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Not Here to Be Liked by Michelle Quach pdf Download

The Winners By Fredrik Backman Pdf Download


The Winners By Fredrik Backman Pdf Download

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The Winners By Fredrik Backman Pdf Download

Details of The Winners By Fredrik Backman Book

  • Book Name: The Winners 
  • Authors: Fredrik Backman
  • Pages: 434
  • Genre: Humorous Fiction
  • Publish Date: 27 September 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review:

The Winners By Fredrik Backman so the non-fiction book i believe this came out the same year that a man called uva came out so if i remember correctly from doing research from the first video bachmann wrote a man called uva based off of a series that he kind of started online at first and then converted into a novel 

but people weren't picking it up so then he wrote the non-fiction book and then they both happened to get published like the same year and one of them really took off i'm sure you know which one 

but i wanted to give the nonfiction book a chance even though i think i've only ever heard one person talk about it and it was all right it's very much focused on giving advice i guess kind of to other parents i would say i mean i'm sure that it will be very beneficial for his son to read it 

when he's old enough i'd assume that he's like in his teens now because i think that that book came out like 10 years ago but as far as like an audience like a broader audience for this book i would say that it's probably largely focused towards parents which 

i am not so that's probably partially why i didn't connect with it a lot but also i felt like it was really filled with cliches and maybe they weren't as cliches back when it was written that's totally possible but i think that that did detract a little bit and i feel like a lot of 

it kind of boiled down to like parents make mistakes and like we don't know what we're doing but we love you anyways kind of thing and it's all very like sweet but it's just not something that like i particularly wanted to read and it's not a very long book so it's not like it's 500 pages of that kind of material

but it's still i was pretty bored by it and it did kind of take me a while for how short it was so yeah that's all i'll say about that i will say it was still sweet it was still heartwarming it's still frederick bachmann you know like it's still gonna have that feeling to it there were a couple of things that i think 

he probably would have said differently today based off of like the writing i've seen him come out with now versus then specifically uh some gender things that he talks about in the book and like girls versus boys growing up i just don't think that he would probably say it at least in the same way as he did 

in in that book it's nothing like terribly bad or anything it's just like i wouldn't have said that basically so let's get into the winners again this is book three and the final book of the bear town series so we've got bear town us against you and then the winners now this book is set to come out September 

27th in the us and october 4th i think in the uk i did mention in my last bachmann video that i wanted to reread bear town and us against you as a way to better rank the like all of the books but also in preparation for this third book i do not think that you should do that if you're thinking about re-reading the first two in order to prepare yourself for the third one 

i would say don't it's not even like you don't need to i would actively advise you to not because i did that and there's so much recapping that happens at the beginning and really throughout the book anytime that there's relevant information from the first two books it is said in the third book 

even if it's already been mentioned there's several chances it gives you to be like hey remember when this thing happened honestly you could probably read this book without reading the other two like that's how much it gives you from the first two and it's to the extent that it was boring to me at the beginning of the book because it was so much of that 

i had just read it so yeah that's that i wanted to get out of the way right away if you're thinking about doing it i would say no just read the third book now as far as the book in general and how i felt about it i think that it was pretty good overall the beginning of the book 

i would say even like the first half of the book i really struggled with and i just wasn't feeling it i didn't want to pick it up i think a large part of that was because of how much recapping it did but also just the focus of it was really different i felt than the first two books 

i would say the first book it's about hockey in a small town but then it surprises you by actually being about something much bigger than that and by getting much more into like the politics behind it and how much there are like sides to things that there really shouldn't be sides to so like the hockey is kind of just an analogy for the town 

itself and then the second book us against you it was good it was nice to expand a little bit more on those characters that we saw and i think it did a good job of like reaching a nice conclusion by the end it got a little bit more into that political space i would say but yeah overall i think especially 

now that i've re-read both of them i would say that us against you is not it doesn't really stand up to the level that bear town got to and it didn't really feel super necessary which is okay if it's leading to a third book that feels better a lot of times that happens when there's a series with three books in it when there's a trilogy where the first book's really strong the second book 

feels more like it's bridging a gap or setting up for something that's gonna happen in the third and then the third book is really strong but that's not really the feeling or the trajectory that i got in fact i feel like with the baretown series and i'm very sad to say it but i feel like it's kind of just a downhill 

from first book to last book that's not to say that the bottom of the hill is like ground level you know it's still good it's just that it never really reached how good the original book was and i think that it could have just been the original book now that i've read all three that's that's my personal 

opinion because by the time we get to the third book it is so much about the politics of the this town and not even just this town it's this town and head and the characters that we've come to know we don't get as much from and he introduces new characters that it's a little bit hard to care 

about right away especially when you're just wanting to find out how your characters from earlier doing because there is a two-year time jump so you you just want to know like what happened to the characters that you've come to love and know so well and all of a sudden you're like in this story about like another family that you don't know and i mean of course

it's frederick bachman so he does get you to really like this family and everything of course like these new characters they do play a meaningful role in this story but i think that it was just so much setup because there had to be so much setup because he had to refer back to 

what happened in the other books remind you of that but also he wanted to introduce all of these new characters at the same time and there was just so much going on and it felt so spread out at the beginning that it was just kind of annoying and hard to read like i felt like 

i was really putting the work in for the book it also becomes so very little about the hockey which i know that that was never the point you know baritone was never really about the hockey it's a huge part of the book 

but that's not the message it's just used to tell the message but it was still a fun part of the book and something that was a good way to kind of structure it around to know that you're looking forward to like a specific game and then that doesn't really exist in the third book there are hockey games but they kind of just spring up on you it's not like you know 

when they're gonna happen you know where like in a week or in you know a month you are it's just kind of free-flowing without a real end goal in sight if that makes sense but at the same time bachmann does do that thing that he very commonly does which is to do a lot of 

like alluding to something terrible that's going to happen or a lot of foreshadowing to that i mean we see that in a lot of his works but specifically in the beartown series in this one it was done for such a long period of time that it felt kind of ridiculous so like i was like okay like just have 

it happen now i'm tired of just hearing that a terrible thing is going to happen like just have it happen and it's tough because i struggle with i like the idea i like that he does this like he never really lets you forget that something's gonna happen he never really lets you have like a happy moment because 

it'll always be ended by like and this is the last time that that'll happen and i think in bear town that was done really well but just in this book it was so drawn out it was mentioned so many times specifically in the first half of the book that it just got almost like gimmicky by the time it actually got there and it took away i think from what actually happened now i will say that 

the second half of the book was much better in my opinion i think it got back to what was good about bear town and there was a lot more about the characters that we know from the original book there are some character trajectories that i wasn't necessarily happy with but i understand that those things happen and then by the end of the book he totally had me i was 

bawling like a baby as i always am when i finish one of his books so yeah overall still a good book but i think that really that the second and third book weren't super necessary and i think that bear town could have just stood on its own i don't really think that the other portions of it were necessary 

to be told so a bit of a disappointment still fun to see where the characters go where they end up and everything like it's nice to just revisit those characters that we have come to love so much all right so now we've come to the ranking portion of this video okay i think i'm gonna have some changes to make here actually

i did my rankings were beartown and us against you being both sharing the top position which was mostly because i couldn't remember how i felt about one versus the other like they were both kind of the same thing in my mind so that was a big goal of why i wanted to reread those so those

 two are at the top and then it's anxious people and then a man called uva britt marie was here and every morning the walk home gets longer and longer and then the deal of a lifetime and lastly my grandmother asked me to tell you she's sorry so i think now um i'm gonna put the nonfiction at the bottom this is again purely like personal ranking.