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Acts of God by Kanan Gill Pdf Download

The Last Housewife by Ashley Winstead pdf download


The Last Housewife by Ashley Winstead pdf download

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The Last Housewife by Ashley Winstead pdf download

Details of The Last Housewife by Ashley Winstead Book

  • Book Name: The Last Housewife
  • Authors:  Ashley Winstead
  • Pages: 313
  • Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Suspense
  • Publish Date: 16 August 2022
  • Language: English

Book Review: 

The Last Housewife by Ashley Winstead it comes out august 16th i actually got an ark kind of i think it's a mark from source books every so often i get an email with a code and i can go on their website there's like five or six books that they let me choose from and then 

i can read it from like a digital copy on their website anywho i got one earlier last week and i about shipped my pants when the last housewife was on the selection because i got denied from netgalley so i was gonna have to wait and i got so damn excited 

so anyways i'm gonna read the synopsis from goodreads and then tell you what i thought so goodreads says while in college in upstate new york shay evans and her best friends met a captivating man who seduced them with a web of lies about the way 

the world works bringing them under his thrall by senior year shea and her friend laurel were the only ones who managed to escape now eight years later shea's built a new life in texas but then she hears horrifying news of laurel's death delivered of always by her favorite true crime podcast crusader 

she begins to suspect that the past she thought she buried is still very much alive and the predators more dangerous than ever so that was just part of the synopsis and also by the way 

i got a 4.26 so far on goodreads so shay is our main character and she is probably in her mid early to mid 30s she's listening to this podcast a true crime podcast and it happens to be somebody that she grew up with and went to college with her also so she has learned about her friend's death who also 

it's eerily familiar to a previous death that happened i believe when they were in college so her friend that runs the podcast is more or less broadcasting this information trying to get her to contact him because 

he has a suspicion that it's not all that it seems that there was something more going on um i gave this a three maybe a four it was a four it was a low four i really liked it i enjoyed it it went in a direction that 

i wasn't expecting um i did feel that there was a lot of repetitive moments and the main character got into some situations where in reality i don't think that she would have got out of and got back into repeatedly several times um and it was funny because i live in new york and some of the stuff that they mentioned 

i knew so that was a cute little tidbit um but if you enjoy there is like a dark academia aspect to it because it goes back to times when she was in school in college with her uh friends so it's told in kind of interview format like there's aspects of her telling her friend that runs a podcast his name's jamie he kind of records her for a future podcast because they're doing all 

this research obviously and he wants to use what she knows and what he has gathered from his uh friends that he knows that have like hookups where they can get information um so she goes way way back to the start of when they met 

this man who was their friends their roommate she wasn't really a friend she's kind of weird but they needed a fourth person in their little apartment on campus so they met her and her dad is the man that comes in and changes everything i really think that a lot of people are gonna love 

this if you like thrillers you will definitely enjoy this i really liked it like i said there was a lot of repetitiveness though i feel like it could have been a little bit shorter but i really think and adds 400 pages you probably could have got it done in 350 maybe even 325 but that's just me nitpicking 

if you like thrillers you're definitely gonna like this and that's my thoughts on this book the last housewives by ashley winstead i did enjoy this more than in my dreams

i hold a knife so if that says anything and i gave that a three so i didn't mind that again that one had a lot of repetitive aspects too.