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99 Percent Mine by Sally Thorne pdf download


99 Percent Mine by Sally Thorne

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99 Percent Mine by Sally Thorne pdf download

Details of 99 Percent Mine by Sally Thorne Book

  • Book Name: 99 Percent Mine 
  • Authors: Sally Thorne 
  • Pages: 235
  • Genre: Romance novel, Fiction, Contemporary Romance
  • Publish Date: 29 January 2019
  • Language: English

Book Review:

99 Percent Mine by Sally Thorne when there's last time I will say that is their follow-up to the hating game and a lot of people were very excited including myself 

the reviews the feedback has not been the best for it of Maca on you it's been a very mixed I came out of it enjoying it but definitely not as much as they hand in game but I didn't dislike 

it as much as a lot of other who are on Goodreads and things like that book we followed Darcy Darcy's kind of a nomad she doesn't like to stay at home a lot likes to travel a lot 

she is a wedding photographer and she's actually a destination wedding photographer I would say so she does that a lot she just travels all the time she does like being hot at home she has a twin brother named Jamie 

I believe and she also has a really close friend named Tom who was like her brother's best friend and she's been in love with Tom ever since she was a little kid but he's always been kind of you know hands-off because

he is her brother's best friend so now Darcy has lost her passport and she's kind of stuck at home and she's more and particularly stuck at home and her grandmother's home has now passed away and she left her home to her 

so they are reinvent and reanimating her house and so Tom comes in once again into the picture and he is like the contractor and the job to do all the housework and they stay at the house together and there's your pot right there basically this is if her hating game was a hate to love her stroke this is a friend to Lover's trope and I really enjoyed it 

I didn't do it as much of the a game I'll get to that more later but I thought it was good I loved the steam Minnesota I loved the sexual tension of it I didn't love the characters as much as the Hayden game but overall I wasn't upset about as other people were my celebrating for this would be a four out of five 

I really wanted to give it five out of five but it just wasn't that in my opinion um I'd say if you are gonna go into this comparing it to the handing game don't do that because every book and author writes is going to be different 

she can't they can't replicate everything from a previous book because that would be copying her previous book like why would you do that so things have to change things have to progress the characters are different the plots different a lot of things are different um moving into the characters 

now I didn't like I said love them as much as I did with Lucy and Josh and a hating game those two are freaking perfection but Darcy is a character I sometimes loved 

I sometimes loathed Darcy is got that tough girl demeanor she's a bartender the very opening scene of this whole book reminded me of Katya coyote ugly a lot of my friends said that as well oh but she you know is a tough girl she has a pixie cut and she has one nipple hips 

I don't know she talked about that a lot and I was like okay um but you know she wants you to know that she's a tough girl she's not some girl that you can just take advantage of it things like that which 

I was okay with but it was okay to read about one thing I didn't love about her she had a heart condition in this book and she kind of didn't take it seriously at all and I was making me upset there's not something to like take for granted or not take seriously because it's your health especially heart problems 

so I didn't love that um Tom on the other hand he was a great character he's a great guy I loved his story I loved how he came to be in Darcy's life and 

yeah I mean there's not much to say about the characters they're just not as lovable as the people in the Hayden game I'll say that as far as the relationship goes one problem probably the biggest problem I have with 

this book was the possessiveness both of these characters were very possessive over the other one like if some guy would talk to Darcy Tom would get very upset very like she's mine this is mine my property and if some girl would talk to Tom or some people would disrespect 

Tom she was like he's mine don't ever said it to him he is my property and I'm like why both individuals nobody owns anybody like like why they were just both they were both very possessive one of the other 

I was just not loving that as much so that's my biggest fall with a relationship this does like I said how the friends to Lover's trope in it which I do love but I don't love it as much as the hate to love that was just amazing 

I think the friends to Lover's trope is best in a series if I'm honest with you because you get to see the characters become friends you get to see them progress into more and by the time they're together you've been like waiting for 

it for literally ever so you're just excited as crap about it looking at you right on Hermione but you don't get those same feelings as you do with a standalone contemporary both because you know 

they've been friends forever but you don't see that before him you just kind of know it so you get to see the last 25 percent of when they are friends and they progress into more so overall like you said I gave this book 4 out of 5 I think really definitely if you read the hating game 

if you haven't I still read it I think it's a good solid chiclet steamy book I love the steam Eunice scenes in it I love the dialogue it's definitely different from the hidden game but overall like I think it's a good follow-up for a first book but

I think the hanging game is just one of those books that you can't quite replicate and it just I've already reread it this month and I'm still in love with it as much as I was when I first read it so 4 out of 5 

I enjoyed it I would love to hear your thoughts if you liked it as much as I did like I said I know I'm probably one of the most highest Raiders of this book a lot of over rating in like two or three

so I don't know what else to say but I would love to hear what you think about this start for this short review.