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Flying Solo by Linda Holmes pdf download

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Flying Solo by Linda Holmes pdf download

Details of Flying Solo by Linda Holmes Book

  • Book Name: Flying Solo 
  • Authors: Linda Holmes 
  • Pages: 283
  • Genre: Humorous Fiction, Domestic Fiction
  • Publish Date: 5 April 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review:

Flying Solo by Linda Holmes it was okay the boys were being loud the four of them fighting and wrestling and slamming doors and lori had gotten tired of hiding in her room since she turned 12 her mother had been letting her make her way over to dots by herself even after dinner when 

it was dark when she arrived at dots lori dropped her bike in the grass and went up to the big red door dot who was actually laurie's mother's aunt had grown up in this house and always said her parents brought her here straight from the hospital and she just kept coming back laurie rang the bell 

when dodd came to the door she was in jeans and a purple chenille sweater with her long grey hair pulled back in a ponytail hello honey bun she said and she stood aside lori loved how it smelled in dot's house like wood because of the fireplace like lavender because of dot soap and like the ocean 

because everything in maine that's near the water smells a little bit like the ocean there was a fire going and lori pulled off her gloves and took off her scarf and carefully laid them over the back of one of the dining room chairs 

it's freezing out there she said i know i'm so glad you're here and out of all that you must be practically a popsicle dot already had a little pot of milk on the stove and she spooned instant hot cocoa mix into two mugs and mixed it up then she took a can of whipped cream out of the fridge and said shoop like 

she always did as she built two little towers of it lori wrapped her hands around her cup as they went into the living room together so dot said your mom said it was pretty noisy at home lori blew delicately on her hot chocolate and rolled her eyes patrick and scott are arguing about something 

i don't even know what they were teenagers 17 and 14. and a lot of the time lori didn't know what they were talking about whether they were fighting or not she just tried to stay out of the way and ryan says 

he's trying to figure out what the loudest thing in the house is ryan was the baby oh no dot laughed never good when an eight-year-old does research and joey is being joey she looked meaningfully adopt and you know 

how that is dot nodded joey was ten the drum on everything break everything jump on everything run through everything eat everything get stains on everything brother well i talked to your mother and we were thinking maybe you'd like to stay overnight 

it's not a school night lori almost spilled her coco wiggling in her chair yes yes yes should i go home and get my pajamas and stuff oh you can borrow something of mine lori looked down at herself i'm bigger than 

you she said dot bark laughed you are absolutely not bigger than me she said and even if you were there are plenty of things you can sleep in for all i care you can wrap yourself up in my bathrobe and i have some extra toothbrushes and that's pretty much all you really need right 

when they finished their coco lori followed dot upstairs and dot dug around in the dresser in her bedroom and eventually came out with a long-sleeved pink shirt that said niagara falls when lori held it up to herself it

hung to the middle of her thighs thank you for letting me come over she said and she put her arms around dot who squeezed her tight and kissed the top of her head you know you always have a place here when you need one she said.