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Would Like to Meet by Rachel Winters

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Would Like to Meet by Rachel Winters pdf download 

Details of Would Like to Meet by Rachel Winters Book

  • Book Name: Would Like to Meet 
  • Authors: Rachel Winters
  • Pages: 316
  • Genre: Romance novel, Fiction 
  • Publish Date: 26 November 2019
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Would like to meet by rachel winters I bought this when when I went to my friend's wedding at the airport it was a two for one deal and I was like that looks cute I want to read that and then I proceeded not to read it for 12 months and then I lent it to my sister-in-law to cass and she did a little note on it that just said this is wonderful this book is wonderful it says spun

This book is wonderful and I was like you know what that is a fantastic review this looks like a cute book I'm gonna try read it and so I started reading it for an asmr video where I do silent readings on my other channels pantone spend antonio and then I stayed up till 2 am reading 

This book because it was so cute this is a book of meat cutes would like to meet so the premise of the story is there's a writer and he needs to write a script but he has no inspiration so this girl does all these meat cutes so that he can write his romantic comedy right that's the premise 

This book hilarious so funny I laughed out loud multiple times just you know little snickers little little funny anecdotes in this story it's very easy to read it reads a little bit tropey it does have you know the gay friend the really supportive mother love triangle it's got it's got it all she's like you manic pixie dream girl you know 

I love that love that it was fun it was easy to read it was entertaining it was predictable it was really predictable it reads a bit like a debut novel and it might be her debut novel I'm not sure rachel went but yeah so it's a book full of mate cutes uh it was only written in 2019 so that's pretty cool 

It's written kind of like a script kind of like a novel it kept me entertained even though it was predictable and you could see what was coming it was really satisfying when what was coming came you're like no surely not and then it was and you're like it was wonderful um it takes all sorts so this this this has got me back into reading I couldn't I couldn't put it down I needed to not sleep 

So I could read this book because I was I had the energy you know that just all-encompassing love of reading back and ah I've missed it yeah so that's exciting I read a book I really like it I recommend it it's not really a review

But five stars it it's drawn me back in and it's really fun and cute and it's just a whole bunch of love stories it's just a whole bunch of meat cutes

So if you like romantic comedies and you specifically like the beginning section of romantic comedies this book's for you it's it's such a pleasure to read is it very academic is it literature is it is 

It like fine class no is it hard to read no do I love it yes it is the cutest meat cute collection I've seen I've read I hope you're doing well and I hope to see you again soon without the 12 months.