowers and calling them pretty now um and also i'm starting to think about my room at home and what fake flowers i would like to fill it with it's so pretty okay no no no no self-control self-control okay so my mom is always against red flowers for a wedding because 

she said that it looks like like there's blood like it looks like blood right that's kind of cool yeah like the deep dark roses like i think this is so cool it's so pretty and i lean into the whole rose aesthetic anyway right but then

she's like no it looks like blood on the white dress i'm like okay well for the twilight wedding i think that that makes sense no i agree also like those specifically so good pretty they would work really well in my room too wouldn't they they would you should go get a basket i should go get a basket

we're not planning a wedding anymore but we'd have to do lanterns for your wedding we're not having any children because we're just gonna get drunk and have a party right absolutely i don't i don't remember 

if there were children at bella's wedding they were all children they're all like 16. yes those two they're all like 17. this is my section every kiss begins with k but different yeah having some pot would be nice i mean having april would be nice look 

i just enjoy the pain of plants dying and i enjoy the feeling of bringing them back to life that's incredible so you have a savior complex a little bit just a little bit just a little bit it's like the circle of life as well but it goes up and down the hills of life okay

so for the twilight wedding this is crucial in case we don't get some place that you know where nature listens to human beings which it really does we will bend it to our will as you do right so anyway what i'm saying is moss fake moss

if we lost um for the you know the aisle everything floral supplies this is very exciting there's so many options so many and you haven't even like looked down there like dear lord update we are thinking about getting a cart 

we're no longer planning a wedding we are planning a wedding we are planning our own interior design for spring because we're having a sale i mean it's a sale to spring sale what am i supposed to do oh so look at these bathtubs they're so cool there's a matching toilet like what 

the heck and big ass clothespins not paper clips a flower arranging now starting small yeah starting small thank you what do you need those for nothing but they're just fun they're little little bottles like they're just like a pixie dust in them holy i'm just saying okay so my 21st birthday is coming up right and as much 

as i think it's like kind of tacky for people to show like all their like alcohol bottles on their walls and stuff it's a very college thing to do the classier version is just put the tops in a thing right so like the wine corks and 

the like beer top thingies and so i wanna i'm gonna do that because it'll be fun why not so cheers who is um well i'd say that was a great success um we came in with a mission to plan a wedding not only do we not do that but we arranged some flowers planned like five other projects and got pop rocks 

so it doesn't get much better than that shall we we shall all right i don't even want to talk about this setup this lighting the setting my hard breathing work just having an all-around moment in all-around time i'm also recovering from finishing this book because my goodness was it excellent in the beginning 

i know i called it fun over and over and over again so i'm gonna use some new words some other reviewing words in my vocabulary first of all this book was hot as hell it was so hot like i wish i'd gotten that across earlier not just the lusting over each other but there are like a lot of hot sex scenes and like spicy 

as hell good dirty talk good dirty thinking and fantasizing all around good good content the plot was a lot better than it could have been the ending i liked it was like goofy as hell like over dramatic as hell but not in the writing way like i stand by the writing being very good there's very little in the writing 

the corporate aspect i was surviving through i was getting through and it just turned out to be too much for me like too much talking about work promotions like business partners but it was a really good plot device because it led to so many things that were a important to the story and be like not awful 

so i guess i'll take it i just really need to remember that if there's something to do with a promotion or corporate things that i'm just not gonna like that aspect and i do have to put it out there that like and recognizing that a lot of people do enjoy that don't mind it especially if that makes a book more relatable 

to them if they really care about that relatability throughout the book i started to understand more the characters reasonings for not wanting to like start dating and stuff like that i think that aspect could have been a little more reasonable besides like it's gonna be long distance because 

like they both knew they like really wanted to make it work like the emotional unavailability is like a piece in there too like there were a lot of reasons but nothing that like i think was reason enough for them to like stay away from each other so much like just be friends with benefits then and like get over it 

i guess which i guess was a plot point in the book but there's just so much surrounding it that i kind of was rolling my eyes a little bit i know 

i'm saying a lot of bad things about this book um it was excellent on the back i don't know if i talked about this quote a master of the modern romance novel by cosmopolitan but i i do agree with it it was just really good like 

it is everything that i ever could have asked for in a modern romance like this that isn't trying to be fantasy it's not trying to be big it's just like low it's just like excellent writing like a good plot like funny i was i had like a smile plastered on my face throughout the end and like yes i can feel that way from books 

but like it it does take something to have me like i'm gonna say smiling out loud i know that isn't a thing but just roll with it smiling out loud or maybe it was a thing because i was literally talking to my friends like especially like right after i finished it about just how good it was and how much 

i enjoyed it this book really made my day it made my night last night too while i was really getting through it and for that i'm grateful this was a really good book i'd recommend it to anyone where like this is your kind of thing like super hot super dirty modern contemporary romance novel not contemporary 

i know for a lot of people that can imply kind of fade to black scenes they were not fade to black scenes let me tell you i think mia sosa the author is gonna be my next like auto by author i do not have a lot of those.