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Bringing Down the Duke by Evie Dunmore

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Bringing Down the Duke by Evie Dunmore pdf download 

Details of Bringing Down the Duke by Evie Dunmore Book

  • Book Name: Bringing Down the Duke 
  • Authors: Evie Dunmore
  • Pages: 264
  • Genre: Romance novel, Historical romance, Historical Fiction
  • Publish Date: 3 September 2019
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Bringing Down the Duke by Evie Dunmore this book for those of you who don't know I've recently been in a really really really bad reading slump I think it went on take a big game I would say my reading slump started probably like late September early October 

I have not been reading I think that the only thing I ain't really read in that time has been like one maybe two books and then it's just been whole like fan fiction or I've been watching TV instead of reading like it's been a it's been one of my worst reading slumps 

I've ever been in and recently I picked up this book decided you know what I'll just try it we'll give it a shot we'll push through it if we need to and I'm no longer in a reading slump that's how much 

this book is bringing down Valletta breaking down the do is set in 1879 England and you have what is her name haha you have Annabelle who is one of the first women to be accepted into Oxford's College for Women and like 

this is such a big thing she's super smart she's always wanted to go to university but in order to do so she basically has to kind of like deviant from her family she is currently working for her cousins she's currently working as like basically her cousin's scullery maid  

you know she's just treated like basically and she secretly gets accepted into Oxford University into like their classics program eventually she convinces her cousin to be able to go which this is not spoilers it but yeah so but one of the things about like like 

her cousin is like super admin that she not get into trouble like Oxford is very like loose morals and all those nice things that men used to think about women and the temptations that we could get into one of the reasons that 

she's able to pay for being at Oxford is because she joins the women's suffrage movement and she like totally has to keep this on the down-low because like it's not accepted this is the beginning of women's rights but 

when her and the group the suffrage group end up going out to like campaign she accidentally runs into the what is he he she accidentally runs into Duke Montgomery who is like the like highest like member of MA he's like soup I don't know Britishness 

so he's like he's super super important will say that um he is like directly below the Queen like he's a Queen's favorite he's just very much the person that you probably shouldn't accidentally campaign to and she does and this starts a whole series of them accidentally renting running into each other the women's suffrage movement really trying to get him on their side and then it's just all this conflict all of this just 

I love it but yeah so thanks honey I gave it a 4 out of 5 stars mainly because I thought that the ending was a little bit rushed but overall I thought it was a really well drawn out story I I think that it did like the perfect sort of like historical romance at least for me a lot of times 

when I read historical romance is like my biggest problem and one of the reason that I don't read them as often even though I love love love the time settings is that they either go way too fast into the relationship or they drag 

it out until like the last three pages and you just kind of want to punch someone this one they probably it probably took like two-thirds of the book for the characters to get together which 

I thought was like the perfect amount of time it built up their chemistry it built up like the moment of like when they get together just so well and I I just I I loved it and then I had enough like drama but like not drama behind it in order to like keep the story going it didn't seem over exaggerated or unnecessary it was just really well well done 

I find you guilty of murder because you are killing it my biggest thing like I said earlier was the ending I thought that it was a little bit a little bit rushed there is can't really like I don't want to spoil it like I don't wanna spoil it so basically um there's drama it's a romance 

so what am I talking about we all know what kind of happens so they have like a little break will say um and like break like it's it's like that romance book break where they're like not broken up but like they are broken up and I think that just like the overall conclusion that their relationship comes to it just felt 

so it felt like we were rushing the character development just like a tiny bit not enough for me to be like this book is discussing I can't read it ever again I would definitely reread this book I think that like that's how much I loved it but yeah I thought that it was a super well-written book and this is actually easy Dunmore's first book ever published this is her debut and I just thought that like especially for a debut I think that it's so well done  

I'm so excited to see like where the rest of the extraordinary League of Women series goes I think that she's basing it off of like a lot of side characters in this book like her other books and I'm just I'm really excited like 

I don't think I've fallen in love with like a historical romance this much in a while like I it's it's been a while and I don't tend to read a lot of like adult historical romance is because I just they aren't they aren't as well written at least like the ones I'm picking up and 

I haven't really found like a lot of why a ones that I'm super into so I think that like for like a reintroduction to historical romance this one was worth the read I think that it's a super quick read and I think that it's like I don't understand why like if you especially like historical romance or even just romance like why you wouldn't read it 

I would love to know if you guys have read it and what your guys is thoughts for what your guys thoughts were and all that other kind of junk I will probably do something else.