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An Anonymous Girl by Greer Hendricks pdf download


An Anonymous Girl by Greer Hendricks pdf download


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An Anonymous Girl by Greer Hendricks pdf download

Details of An Anonymous Girl by Greer Hendricks Book

  • Book Name: An Anonymous Girl 
  • Authors: Greer Hendricks
  • Pages: 434
  • Genre: Thriller, Novel, Suspense, Psychological Fiction
  • Publish Date: 27 December 2018
  • Language: English

Book Review:

An Anonymous Girl by Greer Hendricks it was published in 2019 and i think i've gotten this book since like last year but it's just been sitting on my shelf i finally decided to give it a read and see what the buzz is about 

before i start i'm going to read a little bit about the authors great hendrix spent over two decades as an editor prior to her tenure in book publishing she worked at a law magazine and ended her master's in journalism from columbia university her writing has been published 

in the new york times and publishers weekly grey lives in manhattan with her husband two children and a very needy dog rocky sarah peckinen is the internationally and usa today best-selling author of several novels including skipping a beat a former investigative journalist 

a feature writer her work has been published in the washington post usa today and many others she's the mother of three sons and lives just outside washington dc i've always been so intrigued by how the two of them put together these books because i have this one and as at the time i'm shooting 

so i'm definitely looking out for that one as well let me read the synopsis of the book so that you guys can get an idea of what this book is about seeking aged 18 to 32 to participate 

in a study on ethics and morality generous compensation anonymity guaranteed when jessica ferris signs up for a psychology study conducted by mysterious doctor shields she thinks all she'll have to do is answer a few questions collect her money and leave 

but as the questions grow more and more intense and invasive and the sessions become outings where jess is told what to wear and how to act she begins to feel as though dr shields may know what she's thinking and what she's hiding as justice paranoia grows it becomes clear that 

she can no longer trust what is real in her life and what is one of dr schill's manipulative experiments caught in a web of deceit and jealousy just quickly learns that some obsessions can be deadly 

so as you can see from the synopsis the plot is basically centered around a young girl who is like a makeup artist she basically just lives in normal a fairly normal life and she signs up for this 

sort of psychology study which she doesn't really do intention well i don't even know what that's say she does it intentionally she goes through the let me call it backyard instagram sign up for it and sort of find herself in the study because she obviously needs extra 
The participants to the study are being paid a lot of money so she needs extra cash she finds herself in there she gets entered to this so-called doctor shields who now you know likes her and everything like that 

but then at the end of the day the study turns into something deeper and a whole web of events happened where somebody loses their life i'm not going to say who because it's a spoiler free review 

so if you want to you can go and read the book but then it's just so crazy how from just a little psychological study and experiments which is like on morality and ethics and things like that and then at the end of the day it turns into something so warped 

so that's basically what the book is about the two main characters in this book are dr shields and jess and the book is written from a first point uh narrative of both dr shills and jess so from jesse's point of view you get to know who 

she is how she thinks um basically her naive way of thinking through life especially as it relates to this particular study and dealing with certain strangers and also you get to see dr shields point of view and how stoic and whatever it is dr shields is and it's very interesting the way 

The writers were able to write these two really distinct characters but yet they were able to have this cohesive sort of unison about the book to bring it together for an amazing climax at the end so i actually liked the plot of the book

i think that it flowed easily i thought that it was normal paste it wasn't the most fast-paced thing i also love the fact that the beginning of the climax and the beginning of the events that will lead up to the climax 

were not delayed to like the last 50 pages of the book and then you're reading a book for like 300 and something pages and they are there waiting waiting waiting to wait waiting i like the fact that the build 

up was not so much however i found that when i got to the summit climax and then there was like the ending after the climax and i was like okay so for me i mean while the plot was lovely 

i understood everything that was going on and it caught my attention i was kind of a little bit disappointed with the end i didn't really understand i mean i just felt like it was like okay so is that it i mean it was a suitable ending it was okay it wasn't bad but i just was not satisfied personally 

i just felt like there could have been more i don't really know what i was looking for i don't really know what i thought that could have been more but i just felt like there could have been more for something so twisted and intricate 

so intentional in the way the plot was set out i just felt like there could have been more down to the characterization of the book i really really loved the development of jesse's character 

i love the development of dr shields character i felt like it was intentional the writing around their characters even the way dr shields sort of has this presentation of who dr shields is you know it's it's very very intentional 

the character almost has this stoic like person that doesn't even have any emotions or whatever most of the time when you meet therapists you know because they are not allowed to show their emotion maybe during a session or something like that so you almost don't really know who is behind 

who you're talking to but then it's just so interesting how the book flows along and you get to understand why dr shield does some of things that dr shields does and why dr shields thinks the way dr shields does 

so it was a very interesting way that the book was written i loved how their characters were both developed and i could literally see life through their eyes it was a little bit you know intense honestly and i really enjoyed the pace but like i said yeah that ending made me feel like oh 

yeah it's just it was just painful because you know when a book is really everything and then at the end of the day you're like it could have been more but whatever the writing style for me was really easy to understand oh my goodness it just reminded me of why i just love to read thrillers because 

you can't really have like a super complex writing style when you're trying to build anticipation and break people's hearts and have their hearts beating so much so the writing style was really easy to understand and i flowed and everything's all through the book like

i said it was written in the first person narrative from dr shields point of view and from jesse's point of view i know that throughout the book i had some moments where i was gasping at some little plot twists and some little builds up and anticipation the book explored things like 

i said morality ethics psychology you know and just how far somebody is willing to go you know sometimes people that you least expect have the most twisted minds just in trying to do just trying to do things for either a loved one or in trying to protect someone and being obsessive or possessive 

whatever it is so it's really export some darker themes and some also lighter themes like morality and ethics what would my verdict be on this book i'll give it a nice 7.5 over 10 it could have been eight point something over 10 but like i said i wasn't all too satisfied with the ending of the book 

i felt like there could have been more i liked it for what it's the thrill and the anticipation that it gave me but for that particular part of the book i didn't really appreciate it so that's basically my thoughts on this book it's a lovely read if you're a fan of psychological thriller or any form of thriller at all 

this book is one that you can pick up and i'm sure that you would enjoy it you may actually find the ends very like oh my goodness like what i was somewhat surprised but really not too surprised by the ending.