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Carrie Soto is Back by Taylor Jenkins Reid pdf download


Carrie Soto is Back by Taylor Jenkins Reid

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Carrie Soto is Back by Taylor Jenkins Reid pdf download

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  • Book Name: Carrie Soto is Back 
  • Authors: Taylor Jenkins Reid 
  • Pages: 320
  • Genre: Literary fiction
  • Publish Date: August 30, 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review: 

Carrie Soto is Back by Taylor Jenkins Reid this book obviously follows carrie soto we learned at the beginning of the book that kerry soto has been in love with tennis ever since she was a little girl because her father was in tennis um he came from mexico he was kind of somewhat semi-professional 

if you will and basically he fell in love with carrie's mom they had carrie and unfortunately carrie's mom passed away when carrie was at a young age through a car accident and so he's been raising carrie alone 

he's always like told her since she was born that she's going to be the best of the best tennis player the world has ever ever seen and so she does just that she trains like nobody's business as soon as she can when she's a kid and so it follows her with um training every day with her dad because 

her dad is her coach and her starting to get professional with tennis when she's at a young age and then she really does go on to be the best of the best when she's like in the 80s and 90s because that's when this book takes place by the way um she wins like so many opens like the us open wimbledon Australia 

open the french open other things i don't know much about tennis she becomes like the number one woman's tennis player and she also becomes the number one hated tennis player because she is so focused she's 

so calculated she doesn't talk to anybody that the media often refers to her as the battle axe and she she's like whatever you know they often refer also as the b word okay i don't want to say that but they do because she's so focused on tenants and doesn't have time for anybody else 

she does not care about her opponent she doesn't care about having a love life she just wants to be the best of the best and so that's where the book kind of starts you kind of get her progression of how she came to be the best of the best and then like most athletes when she gets into her early 30s 

her bones aren't working as they used to she kind of hurts her knee which kind of forces her into retirement because if you're a professional athlete a lot of professional athletes have to retire early because they put so much strain on their body from being a professional athlete you know with football baseball tennis soccer you know they are training every day 

all day that's what they do olympic athletes you know what i'm saying so she had to retire when she was in her early 30s but she retired going out like a boss being the best of the best female tennis player then it picks up when she's 37 and she's like you know at a tennis match with her dad like at a u.s open or something and this other girl is going to take away 

her title she's going to be the best the best and kerry so was like crap i got to come out of retirement to defend my titles and so she asked her dad hey will you coach me again so we can be the best the best and so that kind of goes this book follows like it's like kind of two timelines if you will one where her goes back into her past of how she trains and how 

she got to be the best of the best and to now where she's trying to defend all of her titles and obviously her body is a lot different because she's older and she's not as spry as the younger players and that's not what the whole book is about but it's mainly at the heart of it about carrie's kind of relationships one particularly with her dad who she's very very close to um and how he kind of tells her that you know 

you can't be the best of the best all the time at some point you're just gonna have to accept with being who you are and be happy with it but she's been you know raised to be like you've told me i'm the best of the best and that's what i'm going to be and how do you think i'm anything less 

so carrie's whole persona is she's so strong-willed and so determined that yes it's a good thing but it's also holding her back in her own personal life because she is so solely focused on tennis and so solely focused on winning that she can't see anything past that which is why she doesn't have 

really any friends she doesn't have any like relationships her even relationship with her dad gets strained at a lot of points but she in this whole book you kind of see her overcome that but not overcome it just come to grips with who she is as a person and who she is outside of tennis because 

tennis is all she knows she lives it she breathes it then you know it's just it's all she is and she's learning as she's getting older that maybe there's more to it there's also a love interest in this book beau who she kind of had not really a relationship more like a one-night stand with a long time ago 

he's kind of a player he's also coming out of retirement just you know to see if he can still do it and so they start training together again and of course feelings start coming to light and i really did enjoy that relationship aspect it wasn't a huge part of the book but man that guy had my heart from the beginning he he learned spanish for her he was so kind he waited for her but he also challenged her when she needed it because carrie's a bit of a pill to swallow like

i and not really i don't think carrie and i would get along she's a little bit too intense for my personality but i respected her i respected how she stood up to the media how she was like you know what i'm the best and you respect me because if i was a man you wouldn't be saying this junk to me 

i was like yes but at the same time it was like she's got to learn that there's more to life than this so overall i just five out of five i loved it i loved the progression how it was about tennis it was about carrying her relationship with her father who was just uh it was so amazing to read about the relationship and how much love they have for each other 

how they have been there for each other since carrie's mom had died and it's just it was such a beautiful thing so i loved it i loved carrie soto i just i'm so excited that i was actually able to get an e-arc and read it and love it and devour it i can't wait to see other people read it 

i hope they'll love it as much as i do because i just had such a fun time with this book it made me so interesting i will say my one quan with it is there was a little bit when she did tennis matches because each chapter is like soto versus chant or something like that us open 

she taylor jacobs reid would really go into detail about like snapping the ball it went out of bounds and i was like oh i don't i don't know i can't picture this i don't like i don't i don't wanna say i don't care but i'm just like it was a little too much descriptive for me if you will but that was the only club 

i have the other than that i loved everything else about it so there you have my thoughts and feelings on carrie soto is back i feel like i haven't done a single book.